Fast flowering marijuana seeds: everything you need to know about it

Everything you need to know about fast flowering cannabis seeds

Modified on: 27/04/2022

Fast flowering strains: the most requested cannabis seeds by those who love speed!

Are you interested in the world of cannabis seeds and have you heard about fast flowering strains, the very fast strains that reach flowering in record time?

Fast flowering marijuana seeds are very popular, but there is little information about them. Today we want to talk to you about these products and give you all the information you need to know them better, so that you can be fully aware of your purchases.

Remembering that, in some countries, it is not allowed to grow cannabis but only to collect seeds, here is everything you need to know about fast flowering seeds!

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What are fast flowering seeds?

Fast growing weed seeds, also known as fast flowering seeds and quick seeds, are the result of expert crossbreeding of autoflowering genetics selected for their extremely fast growth.

They are therefore carriers of the autoflowering gene and, in the case of BSF seeds, they are feminized, so they have over 90% possibility of giving life to female marijuana plants.

All fast seeds are hybrids and have the following characteristics:

  • they have autoflowering genetics, therefore they have a very high probability of flowering automatically (regardless of the photoperiod, of the seasons and of the amount of light/dark received)
  • they generate plants that go from the vegetative phase to the flowering phase much faster than regular cannabis plants
  • they are the result of crossing between very fast growing autoflowers: they are therefore born from long studies and field trials

Also, as we told you, the fast flowering cannabis seeds from BSF Seeds are feminized.

Fast flowering seeds: what is it?

Fast flowering feminized seeds? What does it mean?

Cannabis plants can be male or female. However, only female plants have the flowering phase; since cannabis buds (ie flowers) produce THC and other cannabinoids, they are also the target of most marijuana growers.

Conversely, male cannabis plants produce pollen which, on reaching the flowers, would interrupt the flowering phase. In fact, the fertilization of flowers leads to the development of seeds and cancels all the efforts of farmers.

As a result, seed banks have studied a way to avoid cannabis growers from continually hunting for male plants (in order to eliminate them before they can fertilize female ones). Specifically, female plants are hormonally modified to produce both pollen sacs and flowers.

If the flowers are fertilized by pollen from a female plant, the seeds that will be born will have only the XX chromosome: therefore, they will have a very high chance (over 90%) of giving life to female plants, producing flowers rich in THC. Growers no longer have to worry about constantly monitoring plantations, as it is very rare for male plants to grow from feminized seeds.

So what are feminized fast flowering seeds?

They are fast-growing feminized marijuana seeds, born from the cross between previously feminized autoflowering plants. The plants derived from them have 3 highly sought after characteristics:

  • they bloom quickly (average flowering times are around 6-7 weeks)
  • they have over 90% chance of being female
  • they bloom automatically, without depending on the photoperiod

Having a very fast growth, fast flowering feminized often have a very short stature and are referred to as “dwarf auto flower seeds plants”.

But why are these plants so famous?

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All the benefits of fast growing marijuana seeds

Those living in a country that authorizes the cultivation of cannabis seeds can enjoy the following benefits of fast flowering plants:

  • they have over 90% chance of being female, thus producing flowers rich in THC
  • they are ready for harvest in a very short time and allow to obtain more crops (indoor or greenhouse) in a given period
  • they have a good yield despite their small size
  • having Ruderalis genetics (like all autoflowers) they are very resistant to bad weather and parasites
  • they can be grown in almost any climatic condition. For example, they can be grown, even outdoors during the summer season, in humid regions
  • they are easy to grow

These are the characteristics why fast flowering seeds are the most popular on the market along with feminized auto flower seeds BSF.

Fast growing marijuana seeds - all the benefits

In conclusion

Now you know all the features and benefits of fast growing weed seeds bsf. You also know why they are so in demand by cannabis growers, especially those who are novice or those who need a fast production of marijuana because stocks are about to end!

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