Cannabis Ruderalis: definition, characteristics and origins of this marijuana variety

Cannabis ruderalis and characteristics.

Modified on: 03/05/2021

What is cannabis ruderalis, important parent of autoflowering cannabis seeds, what are its effects and its characteristics.

When it comes to cannabis, we tend to think of Indica and Sativa as the dominant strain from which all marijuana seeds are derived. But, we must also consider another type of marijuana, namely Cannabis Ruderalis.

This variety, increasingly famous from the spread of auto flower seeds, is actually considered a sub-category and often not considered by scientists.

But we are marijuana experts and know well its existence, so we want to tell you about it in great detail.

What is Cannabis Ruderalis and what are its origins?

In botany, a plant is called “ruderal” when it grows in an environment populated by human beings or influenced by natural phenomena that could disturb the growth of vegetation.

Many people think that Cannabis Ruderalis is an Indica that has gradually adapted to the harsh climates and shorter photoperiods of the regions in which it grows. In fact, this type of marijuana originates in areas of Asia and central and eastern Europe, particularly in the territory of Russia.

Cannabis ruderalis plant.

If it was a wild species, now, from several years, it has been used as a parent of numerous cannabis varieties (together with Indica, Sativa or hybrid strains) in order to give its own characteristics to the new strains.

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Characteristics of Cannabis Ruderalis and differences with Indica and Sativa

Actually, Ruderalis is particularly appreciated for these peculiarities, which distinguish it clearly from the other 2 species:

  • Small height: usually, when the flowers are ripe, Ruderalis plants have a height ranging from 30 to 60 cm. Not surprisingly, all dwarf autoflowering plants have Ruderalis genetics. The difference in height is clear compared to cannabis Sativa, which can reach 5 meters in height, and Indica, which reaches about 1.50 meters.
  • Buds have modest size but they are heavy, so much so that they are supported by extremely thick and very robust branches.
  • Low THC content, also due to the lack of light received, in natural conditions, by the plant. We have to remember that Ruderalis had to adapt to extreme environmental conditions, namely lack of natural light, bad weather, parasites, molds and much more! It is perfectly normal that the cannabinoid percentages are not at their maximum.
  • Automatic flowering. This means that the flowers develop automatically, based on the age of the plant. Unlike Indica and Sativas which are seasonal, the photoperiod does not affect the flowering of Ruderalis in any way, which at a certain age (a few weeks of life) begins to produce buds rich in cannabinoids.

This explains why the cross between Ruderalis and Indica or Ruderalis and Sativa produces auto flower seeds BSF!

 Autoflowering cannabis ruderalis.

Autoflowering plants: what are they and what characteristics do they inherit from Ruderalis?

Autoflowering cannabis derives from the cross between Ruderalis and hybrid varieties of Indica and Sativa. This means that the automatic strains inherit the genetic characteristics of Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis!

They are a perfect mix of these strains, and it is no coincidence that autoflowering cannabis seeds are among the most requested in our SensorySeeds shop.

In fact, here are the qualities of automatic flowering cannabis:

  • High THC content (transmitted by Sativa and Indica)
  • Large flower production (also inherited from Indica and Sativa)
  • Automatic flowering, regardless of the photoperiod, such as Ruderalis (despite this, autoflowering strains flower best and produce large quantities of cannabinoids when they receive large amounts of light, for example 24/24 h or 18 hours of light and 6 of darkness)
  • Short stature: dwarf autoflowers start from a height of 60 cm, while XXL varieties reach up to 2 meters (the stature derives from the Ruderalis genetics)
  • Resistance to extreme conditions, such as lack of light, bad weather, parasites and molds (characteristic inherited from Ruderalis)

All these characteristics make autoflowering cannabis seeds perfect for Indoor, Outdoor and Greenhouse growing.

However, you have to remember that in some countries it is not yet allowed to grow cannabis seeds, as personal use is an administrative offense and distribution is a criminal offense.

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What are the best autoflowering strains?

The best autoflowering plants are those that contain the typical characteristics of the species but, at the same time, enhance the best ones.

For example, growers (usually) prefer marijuana seeds that produce XXL auto flower plants, rich in large flowers, cannabinoids, and extremely fast flowering.

Even better if feminized.

The best autoflowering strains are feminized, therefore they have over 90% chance of being born female, producing flowers and cannabinoids.

These are exactly the characteristics that the BSF Seeds seed bank has tried to merge (with great success) into their seeds, which you can find at a special price on our Sensory Seeds shop. Not surprisingly, BSF is the acronym for Bigger, Stronger & Faster”!

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