Autoflowering cannabis? Here is what it is and what its characteristics are

Autoflowering cannabis: characteristics.

Modified on: 27/04/2022

What is autoflowering cannabis, what is the meaning of the term and what are the characteristics of the autoflowering variety

Among the most requested marijuana seeds on the market we find auto flower seeds, capable of giving life to autoflowering cannabis plants.

But what does this term mean and what makes autflowering strains so valuable? What are the characteristics of autoflowers?

Today we want to answer precisely these questions, reminding you, however, that in some countries it is not allowed to grow marijuana (according to the cases it can be considered administrative or criminal offense).

So, all the information you will find in this article is for informational purposes only: we strongly advise you not to put it into practice!

However, you can legally buy cannabis seeds online and use them as collectible products.

So, let’s focus on the main topic of the article!

Illumination of an autoflowering cannabis plant.

Autoflowering: meaning and definition

The term “autoflowering” associated with the hemp plant indicates a variety able to flow automatically, regardless of the amount of light and dark received during the growth.

In order to fully understand the meaning of autoflowering, we want to explain to you the behavior of seasonal flowering cannabis plants, i.e. all plants that do not have autoflowering genetics.

These plants, which we can call “photoperiodic” plants, begin to bloom during the last summer months, usually after the summer solstice. In this period, the days get shorter and the hours of darkness increase.

When grown indoors, photoperiod strains need 50/50 hours of light and dark, equally distributed throughout the day, in order to mimic the summer light after the solstice.

On the contrary, autoflowering cannabis strains flower automatically, regardless of the amount of light and dark they receive. Despite this, the ideal light/dark ratio for auto flower plants in order to produce a large amount of cannabinoid-rich flowers is around 18/6 or 24/24 of light.

In addition to automatic flowering, auto strains have additional characteristics that make them extremely unique compared to normal cannabis plants.

Let’s see below which ones.

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Characteristics of autoflowering cannabis

The origins of autoflowering marijuana go back to the smart cross between Indica or Sativa cannabis strains and Ruderalis cannabis strains. The latter is, unlike the other two varieties, autoflowering by nature and very resistant to parasites, mold and atmospheric agents.

It is also short in stature and develops very quickly.

The cross between Ruderalis and Indica or Sativa determines the birth of plants with very particular characteristics:

  • Medium or medium-low height, perfect for indoor cultivation
  • Development speed (they go from germination to harvest in about 8-10 weeks)
  • High resistance to mold, parasites and atmospheric agents
  • High in cannabinoids, especially THC

Autoflowering plants are obtained by cloning (multiplication by cuttings) of plants resulting from the cross between Indica/Sativa and Ruderalis, or directly from auto flower seeds produced by seed banks, such as the famous BSF Seeds.

Growers love a lot the autoflowering varieties because, thanks to their development in record time, they can obtain numerous harvests throughout the year. Furthermore, the ease of cultivation, due to the resistance of the plant, is definitely advantageous for people with less experience.

The yield of autoflower plants, despite their short stature, is usually satisfactory.

How much does an autoflowering plant produce?

The yield of a cannabis plant depends on numerous variables. In particular, the quantities of flowers produced mainly depend on:

Cultivation method (Outdoor, Indoor and Greenhouse)

  • Soil
  • Amount of nutrients received during the different stages of growth (germination, seedling, vegetative stage, flowering)
  • Hours of light / dark (the more light an auto flowering plant receives, the more flowers it produces)
  • Atmospheric conditions, in the case of outdoor cultivation
  • Plant size
  • Genetics of the plant

And much more.

Generally, the best auto flower seeds BSF produce 400 to 600 grams of flowers per square meter when grown indoors and 200 to 800 grams per plant if grown Greenhouse.

Yield of auto-flowering cannabis flowers.

Which are the fastest autoflowering plants and which are the most productive?

The fastest flowering autoflowering plants are those born from fast growing cannabis seeds, the result of the cross between very fast growing plants selected by the producers.

Here are some examples of the best BSF fast seeds you can find on our shop:

  • El Gaucho (Indoor: 500/600 gr/m², GreenHouse 350-800 gr/plant), flowering in 6 weeks
  • Gorilla Glue # 4 faster (Indoor 500/600 gr/m², GreenHouse 700 gr/plant), which flowers in about 40-42 days
  • OBG Kush (Indoor 400-500 gr/m², GreenHouse 350 gr/plant), which flowers in 40-42 days
  • Green Tiger (Indoor 500-600 gr/m², GreenHouse 400-600 gr/plant), which flowers in about 40-42 days

Despite their size, the relative plants have a high productivity (which you find written immediately after the name of the species).

We can therefore say that the fast flowering strains produced by BSF Seeds have both the fastest autoflowering genetics and a huge yield in terms of flowers.

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In conclusion

While reading this article, you got to know every single detail about autoflowering cannabis, its characteristics, yield and flowering times.

We remind you, however, that there are countries where you cannot grow cannabis legally, but you can buy marijuana seeds online for the sole purpose of collecting them (without planting them or making them germinate).

Buy the best BSF fast flowering cannabis seeds now in our SensorySeeds shop! We are waiting for you!