How long do cannabis seeds keep without losing their properties?

How long do cannabis seeds keep without losing their properties?

Modified on: 15/02/2021


Did you know that with the best storage, marijuana seeds remain unchanged for a very long time?

The proper auto-flower seeds, feminised and fast-flowering cannabis seeds storage is essential, as they are dormant seeds ready to wake up (but please don’t grow your seeds in the UK!). They are living organisms.

It is crucial to treat them in the best possible way because without proper care, they could die at any time.

But how long do well-stored cannabis seeds last? And what is the best way to keep them so that their properties are preserved?

Read on to find out!


How long can marijuana seeds be stored?

The hemp seeds lifetime is 2 years from the date of packaging. However, if stored properly, they can rest for many years (even 5 years, 10 years or more) and retain their characteristics unchanged.

Conservation and storage of cannabis seeds

You could forget them in a drawer for years and find them unchanged with their maximum power. In the case of dormant seeds, time does not pass as long as the weather conditions remain constant over time.

If you want to know how cannabis seeds are stored, you first need to know what factors can damage them or cause them to germinate in unfavourable situations, resulting in their death.

Have we aroused your curiosity? Then we advise you to continue with the following paragraph, in which we have listed all the elements that can endanger the health of cannabis seeds.

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Factors that affect the shelf life of Sativa or Indica cannabis seeds.

Would you like to store your newly purchased marijuana seeds better at SensorySeeds? Here are all the elements that can cause damage at rest before germination:

  • Temperature jumps
  • Extreme thermal conditions (too hot or too cold)
  • Direct light
  • Humidity

The ‘moisture’ reading may seem strange to you, as the seeds need a lot of moisture to reach germination.

It is true, but that is the problem: if a seed germinates in a container and not in the soil, rock wool or cotton, it takes up moisture, it is destined to die because it cannot find the right conditions to survive.

What you must avoid is the death of the seed and its germination in an environment unsuitable for its development (a state that would always lead to its death).

However, remember that in the UK, it is forbidden to germinate THC cannabis seeds. It is punishable by an administrative and penal sanction depending on the case. You can buy cannabis seeds online, but only to collect them!

To ensure the survival and long life of the cannabis seeds, you must respect the ideal conditions for temperature and relative humidity. You must also select the right container for storage.

marijuana seeds in a jar

Where and how do you store marijuana seeds so that they last a long time?

We already have the question ‘How long do cannabis seeds last? “We have not yet explained how you can keep them for several years without losing their properties.

If you want to preserve these products as well as possible, you should respect the following environmental conditions:

  • A dark place
  • A relative humidity of 20 to 30%.
  • A constant temperature of 6°C (but it is also right up to 8°C).

We also recommend storing them in their vacuum packaging or an airtight container, preferably sterilised and made of glass.

Whether feminized seeds, auto-flowering or fast-flowering, cannabis seeds germinate at a temperature of 24-28°C and relative humidity of around 70%. They also die when it is too hot or too cold, and if they are in an environment where temperatures change frequently.

As the ideal temperature is very low, you are probably wondering if it is possible to store the seeds in the refrigerator. Go to the next paragraph to find the answer to your questions!

Can the seeds be stored in the fridge? Of course, they can!

Yes, the fridge could be an ideal environment for your cannabis seeds as long as it is a fridge exclusively dedicated to their storage.

The kitchen fridge is opened and closed countless times a day. If they were there, the seeds would receive too much light and sudden temperature changes.

Therefore, we advise you to buy a mini-fridge that is used exclusively for storing marijuana seeds. There are plenty of them online at ridiculous prices!

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Now you know how long cannabis seeds can last and how they should be stored to retain their properties. You also know that light, humidity and sudden temperature changes damage them. In contrast, the ideal conditions for their survival are (constant) temperatures of 6 to 8°C and relative humidity of about 20 or 30%.

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