Heat-resistant cannabis: which strains are the most suitable?

Heat-resistant cannabis: which strains are the most suitable?

Published on: 15/09/2023


Extreme temperatures are bad for cannabis (and for marijuana seeds): professional growers know very well that excessive heat, as well as excessively cold temperatures, can cause great damage to cannabis plants, irreversibly ruining the harvest.

However, there are heat-resistant cannabis varieties that can withstand high temperatures more easily than others. Let’s first take a look at what heat does to cannabis and then at which varieties are best suited to grow where the heat hits hard.

The effects of heat stress on cannabis

Although heat is essential for cannabis growth (like the fast growing weed seeds), too much heat can cause serious problems for crops. Heat stress can ruin leaves, curling them upwards and causing dark and yellow spots, signs of discoloration. Another consequence is the dropping of leaves and branches.

In addition, if the plant suffers heat stress during the flowering phase, a phenomenon called fox-tailing can occur, i.e. the appearance of new shoots on top of existing ones.

The effects of heat stress on cannabis

The ideal temperature should not exceed 26°C: 30°C is the maximum tolerable. Those who grow legal hemp in hot climate zones know that they must take the heat stress factor into account by equipping themselves with suitable fans, moving indoors during the hottest times of the year and, above all, choosing the most heat-resistant varieties.

Remember that temperature and humidity are two very important factors for a good crop: too low or too high temperatures can damage the quality of the crop and too much humidity favors the development of mold or fungus-causing microorganisms. On the other hand, low humidity can concentrate nutrients in the little water that is “fished” from the roots of the plants, which causes too rapid absorption and eventually burns the plants.

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The best heat-resistant cannabis strains: description and characteristics

As already mentioned, heat is crucial for cannabis and cannabis seeds cultivation. But excessive heat is just as damaging as excessive cold: it burns the leaves, stains them and ruins the terpenes that give cannabis its aroma and flavor.

Just as there are cold-resistant strains, there are strains that do not fear excessive heat, capable of growing at higher latitudes.


Great resistance to heat, low humidity and relatively fast flowering (8 weeks) are the best characteristics of this very strong strain, which owes its peculiarities to the Afghan Kush genetics. We are talking about a variety highly appreciated by professionals, winner of several awards in the sector.

Master Kush

Among the Kush varieties, Master Kush is a timeless classic that has won numerous awards over the years. Indica-dominant, it has a medium-low THC content and citrus and earthy flavors. Like all Hindu Kush strains, it is robust and does best in warm, sunny climates.

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Banana Blaze

Long, hot summers? No problem, the Banana Blaze strain can easily withstand excessive heat. Not surprisingly, the genetics are Afghan Kush, synonymous with robust and (often) easy to grow strains. It prefers warm, dry climates and produces fruity tasting leaves in about 8 weeks.


Originally from Central America, Haze is hardy, has strong aromas and many sub-varieties, such as Skywalker Haze, Purple Haze, Shining Silver Haze, Chocolate Haze and even Lebron Haze. Each has its own peculiarities, but all withstand heat, even intense heat, reasonably well.

Night Queen

An indica strain with a THC content of 15-20%, Night Queen is a robust, small and bushy plant that tolerates heat well (not so much excessive humidity). It flowers in about 9 weeks and offers a more than good yield.

The best heat-resistant cannabis strains

Sour Diesel

This predominantly sativa strain (70%) is a hybrid of respectable parents: Original Diesel, Northern Lights, Hawaiian and Shiva. It has terpenes reminiscent of citrus, fruit, pepper and hints of grass. It flowers in about 11 weeks and produces respectable yields: about 550g per plant. It is particularly resistant to mold and fungus.

Northern Lights

An award winning strain appreciated by professional growers who know they can count on a hardy, aromatic, strong and easy to grow plant. It is one of the first indica varieties with outstanding genetics, whose flavors and smells of forest and pine predispose to a meditative and relaxing experience.

Power Plant

A sativa-dominant strain well known among aficionados, Power Plant is resistant to heat and excess humidity and guarantees good yields quickly. Its cannabinoid content and exceptional terpenes make it very popular with even the least experienced legal cannabis growers and weed seeds growers.

In conclusion

Excessive heat, as well as cold, can cause damage to cannabis plants, inexorably ruining the harvest with blotchy and yellowed leaves. However, there are several strains that are genetically able to withstand excessive temperatures and humidity, as well as hot, dry climates. Some of them have unmistakable aromas and flavors, are easy to grow and have even won industry awards.

Professional cannabis growers with operations in particularly sunny regions can therefore choose from many heat-stress resistant strains.

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