What are cannabis cuttings and how they are obtained

Deepening on cannabis cuttings.

Modified on: 03/05/2021

What a cannabis cutting is and how it is obtained from the mother plant.

If you are interested in the world of marijuana and have already started your collection of cannabis seeds, you have surely heard of cannabis cuttings, also called clones.

You will most likely want to know what a cutting is, how it is obtained from a hemp plant and what are the benefits for growers.

Today we want to tell you exactly about marijuana cuttings and the technique to obtain them, but we remind you that, in many countries, it is not allowed to grow cannabis (neither for personal, recreational or therapeutic use).

Accordingly, we are writing this article for the sole purpose of informing you and strongly discourage you from practicing what you will read.

And now, no more chatter: let’s find out what cannabis clones are and everything you should know about them!

What a cannabis cutting is?

What are hemp cuttings?

The marijuana cutting or marijuana clone is a part of the hemp plant capable of developing a root system and generating a new specimen very similar to the mother plant.

Therefore, it is a real form of multiplication without marijuana seeds, widely used by growers who want to recreate a particularly productive plant, rich in cannabinoids and with many peculiarities that distinguish it from the rest of the plantation.

In fact, a clone has the same genes as the mother plant and, therefore, inherits the same characteristics.

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Why do many growers choose to clone some marijuana plants?

As we have anticipated, some cannabis plants develop very particular characteristics and are considered as prized by connoisseurs. Among the most sought-after peculiarities, we can find:

  • flowers with beautiful shades
  • high in THC and other cannabinoids
  • sought-after effects, such as prolonged sensations
  • very pleasant tastes and scents
  • automatic flowering (the autoflowering cuttings are very valuable and sought after)
  • resistance to parasites, mold and atmospheric agents
  • fast flowering
  • great yield during flowering
  • guarantee of always obtaining plants of the female gender, so producing flowers (as for the mother plant a female specimen is always chosen)

If you have the goal of replicating these characteristics exactly, it is not recommended to cross the plant with another to produce seeds, since the derived plants would also inherit the qualities of the “father” plant. The only way to keep the properties of the mother plant intact is to proceed with the multiplication by cuttings.

Another reason for cloning a cannabis plant is to try growing cannabis before planting seeds for the first time, in order to avoid errors with purchased seeds!

For sure, online marijuana seeds have a competitive price compared to those in physical stores, but they are still not cheap products. For this reason, inexperienced growers often try to get them for free or buy an already developed plant to clone it.

Once practiced, they plant auto flower seeds, feminized seeds or fast growing seeds to obtain plants that are always different and relevant to their tastes.

Cannabis cuttings (clones): what they are.

How to get a cannabis cutting

Usually for the cultivation of hemp cuttings, branches of about 15 cm length are taken and planted in the soil, in a cube of rock wool or in another material suitable to favor the development of roots. In this regard, cannabis cuttings also receive a rooting hormone aimed at facilitating the growth of a robust root system.

After the roots have developed, the clone transplants into a pot or into soil, and grows like any Indoor, Greenhouse or Outdoor cannabis plant.

How many cuttings from a mother plant?

It depends on the size and state of health of the specimen. Generally from the smallest plants 2 or 3 cuttings are obtained, while the larger plants can reach 5 or 6 clones.

As you have read, the multiplication of mother plants guarantees genetic coherence: each clone retains the same tastes, flavors, effects and other peculiarities of the plant from which it was taken.

Not only that: normally, the clones grow at the same rate as the specimen they come from. This means that if the grower multiplies a plant born from fast growing cannabis seeds, even its clones will have super fast flowering.

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In conclusion

Now you know, in detail, what cannabis cuttings are, how they are obtained and what characteristics growers usually try to replicate.

However, in our country it is not allowed to grow marijuana with a high THC content, so we strongly advise you to use this information just for curiosity, without putting it into practice.

However, it is allowed to buy online cannabis seeds for the exclusive purpose of collecting them, avoiding bringing them to germination.

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