Do Si Dos: features of this prestigious marijuana strain

The characteristics of the Do Si Dos marijuana strain

Published on: 24/02/2021

Features of do si dos marijuana, mother of the prestigious double cookies bsf.

Do Si Dos: is the name (or the symphony?) of one of the most famous marijuana strains in the world, appreciated by all cannabis fans for its unique taste and aroma. Actually, the most famous seed banks, including BSF Seeds, have used this strain to create new varieties that inherit the unmistakable feature of the parent.

Among the most famous cannabis seeds deriving from Do-Si-Dos we find Double Cookies seeds, highly sought on a worldwide scale and of which we at Sensoryseeds are proudly distributors.

Today we want to talk to you about Do Si Dos and tell you what characteristics it gives to the prestigious Double Cookies BSF.

Are you sitting pretty comfortabe? Then let’s start right away!

The origins of Do Si Dos cannabis

Do Si Dos is one of the favorite marijuana strains of many lovers of the product. It is an indica-dominant strain, with predominantly relaxing effects, which originates from wise crosses between OGKB (OG Kush Breath) plants.

OGKB is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain, which itself derives from the cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG.

Do Si Dos marijuana seeds generate plants with a very high THC content (which can fluctuate between 20 and 30%), rich in flowers with unmistakable smells and tastes.

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Features of Do Si Dos, mother of Double Cookies seeds

Do Si Dos flowers are generally small in size. As with all indica-dominant plants, the buds grow as small grapes, such as if they were delicious popcorn.

The inflorescences are dense and composed of tiny leaflets very close to each other. The color of the buds is a beautiful light green, full of orange pistils. The light of the flowers is even more accentuated by the presence of a generous layer of resin, containing the precious cannabinoids, which sprinkles the entire bud.

If the trichomes are the producers of the abundant resin, the terpenes are the producers of the aromas (scents and tastes) of cannabis. The scent of Do Si Dos is pungent, earthy and recalls the scent of the woods during winter.

The taste of the buds is strong, with an aroma of Scots pine and a pleasant chestnut aftertaste.

And the effects?

Do Si Dos marijuana seeds, mother of Double Cookies: the characteristics

Effects of Do Si Dos, a cannabis strain with a very high THC content

It’s said that the effects of Do Si Dos are more intense and much longer than average; it is certainly not a strain for novice marijuana users, as the high amounts of THC of Do Si Dos are capable of knocking down even the most heavy smokers.

Initially, the effects of Do Si Dos are energizing, euphoric and exciting, but only for a short time. The euphoria quickly gives way to muscle numbness, meditation and contemplation.

It seems to be the perfect cannabis strain for those who like to reflect and relax, especially as the end of a long day.

The unique characteristics of Do Si Dos have made it one of the favorite strains of seed banks, so much so that even BSF Seeds has used it to create both feminized seeds and auto flower seeds (also feminized) of a new strain, called Double Cookies.

Double Cookies, the worthy heir of Do Si Dos

The renowned seed bank BSF Seeds used Do Si Dos marijuana to create feminized and autoflowering (also feminized) genetics.

Specifically, here’s how it crossed cannabis strains to get Fem Double Cookies and Auto Double Cookies:

  • Feminized Double Cookies: Do Si Dos X Cookie Forum Cut
  • Autoflowering Double Cookies: Do Si Dos X Girl Scout Cookies Auto

Two different crosses give life to plants with different features!

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Features of Double Cookies feminized

Double Cookies feminized seeds have over 90% possibility of producing female plants. In addition, the plants produce flowers with a biscuit flavor and a minty aftertaste, which give feelings such as happiness and euphoria, followed by narcotic, relaxing and analgesic effects.

Double Cookies feminized: the characteristics

Features of Autoflowering Double Cookies

Auto flower seeds BSF have automatic flowering, which does not depend on the seasons, and are also feminized. In the case of auto Double Cookies, the plants flower in 8-9 weeks and produce buds with a biscuit and mentholated taste, with an aftertaste of lime and pine.

The effects are predominantly euphoric, followed by muscular and mental relaxation.

In conclusion

Now you know all about the Do Si Dos and its precious daughter, fem and auto Double Cookies, signed by BSF.

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