The top 5 errors in growing auto-flowering marijuana.


Modified on: 10/02/2021

Errors to avoid in growing autoflowering marijuana.

Growing auto-flowering marijuana may seem like a straightforward procedure, as auto flower seeds can produce plants that are very resistant to pests, weather and low temperatures. What is natural is to keep auto-flowering marijuana plants alive… But to get a good harvest, you have to work hard.

In particular, there are five specific mistakes to avoid for the harvest to be profitable. Today we want to talk to you about these mistakes, but remember: in The UK, growing cannabis is a crime (albeit an administrative one), so this study is for information purposes only and in no way wants to promote the cultivation of cannabis seeds.

Are you ready? Then proceed with the reading!

1st mistake in growing auto flower seeds: treat it as if it were seasonal flowering cannabis.

indoor autoflowering phase

Plants born from auto-flowering marijuana seeds have particular genetics that allows them to flower not according to photoperiod but according to their age. It means that the 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness rule that applies during the flowering of ‘regular’ cannabis plants do not apply and that, unlike the latter, ‘auto-flowering’ plants do not flower according to the seasons.

Instead, autoflowering cannabis plants must receive as many hours of light as possible: this system encourages a rich and satisfying harvest. Usually, cannabis growers light auto-flowering plants from 18 hours a day and up, and even light them 24/24 hours a day.

Leaving the auto-flowering plants in the dark for too long only serves to compromise the harvest.

What about outdoor cultivation?

In this case, it is necessary to evaluate the months in which the auto-flowering weed seeds are planted: the best period is from the end of March onwards when the days start to get longer.

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2nd mistake in growing auto-flowering marijuana: transplanting.

Autoflowering marijuana plants do not like repotting. It is not uncommon to move them from pot to pot during their growth, using larger and larger containers to give more space to the roots.

It should not be done for auto-flowering cannabis plants: their growth is so fast that it would be better not to move them during the growing season. It is advisable to use a large pot immediately after germination or, if possible, plant the auto-flowering seeds in a container suitable for the entire development of the plant (or directly into the soil).

3rd mistake in growing autoflowering marijuana: watering too much (or too little).

cultivating outdoor autoflowering seeds and watering

After the germination of auto-flowering seeds, growers must not fall into another error, i.e. over-watering the cannabis seedlings. Autoflowering cannabis plants prefer a watering mode in which the soil goes from very wet (never soaked) to almost dry (but never completely, as the roots get damaged very quickly).

It is essential not to “drown” the seedling especially during the first days of the vegetative phase when it is still in full development and therefore very fragile.

The best technique? Watering auto-flowering plants every day, without exceeding, rather than filling the pot with water and then not watering for several days.

4th mistake in growing autoflowering marijuana: over-fertilizing the plants.

As you can imagine, nutrients play a crucial role in cannabis cultivation, but again it is important not to over-fertilize (and choose the right fertilizers). Autoflowering plants grow better when they feed on light, organic fertilizers and when they receive the proper substances at the right time.

The essential substances are mainly the following:

  • Nitrogen
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus
  • Magnesium

In the vegetative phase, auto-flowering marijuana plants need more nitrogen than other substances, in the pre-flowering stage, they need more phosphorus, and in the ripening phase they need more potassium.

It is essential to use the right products and above all not to buy chemical fertilizers, as they can damage the plants and compromise the quality of the flowers.

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5th mistake in growing auto-flowering marijuana: wrong harvesting time for flowers.

It is essential not only to adopt the right cultivation methods to have a good harvest but also to harvest autoflowering cannabis buds at the right time. Usually, the perfect harvest time comes when the trichomes are 50 to 70% amber.

If the flowers are harvested too early or too late, there is a risk that they will have extremely low cannabinoid levels (and the smell and taste are certainly not optimal). With cannabis you always have to wait for the perfect time; the advantage of auto-flowering is that the buds are ready for harvesting in about 10 weeks after the plants germinate, which is much shorter than seasonal cannabis!

In conclusion

What you have read today is data for information purposes: we absolutely do not want to push you to grow cannabis and therefore commit an offence.

Sure, if you live in a country that allows the cultivation of marijuana for personal use, then you can put into practice the knowledge you have acquired, but if you are in the UK, you would be breaking the law.

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