Amnesia XXL auto: characteristics and benefits of one of the best autoflowering strains

The advantages and characteristics of Amnesia XXL one of the best autoflowering strains

Modified on: 27/04/2022

Bsf seeds presents the autoflowering seeds of amnesia xxl, among the best on the market!

Those who love Sativa marijuana know how Amnesia is a pillar of this type of weed. Actually, Amnesia cannabis seeds are sought after all over the world, especially in the maxi and autoflowering version: Amnesia XXL auto seeds.

BSF Seeds tries to please all cannabis enthusiasts and, in this regard, has created high quality seeds, which can potentially produce large, high-yielding, automatic flowering plants.

All auto flower seeds BSF are feminized, including the Amnesia seeds that you find in the precious Psycho XXL Automix Kit.

Today we want to talk to you about this variety, reminding you that in some countries it is currently not possible to grow cannabis without committing an administrative or penal offense depending on the case. The information you will read is therefore intended for informational purposes only: marijuana seeds are intended only as collectible seeds.

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Meet Amnesia, one of the best cannabis strains in the world

The original Amnesia plant was isolated from a cannabis crop grown in the Netherlands at the end of 90s, the result of a cross between Enemy of the State and Neville’s Haze varieties. The intention of the farmers was to combine the euphoric and long-lasting high of Neville Sativa with the more corporal effect of the Indica Enemy strain.

All the plants produced flowers with unique tastes and power, which even enhanced the characteristics of the parents. The plant baptized as Amnesia stood out from the rest of the crop by being the most psychoactive, the most inebriating and the easiest to grow.

Currently the plant is reproduced in the form of a clone or, more precisely, by cutting. Cannabis clones are therefore cuttings taken from the plant during the vegetative growth phase.

Once the roots are developed, the cuttings (or clones) grow as plants of the exact same genetics as the original plant.

Amnesia was therefore reproduced by cuttings and spread all over the world for its unique features. Further selections and modifications, in this case carried out by BSF Seeds, have made it possible to obtain feminized seeds, auto flower seeds and capable of generating plants of medium-large size: these are the seeds of Amnesia XXL Auto, with excellent quality and appreciated by all marijuana enthusiasts.

Amnesia: one of the best cannabis strains in the world

Amnesia XXL Auto BSF Seeds: everything you need to know about it

Amnesia XXL Auto, contained in the Psycho XXL Automix Kit together with AK seeds, Lemon Haze and London Cheese, is a truly distinctive cannabis strain.

The sativa-dominant plant is extremely easy to grow and has a medium to tall stem that is resistant to parasites and diseases. During the flowering phase it has a very abundant yield, also due to the heavy and compact central bud.

The buds are of a beautiful very intense light green, covered with a thick layer of resin (high in THC and very low in CBD) and orange pistils that make the flower even more alive and pleasing to the eye.

The aroma of flowers is the classic of Hazes, so lemon and pine, although some plants issue particularly sweet notes.

The name Amnesia derives from the strong psychic effect of the flowers, it is long lasting and not suitable for novice smokers.

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Effects of Amnesia Auto marijuana

Experts report that Amnesia cannabis has a powerful cerebral effect, perfect for depression and eating disorders.

Specifically, here are the sensations that people who use Amnesia can experience:

  • Euphoria
  • Creativity
  • Concentration
  • Happiness

These effects are followed, after several hours, by a moderate relaxation.

As we have anticipated, the name of Amnesia derives precisely from the effects of this strain, capable of making people forget any bad thoughts, but also of reducing pain. Being extremely long-lasting, the effects of Amnesia XXL Auto are perfect for those suffering from mood disorders, apathy and depression.

Marijuana Amnesia Auto: the effects

Characteristics and genetics of the XXL autoflowering Amnesia, produced by BSF Seeds

Amnesia XXL Auto is a plant with noble genetics, which has parents such as Amnesia Auto crossed with a selected autoflowering male of the same species.

80% Sativa and 20% Indica, it can produce flowers with a THC of around 19% and low CBD content, with powerful and long-lasting effects.

The flowering of this plant is short (from 75 to 90 days) and particularly generous: the Indoor production is around 400-500 g/m2 and the Indoor production is around 60-250 g per plant.

A real super producer!

However, you have to remember that there are countries where it is not allowed to grow cannabis and where seeds can exclusively be collected. Buy your Amnesia now in the Psycho XXL Automix kit, which contains:

  • 3 Amnesia seeds
  • 3 AK XXL Auto seeds
  • 3 Lemon Haze XXL Auto seeds
  • 3 London Cheese XXL Auto seeds

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