How are feminised cannabis seeds produced?

How are feminised cannabis seeds produced?

Modified on: 27/04/2022


One of the most popular curiosities with marijuana seeds is how to obtain feminized cannabis seeds. These seeds have unique characteristics that have made them the most popular on the market.

Feminised seeds are very different from other regular cannabis seeds, which have 50% chance of of giving birth to a female plant. However, for feminized seeds BSF, this percentage increases to 99%!

The female cannabis plant produces the THC-rich inflorescences and is the most widely used plant for growing medicinal marijuana, for example. On the other hand, male cannabis plants have different uses, particularly in the textile sector.

But let’s see how to obtain feminised cannabis seeds from the plant.

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How do you get feminised cannabis seeds?

The process that leads to the production of feminised hemp seeds is not easy, nor is it intuitive, but at the same time, it gives a unique charm that is truly remarkable!

This technique was born in the ’70s and consists of spraying specific solutions on the female hemp plant, as with the following solutions :

  • Colloidal silver spraying
  • Silver thiosulphate spraying
  • Silver nitrate spraying
  • Benzothiadiazole spraying
  • Spraying of gibberellic acid

Sprinkling the cannabis plant with one of these solutions creates “stress”, and the ethylene content is affected so that the production of male pollen pockets is triggered (typical behaviour of male specimens, absent in the conditions of females).

The result is a female cannabis plant capable of pollinating other female specimens. As a result, the fertilised plant produces seeds in the buds with feminised DNA that give birth to other female plants (99% probability).

Now we want to see how marijuana seeds are feminised.

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How to feminise cannabis seeds (if allowed by law)?

In countries where planting cannabis seeds are legal, colloidal silver is the most commonly used solution for the feminisation of hemp plants. It is silver in the form of microscopic particles, suspended in distilled water, and easily available online or in pharmacies.

This product is neither toxic nor corrosive. Besides, it is commonly used for the treatment of burns, for digestion, and as an antiseptic. The best concentration of colloidal silver for the above purpose is 15 ppm, even better if increased to 30 ppm.

Once the female has been identified, she should be isolated from other samples and sprayed with colloidal silver three times daily for 3 weeks, or until she begins to produce pockets of male pollen.

After 3-4 weeks, the pollen can be collected. Let’s see how it works!

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How to collect pollen from the cannabis plant treated with a colloidal silver solution?

The best way to collect pollen from the marijuana plant treated with colloidal silver is to cover the entire sample with a plastic bag (perforated at the top to facilitate air exchange) so that the spores settle to the bottom.

Then collect each open bag to optimise the amount of pollen produced and store it in a glass or container. Then apply it with a brush or cotton bud to the flowers used to make the famous feminized seeds.

The sticky trichomes on the surface of the swab retain the pollen and fertilise the flower. In this way, the cannabis plant produces marijuana seeds with a 99% chance of giving birth to a female plant.

Now we want to see how to harvest the cannabis seeds.

How do you collect hemp seeds from the plant?

Once the female cannabis plant has been pollinated with spores taken from the sample treated with colloidal silver, feminised seeds form in its flowers.

It is an excellent time to remove the cannabis seeds when they change from the initial yellow/green colour to dark brown with black highlights, usually about 3-4 weeks after pollination of the flowers.

After harvest, feminised seeds should be stored in a cool but not damp place to dry properly. After 2 weeks the seeds can be kept refrigerated to maintain their vitality over time.

If you are wondering how you can tell the difference between a male and a female seed, to check the success of the experiment, be aware that this is not possible. The sex of the plant can only be known a few weeks after the seeds germinate.

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The latest remarks on feminised seeds production

As you have read, it is not easy to produce feminised seeds by hand and, above all, it is forbidden in The UK. However, it is legal to possess cannabis seeds for collection or food purposes.

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