Growing cannabis outdoors: what it means + pros and cons

Growing cannabis outdoors: pros and cons.

Modified on: 22/04/2021

Advantages and disadvantages of outdoor cannabis cultivation vs indoor cultivation.

Where would it be better to plant marijuana seeds? Outdoors or indoors?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by novice cannabis growers who do not know the pros and cons of growing outdoors and those of growing indoors.

In fact, the choice of the place where to start a plantation depends on one’s needs, and the advantages and disadvantages of both choices must be carefully weighed in order to better evaluate what to do.

Remembering that in many countries it is forbidden to grow cannabis (even for personal use), we strongly recommend that you use this article for informational purposes only … Unless you have moved to a state where it is legal to have some marijuana plants in your home or in your garden!

So, here’s everything you need to know about Outdoor growing and the opposite way of growing, that is Indoor.

Growing cannabis outdoors: good idea?

The benefits of growing cannabis outdoors

As you probably know, starting an Outdoor marijuana plantation means growing it outdoors, without greenhouses or other structures to protect the plants.

Cannabis seeds can also germinate indoors, perhaps in a greenhouse, but then the grower moves them to a field or garden, planting the buds directly in the soil or in pots.

What are the advantages of this choice?

Mainly the following:

Net savings compared to Indoor or Outdoor cultivation. What growers need is just a garden, a small plot or terrace, nice sunny days, and soil suitable for marijuana plants.

Cannabis flowers with a rich and natural terpene profile. The aromas of cannabis grown outdoors are usually much more intense than those of the same strains grown indoors.

Sustainability, as electricity and cooling, heating and humidification systems are not used.

If the plants grow directly in the soil, the nutrients enrich the field making it more and more fertile, therefore ready for subsequent crops. In addition, hemp purifies the soil, so growers have an increasingly healthy and increasingly suitable space for growing cannabis.

Like (almost) every choice in life, opting for outdoor cultivation also includes disadvantages. Let’s see which ones.

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Disadvantages of outdoor cultivation

As you can imagine, growing any plant outdoors means exposing it to bad weather, cold, mold and nefarious animals such as parasites. Furthermore, any unexpected frosts or thunderstorms can destroy a cannabis crop in no time, blowing up the work of several months.

Furthermore, it is not possible to cultivate outdoors during the winter season (or in any case it would lead to a small harvest) and in countries with very short seasons, especially spring and summer.

Not surprisingly, those who choose to start an outdoor plantation usually live in very sunny regions, hardly affected by rainfall and other inconvenient weather events. It also tends to prefer auto flower seeds, which derive from Ruderalis cannabis and inherit its resistance.

Now let’s see the pros and cons of growing indoor cannabis.

Growing cannabis outdoors advantages and disadvantages.

Indoor marijuana cultivation: pros and cons.

Anyone who starts a cannabis crop at home has the opportunity to be in full control of the situation. In fact, it can monitor temperature, light, humidity, parasites and much more, acting promptly in case of problems.

Growing indoors usually ensures that every single marijuana plant will bloom and mature, with a greater chance to obtain rich and satisfying harvests.

Furthermore, we must consider the fact that we can cultivate during every season of the year: the external climate does not interfere in any way with the development of the seedlings grown at home, so the Indoor technique is perfect for any area of ​​the world.

As long as it is possible to grow cannabis!

Also in this case, both pros and cons must be considered. If you have read the previous lines you already know the advantages (and if you haven’t read them, point your eyes a little higher!), So here are the disadvantages of the Indoor method:

The costs of starting a home plantation are very high. Those who make this choice must consider the price of a small greenhouse, lights, a heating/cooling system, humidification and much more.

Having a plantation at home means putting a lot of energy into checking that the parameters are all right. Outdoors it is very difficult to do it too.

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In conclusion

Now you know the advantages and disadvantages of growing cannabis outdoors and indoors and, as you may have noticed, there is no better choice than the other. Everything depends on the needs of the grower and the region in which he lives.

Remember that you cannot apply the information you have learned without breaking the law. In fact, in many countries of the world it is possible to buy weed seeds online but only to collect them, not to bring them to germination.

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