Is it safe to buy cannabis seeds online? 3 necessary guarantees to sleep soundly.


Modified on: 10/02/2021

Here is all you need to know if you plan to buy marijuana seeds online.

Cannabis seeds are still the focus of many debates today, and people often wonder whether buying cannabis seeds online is safe. We have therefore decided to dedicate an article to this delicate subject so that we can dispel false myths and clear up any doubts. Are you ready?

Buying marijuana seeds in Europe is legal. There, we’ve said it. But before you jump for joy, it’s good that you know the big picture. The sale and purchase of cannabis seeds is not a crime, but the same cannot be said of germinating them and growing a cannabis plant.

The cultivation of weed seeds is not allowed under the majority of European states’ laws, as it would lead to the production of inflorescences containing THC levels above the permitted threshold. All products with a percentage higher than 0.2% tetrahydrocannabinol are, in fact, illegal.

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The marijuana seeds themselves do not contain any THC, the psychoactive ingredient of cannabis, which is responsible for the alteration of the senses, and this excludes them from the list of illegal products. There are other uses for cannabis seeds, as you can read below:

  • Collecting
  • Fishing bait
  • Food for birds and rodents
  • Additives

So, to recap, buying marijuana seeds is safe, but why do it online? Here are 3 good reasons to do it.

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1) Buy cannabis seeds online: competitive prices.

As we have said in the previous lines, buying cannabis seeds online is safe, as they do not contain THC and are therefore considered as seeds of common plants. Of course, what is not allowed is their cultivation, so be careful.

The most significant advantage of buying cannabis seeds online is related to affordability: physical shops are subject to higher costs than e-commerce, so they are forced to raise their selling prices. So, when you talk about our Sensory Seeds products, you will notice that the prices of marijuana seeds are competitive.

What’s more, the more you buy, the more you save, by taking advantage of the lower seed price in larger packages. In our portal, in fact, you will find the formats of the following sales for cannabis seeds:

  • 2 pieces
  • 4 pieces
  • 7 pieces
  • 12 pieces

Our products are branded BSF Seeds, one of the best seed banks on the market: if you want to buy quality cannabis seeds online, you should do it at Sensory Seeds!

2) Buy marijuana seeds on the internet: the full range of seed varieties available.

Another advantage of buying marijuana seeds online is the wide assortment available in shops like Sensory Seeds. You’ll find lots of varieties of marijuana seeds, and you’ll be spoilt for choice among the following types:

Feminized seeds are specially designed to give birth to a female plant (which therefore produces flowers) 99% of the time. These are cannabis seeds that give birth to a photoperiodic plant, i.e. that flowers during the time of year when the hours of darkness are more than the hours of light (in autumn).

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The second type, made up of auto-flowering, feminized seeds, has the characteristic of giving birth to a cannabis plant that flowers automatically according to age. In contrast to feminized cannabis seeds, auto flower seeds lead to flowering in 2-3 months after germination.

The latter, fast growing weed seeds (or even fast flowering seeds), are autoflowering feminized seeds capable of growing a marijuana plant with automatic flowering in a short time. In fact, in a few weeks, you go from germination to harvest.

As you can see, there are marijuana seeds with extraordinary qualities, obtained thanks to studies carried out over the decades by the breeder, which through hybridizations have allowed the creation of marijuana seeds.

3) Buy cannabis seeds online: the convenience of receiving them directly at home.

The third advantage, but not for importance, of buying weed seeds online, is that you can do it in a few clicks, sitting comfortably on your sofa. One of the fortunes of living in the third millennium is to buy the products from home and receive them in a few days.

You are wasting no time in traffic, no embarrassment in entering physical cannabis shops, no hurry in choosing, sometimes induced by impatient traders. With extreme ease, you’ll find yourself in the window of an e-commerce store like Sensory Seeds where you will be able to choose your cannabis seeds calmly, perhaps after reading all the features.

If you have any problems, you’ll have the convenience of being able to contact customer service with a phone call or a simple email, rather than having to go to the store again. In short, you won’t need half a day off to visit the shops in the city and compare prices, but just a few minutes during your lunch break.

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Final considerations to buy marijuana seeds online safely.

As you could read with your own eyes, buying cannabis seeds online is legal, convenient and, in case of reliable shops with certified products, totally safe. Avoid dwelling on sites that are unclear and do not report the provenance and guarantee certificates of their products.

Sensory Seeds is our online portal where you can buy quality cannabis seeds and receive them at home in no time. According to your needs and personal taste, you can choose between feminized, autoflowering and fast flowering seeds. All SensorySeeds come with certificates of guarantee and maximum transparency on traceability.

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