3 reasons to prefer SensorySeeds to other suppliers if you are wondering where to buy cannabis seeds.


Modified on: 10/02/2021

You don’t know where to buy marijuana seeds? Try Sensoryseeds!

Choosing where to buy marijuana seeds could be a big dilemma for you. Several online shops are working in this field (the physical ones are slightly less so), but before proceeding with the purchase, you need to be sure to receive high-quality products, without risking any risk of cheating!

How to do it? First of all, by checking the reviews of each site, or asking acquaintances about the physical store, and then taking a look for yourself. Don’t go looking for the number of cannabis seeds available: first check the quality, the brand of the product and the manufacturer.

The seeds must be certified according to European regulations, are accompanied by a label stating where they come from and are packaged in a way that preserves the seed from the action of external agents (which could ruin it).

So where can you buy THC weed seeds? Of course, on Sensoryseeds.com! Below we give you 3 good reasons why to choose this online cannabis seed shop.

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1) SensorySeeds marijuana seeds are produced by one of the best seed banks in the world.

As we have told you, the cannabis seeds for sale must be produced and harvested following the law of the country of production, do not violate any regulations (let alone the Italian one) and are of high quality.

For this reason, we advise you to buy cannabis seeds exclusively from authorized dealers – like SensorySeeds – avoiding the black market like the plague. In any case, even authorized dealers must guarantee you excellent seeds bred, matured and packaged in the best way for their health.

We can guarantee this because we work with one of the most renowned seed banks in the world, BSF Seeds (from Bigger Stronger Faster, which means bigger, stronger and faster). The cannabis seeds of this world-renowned company are grown on very healthy plants. They are also bred using strict cultivation methods to produce feminized seeds, feminized auto flower seeds and fast flowering seeds.

Weed seeds BSF are the result of crossbreeds of the best strains, resulting in further original, valuable and unique varieties.

Let’s not forget, then, that the company uses a particular method of seed packaging.

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2) The cannabis seeds you find on SensorySeeds are packed in vacuum capsules.

The best method of packaging marijuana seeds is vacuum packing. Do you know the seeds you find in any supermarket or nursery, stored in simple paper or plastic bags? Well, all varieties of cannabis seeds are incredibly delicate, and without a vacuum capsule, they could die or be irreparably damaged.

The packaging is therefore essential to preserve the quality of the product and prevent buyers from receiving seeds that are mouldy, rotten or in any case lacking their potential.

It is very difficult for seeds from the black market to be vacuum-packed, which is why you should rely exclusively on specialist shops like Sensoryseeds.co.uk!

where to buy marijuana seeds

3) On SensorySeeds you can also buy marijuana seed kits!

Not only can you find the best varieties of weed seeds: on SensorySeeds you can also buy them in kits so you can save money and at the same time get a combination of the most popular seeds on the market!

Below are the kits you’ll find in our shop (but we’re not going to hide the fact that we’re going to add more):

  • All-Stars USA Automix: a kit of 4 qualities of feminized and auto flower seeds from the USA. In the kit, you’ll find the renowned seeds of OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, Sour Diesel and Gorilla Glue all with automatic flowering, i.e. independent of photoperiod and seasons.
  • Dream Team Feminized Team: 4 of the best feminized seeds varieties, selected from the fastest, strongest and highest yielding. Once you open the precious box, you will find feminized seeds of Super Lemon Haze, Moby-D, Critical +2 and Gorilla Glue #4.
  • Psycho XXL Automix: 4 Cannabis Sativa seeds whose plants (autoflowering) have extremely psychedelic effects. In this kit you will find the seeds of Amnesia XXL Auto, Lemon Haze XXL Auto, London Cheese XXL Auto and AK XXL Auto, all of them amazingly yielding!
  • Red Line Automix: 4 varieties of cannabis seed whose auto-flowering plants have beautiful shades of red. Here are which ones: Red Skunk Auto, Red Kush Auto, Red Sugar Auto and Red Critical Auto.
  • Dealer Deal XXL Automix: 4 high-quality autoflowering cannabis seeds whose plants have a very fast flowering: Critical +2 XXL Auto, Black Dom XXL Auto, Moby-D XXL Auto and Northern XXL Auto.

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Is it possible to buy marijuana seeds to make them germinate?

In the UK to germinate, marijuana seeds are an administrative offence if there are few plants and for personal use. At the same time, it remains a criminal offence if you grow several plants and you cannot prove the purely personal use.

Therefore, although the sale of cannabis seeds is legal because they do not contain cannabinoids, their germination is a criminal offence (criminal or administrative as the case may be) because they can produce plants with high THC content flowers. In our country, you can only buy cannabis seeds for collectors’ use.

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you know where to buy them choose the best marijuana seeds on Sensoryseeds.com right away!