How do you grow cannabis? Here are 3 curious modes (which work) used now in the world

GROW CANNABIS from feminized seeds

Modified on: 27/04/2022

Cannabis seeds: how to grow it in a bizarre way (in countries where it is allowed)

If you are a marijuana addict, you have probably heard of how to grow the cannabis plant from feminized seeds (those that give birth to a female plant 99% of the time). There are mainly 3 types of cannabis seeds on the market, which are as follows:

The sale of marijuana seeds is legal, as they do not contain THC, but their use is purely for collecting. Sprouting seeds, and therefore growing a cannabis plant, is not allowed in The UK, because this would give birth to THC-rich inflorescences, which are illegal.

legal sale of cannabis seeds

In any case, in the states where it is allowed, cannabis is mainly cultivated in 3 ways, which are the following:

  • Greenhouse or Glasshouse (different types of greenhouses).
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor

But you should know that these are not the only techniques used to grow weed seeds, some variants are less known for their modern or niche nature. We are talking about very particular marijuana seed crops, of which we will see 3 examples in the next paragraphs.

Here are the 3 most particular ways of cultivating feminised cannabis seeds in the world.

1) Cannabis seeds: how to grow cannabis with a hydroponic system

Of course, you have heard of hydroponics, but it is also possible that you may not have any idea what hydroponics is: it is an ancient growing technique, back in vogue in modern times. Suffice it to say that as early as 600 BC the roof gardens of Babylon probably used such a system, as did the Aztecs.

The technique of hydroponic cultivation involves the indoor cultivation of the plants in a system without soil, which exploits a substratum of coconut fibre, or similar materials, to make the plant grow suspended on the water, suitably enriched of nutritious substances. This method, with the necessary instruments and tricks, can lead to faster development of the plant and an abundant harvest.

Growing cannabis seeds with a hydroponic system bring the following advantages:

  • Absolute control of the nutrients: it will be easy and fast to set the irrigation water to suit the two growth phases of the hemp plant (vegetative and flowering).
  • Optimisation of irrigation water: the water used will all be used for plants, no loss in the soil or by evaporation.
  • Root reduction: As the water is directly available, the roots will not have to sink into the soil in search of nutrients. The plant will use that energy saved in growth and flowering.
  • No land use: you won’t have to buy (and move) heavy bags of land in the house
  • Nutrient optimisation: as there is no loss in the soil, all nutrients will go to the roots.
  • Better health of the cannabis plant: you can control the appearance of the roots whenever you want, and you can create the ideal conditions for the flowering of the plant to perfection.
  • An abundant harvest of flowers

As you can see the advantages of growing hemp seeds in hydroponic systems are many, so in case of economic arrangement it can be an excellent method to use. Moreover, it is a sustainable agricultural technique, in a worldwide reality where it is necessary to optimise resources and reduce pollution.

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2) Cannabis seeds: how to grow it using aeroponic cultivation

cannabis seeds and aeroponics

Another indoor and eco-sustainable method little known for growing marijuana seeds is the aeroponic method: have you ever heard of it?

We are talking about a system similar to hydroponics, as the plants are not in contact with the soil. Unlike the previous one, the aeroponic method involves growing the plants in mesh pots suspended on a supporting structure, without any substrate or soil.

Thanks to the use of air pumps, the water, enhanced with the appropriate nutrients, is sprayed directly onto the roots of the plant, so they absorb 100% of the solution. It allows the marijuana seeds to grow quickly and with absolute control of the nutrients administered.

The advantages of growing cannabis seeds in an aeroponic system are as follows:

  • Water resource efficiency: waste is reduced to zero; every drop is absorbed by the roots of the hemp plant.
  • Reduction of space: the roots do not have to grow too much to search for nutrients because they receive them directly so that the plants can be placed side by side.
  • Optimisation of the plant’s energy: no effort to search for nutrients, all energy is devoted to growth and flowering.
  • Plant health: easy root control and ad hoc nutrient administration
  • Abundant harvest: the plant’s energies will all be for flowering
  • No use of pesticides: the indoor nature of this system and the absence of soil lead to less danger to the health of the plant.

As you can see, the aeroponic cultivation of cannabis seeds is also very special and brings incredible benefits. Beyond this, the optimisation of resources and the absence of pesticides makes it an eco-sustainable system and, probably, the one that will be most used in the future at a professional level.

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3) Marijuana seeds: how to grow it with SCROG (Screen of Green) method

Compared to the two types of feminised weed seeds cultivation mentioned in the previous paragraphs, the indoor SCROG technique is more straightforward and cheaper. This funny acronym stands for “green screen“, that is a grid (with 5cm mesh on each side), suspended above the cannabis plant, which serves to guide the growth of secondary branches in a sustained and horizontal way.

The SCROG cultivation foresees the cutting of the vertically growing buds, to favour the secondary oblique ones, which, clinging to the green screen, will develop as primary buds. In this way, the plant born from marijuana seeds will have a “rounder” appearance as all the buds will be equally exposed to the light of the lamps.

Each branch will thus be optimised and will create a large number of cannabis inflorescences for a rich and satisfying harvest. The advantages of growing cannabis seeds with the SCROG technique are as follows:

  • More light for the leaves
  • Optimised plant energies
  • Small spaces: the plant develops horizontally (lower)
  • Optimisation of every summit
  • More abundant harvest
  • The economy of the system

Now you should have a clear idea about the SCROG technique for growing cannabis seeds, a simple but effective method.

Final considerations

As you have read in this article, there are many variations of marijuana seed culture, and some are very particular. We remind you that home cultivation – for the majority of European countries – it is still illegal.

However, you can legally buy cannabis seeds for collecting purposes, as they do not contain THC. If you want to purchase quality cannabis seeds, you cannot do without buying them on SensorySeeds, our online portal of hemp seed varieties.

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