Gelato XXL marijuana seeds: characteristics and useful information about these prestigious BSF seeds

All information about the marijuana Gelato XXL from BSF seeds

Published on: 05/03/2021

Everything you need to know about marijuana gelato xxl by bsf seeds.

BSF Seeds presents Gelato XXL Auto, auto flower seeds of one of the finest marijuana strains!

These products, the result of one of the most famous seed banks in the world, are among the most popular because they are among the best Californian seeds on the market, capable of giving life to medium-high plants, with excellent yield and feminized, so with high probability to be female.

Remembering that in a lot of countries it is not allowed to grow cannabis at home, and that this in-depth analysis is for informational purposes only, we want to talk to you in detail about Gelato XXL BSF Seeds, in order to know everything about it.

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BSF Seeds Gelato XXL Auto: from excellent parents, a product of equal quality

The Gelato XXL Auto seeds, produced by the BSF Seeds, are the result of the useful cross between Sunset Sherbet marijuana and a fourth generation Girl Scout Cookies male plant

The result is a Sativa-dominant strain (60% Sativa and 40% Indica) that produces large, strong and easy to grow plants. Not surprisingly, in countries where cannabis can be grown for personal use – therapeutic and/or recreational – the autoflowering Gelato XXL is certainly one of the first choices for newbies.

This strain contains the best qualities of its parents. Here are the characteristics of the strains from which it originates:

  • Sunset Sherbet: This cannabis strain has citrus notes, but also sweet berry and candy notes (actually, it is the worthy heir of Girl Scout Cookies). Its effects are corporal and cerebral and it is the perfect marijuana strain for relieving stress, tension and for welcoming carefree, happiness and physical relaxation.
  • Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) is produced from the cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison, highly appreciated for its aromatic bouquet with hints of mint, lemon and cherry but also for its high THC content. It is one of the most popular varieties for relieving chronic pain, nausea and loss of appetite.

However, what are the peculiarities of Gelato XXL Auto?

BSF Seeds Gelato XXL Auto: excellent product, from excellent parents.

Characteristics of the autoflowering cannabis Gelato XXL

The auto flower seeds BSF of Gelato XXL, born from the cross between Sunset Sherbet and GSC, can give life to plants up to 150cm tall, with a central stem loaded with flowers and surrounded by secondary branches.

Gelato XXL plants are born from autoflowering feminized seeds, so they have over 90% of possibility to be female and to develop flowers automatically, regardless of the photoperiod. About the flowers, Gelato buds are large, heavy and rich in sticky resin.

The aroma is very strong and highly appreciated by cannabis connoisseurs: it combines chocolate biscuits notes with fresh mint hints, which remain persistent on the palate.

The effects of the XXL Gelato buds are highly stimulating. They increase creativity and make you active for long hours: experts describe them as the perfect flowers when used for recreational purposes.

In countries where cannabis can be grown, the seeds of this variety are ideal for both Indoor cultivation (with a fantastic yield of 500-600 gr/m²) and for Greenhouse cultivation (with a yield of about 350 grams per plant).

It is one of the most productive autoflowering strains with very short flowering times. The complete cycle, i.e. the stages from germination to maturation, is just 8 weeks.

Actually, growers love to plant more Gelato XXL seeds throughout the year, in order to always have a guaranteed supply of buds.

However, you have to remember that there are a lot of countries where the cultivation of cannabis is an administrative or criminal offense depending on the case, and that online cannabis seeds on Sensoryseeds are to be considered exclusively collectible products.

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Why in some countries is it possible to buy cannabis seeds, but is it not possible to plant them?

The reason is simple: THC is considered as a psychoactive substance because, when taken, it acts on our brain by altering the perception of the outside world.

Consequently, plants generated from cannabis seeds are also prohibited, as they potentially produce flowers with a high THC content.

Why can cannabis seeds be bought but not planted in some countries?

Marijuana seeds, on the other hand, are marketable and purchasable because, being dormant, they do not contain any cannabinoids. However, making them germinate would be against the law where it is not legal, so we advise against doing it and we suggest you to use them such as any other collectible product.

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