Where to find quality cannabis seeds: 5 countries producing the best weed seeds.


Modified on: 10/02/2021

5 countries where most cannabis seeds are produced.

Cannabis is a legal medicinal plant in many countries (including the UK, but with many limitations). Its cultivation is punished with imprisonment or administrative sanctions in almost all the world. Many countries import or produce medical marijuana for distribution to pharmacies and then to patients, but very few allow the germination of cannabis seeds at home.

Only a few states have opened their minds in recent years with the liberalisation of marijuana for personal use and allowing the cultivation of – a few – seedlings at home.

cannabis seeds production

(Almost) all others only allow the purchase of weed seeds, as they do not contain THC or other cannabinoids, but punish those who germinate them. So, if you are wondering where to find high-quality cannabis seeds, we can direct you to our website Sensoryseeds.com, but we want to reassure you that we operate in full compliance with the law.

We only sell marijuana seeds, but as an Italian company, we don’t produce them. On the other hand, we work with one of the biggest and most prestigious seed banks in the world, the Californian (though born in Spain) BSF Seeds!

You’re probably wondering in which countries in the world cannabis seeds are produced. We want to satisfy your curiosity: here, in the next paragraphs, in which states the best marijuana varieties are produced.

5) Production of cannabis seeds in India.

As you probably know, India is the home country of Cannabis Indica, which is grown in Indian regions not only to produce flowers and marijuana seeds but also to produce an outstanding quality of hash called Charas.

Although it is not exported in large quantities, the cannabis produced in India is used to make the super-flavoured Charas, whose production is authorised by the state. This particular hash is well known not only for its fruity and earthy aromas but also for the unique way it is made.

Specifically, it is the only variety of hash that is produced by rubbing the underside of the still fresh cannabis flowers. The other types are obtained by using marijuana processing waste, while Charas is obtained without affecting the plant both for the highest quality processing and for religious reasons.

The production of cannabis seeds in India is therefore mainly dedicated to the cultivation of plants for the production and consumption of Charas. In contrast, the quantities of seeds exported to other states are not high.

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4) The production of cannabis seeds in Colombia.

cannabis seeds in Colombia

Although there are hundreds of cannabis companies in Colombia, less than 20 companies have been selected to produce cannabis seeds, but they provide phytosanitary certification of the seeds. This certification is prestigious because it works more or less like a passport when exporting seeds all over the world.

Colombia is one of the largest marijuanas producing countries, so it would be desirable for the government to allow many other companies to invest in cannabis seed varieties! It would be an excellent opportunity to enrich the coffers of the state, establish itself as a world power in the trade of these products and at the same time, allow local companies to expand.

Considering also the fact that Colombia is (for the moment) the only state that offers phytosanitary certification for cannabis seed varieties, the possibility of overtaking competing countries is enormous. Who knows if we will see good ones in the coming years!

3) Cannabis seeds in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands has now become one of the destinations where marijuana tourism is most developed so that when you stop in this country, it is customary to go to a coffee shop and try cannabis varieties on-site.

The weed seeds trade is also widespread; their export throughout Europe and internationally allows companies in the sector to grow more every year. However, as marijuana is tolerated but not legal, it is not clear whether the production of seeds for commercial purposes is legal or not.

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2) Production of cannabis seeds in Canada.

With the Cannabis Act of 2018, Canada has finally put an end to prohibition by completely legalising cannabis for recreational use! It was the second country in the world to take such a step (just after Uruguay), considering that up to 4 plants can be grown at home.

Since the law allows it, Canada has become home to hundreds of seed banks trading within the state and internationally: it is one of the most significant powers in the lush cannabis seed market!

1) Production of cannabis seeds in the USA.

Several countries in the USA, including California, Colorado and Alaska, have legalised marijuana in recent years. It was a surprise because the demonization of marijuana started in the USA! Not surprisingly, cannabis is legal only at the level of individual countries and not at the federal level, where it is still an illegal product.

The trade marijuana seeds trade in many American states, and their export all over the world has spread thanks to the liberalisation of marijuana. There are numerous seed banks in the USA (including our prestigious Californian partner BSF Seeds).

The best companies produce marijuana seeds of the highest quality, strictly controlled and packaged in vacuum capsules to preserve their characteristics and avoid unpleasant inconveniences such as mould and rot.

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