Fast flowering marijuana: what it is and why it is so famous

Everything you need to know about fast flowering marijuana

Modified on: 22/04/2021

Fast flowering seeds? Here’s everything you need to know about the fastest cannabis seeds!

If you are a cannabis enthusiast, you have most likely heard of feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds and even fast flowering strains! While fem and auto strains are well known, fast flowering marijuana is still unknown for many people.

Today we want to talk to you about fast flowering seeds, explaining how they are born, what are their characteristics and the advantages of choosing these products.

Are you ready for a journey of speed? Then let’s start right away!

What are fast flowering marijuana seeds?

Fast flowering cannabis seeds, also called quick seeds and fast seeds, give life to ultra-fast growing plants, which is significantly lower than regular growing marijuana strains.

These seeds derive from crosses between autoflowering genetics selected for the speed of development and flowering. Although they are not officially auto flower seeds, they carry the genes and therefore have a very high probability of giving life to plants with automatic flowering.

In addition, all the fast strains produced by BSF Seeds, whose products you can find on our online marijuana seeds shop, are also feminized. This means that, thanks to advantageous hormonal modifications, they have more than 90% of possibility to generate female marijuana plants, so they are flower producers.

What are fast flowering marijuana seeds?

To make it clearer, fast flowering strains have the following characteristics:

  • They move from the vegetative phase to the flowering phase in record time.
  • The flowers matures very quickly.
  • They are feminized.
  • They have the autoflowering gene, so they bloom regardless of the photoperiod and are highly resistant to parasites and atmospheric agents.
  • They are versatile, so suitable for Indoor, Outdoor and Greenhouse cultivation.

Despite having autoflowering genetics, Fast flowering plants grow more than pure autoflowering plants, yielding highly productive and satisfying harvests.

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How long does the fast flowering’s bloom last?

Before giving you this information, it is important to remember that, in some countries, it is not allowed to grow cannabis (whoever cultivates it for strictly personal use commits an administrative offense, while whoever cultivates it for the purpose of selling it commits a criminal offense).

In fact, marijuana buds contain high amounts of THC, a psychotropic substance that is illegal in many countries.

Consequently, the cannabis seeds you find on Sensory Seeds are intended for collecting and the data you find on our blog are for informational purposes only, unless you have moved to a state that allows the cultivation of cannabis for personal use.

However, we absolutely don’t want to deprive you of knowledge!

Average flowering times for fast growing weed seeds range from 6 weeks up to a maximum of 8 weeks.

They beat by far the timing of seasonal flowering cannabis (such as feminized strains), which flowers in around 9-11 weeks.

The rapid development of fast flowering strains is the main advantage of these strains … But it is not the only one!

All the benefits of fast flowering marijuana seeds

All the benefits of fast flowering marijuana seeds

Feminized fast flowering cannabis, that is a fast cannabis strain offer growers the following benefits:

They grow much faster than other types of marijuana (on average flowering times are 1 month and a half/2 months).

They have autoflowering genetics, so they have a high chance of flowering automatically, regardless of the seasons. Specifically, autoflowering seeds give life to plants that flower after a given period, regardless of the light and dark conditions. Of course, to give their best, they should still receive a good amount of light, preferably a continuous 24 hour cycle or 18 hours of light and 6 hours of dark.

They have over 90% possibility of producing female plants.

They are perfect for both Indoor and Outdoor cultivation, even in regions with a humid climate (in fact, harvesting can be scheduled before the cold season arrives). We can confidently say that they are suitable for all climates and all seasons due to their rapidity of development and resistance to any climatic condition.

They allow growers to get several yields in a short period of time by repeatedly planting the fast seeds.

They have a good yield despite their small size. For example, fast flowering Gorilla Glue blooms in about 40 days producing, on average, 500/600 gr/m² when grown indoors and 700 gr/plant when grown in Greenhouse. In fact, they are larger than autoflowering plants, so they have a higher yield.

Last but not least, fast flowering seeds are generally easy to grow, making them perfect even for novice growers.

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In conclusion

Now you really know all about quick seeds and related fast flowering marijuana plants.

Do you want to add these products to your marijuana seed collection? It’s a good idea!

On our SensorySeeds online shop you will find the best BSF fast seeds (a company whose acronym means Bigger, Stronger, Faster). They are large, fast and resistant to everything cannabis strains – buy them now at our online cannabis seed shop.

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