How to keep cannabis seeds at the right temperature?

How to keep cannabis seeds at the right temperature?

Modified on: 27/04/2022


Marijuana seeds are very sensitive products that must be perfectly preserved, so that mould, parasites and much more do not contaminate them. Even sudden changes in temperature and extreme thermal conditions can cause cannabis seeds to die.

But how do you keep your cannabis seeds optimally, especially in areas with high temperatures? And what is the best way to store seeds?

Read on to find out what to do and what not to do to ensure a long life for these great products!

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Cannabis seed storage: what are the places to avoid?

We have told you that sudden changes in temperature and extremes in temperature severely damage marijuana seeds and often cause death.

Imagine that you want to avoid this and are looking for the best place to keep seeds at home.

Here are the places to avoid first:

  • Very humid areas such as the basement, bathroom, etc.
  • Oven areas (the combination of humidity and heat can be fatal: it can cause premature germination of sperm that cannot survive).
  • Areas near windows
  • Areas where the sun’s rays shine

Now let’s see which places you should choose if you are in a very hot area, for example in a Mediterranean region.

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Where can you keep marijuana seeds if you live in a very hot area – could the fridge be a solution?

If your bedroom does not reach temperatures above 15 to 20°C, a bedside table or desk drawer will suffice. Bedrooms, especially if they are well ventilated, generally stay cooler than other rooms.

Choose a drawer that you rarely open and close (to avoid unfavourable temperature changes), and you will see that everything will be fine: your seeds will stay healthy for a long time.

You will most likely be wondering if it is possible to store seeds in the fridge. The fridge could be perfect if it is exclusively dedicated to seeds, like a mini-fridge devoted to this purpose.

Keeping auto-flower seeds, feminised seeds, or fast-flowering seeds in the fridge might instead be a problem when we talk about refrigerators that are used to store food and drinks.

The kitchen refrigerator is open and closed all the time, and temperature variations are very bad for the seeds. Using the fridge, in which food is stored and regularly opened and closed, would make it impossible to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity for the seeds.


What are the ideal conditions for prolonged storage of cannabis seeds?

The ideal storage temperature for cannabis seeds, which prolongs their shelf life, is between 6 and 8° C, while the perfect relative humidity for keeping the seeds healthy is between 20 and 30%.

Buying a mini-fridge for storage (making sure the temperature remains constant) can therefore be a good idea if it is very hot in your home.

Autoflowering, feminized seeds, fast-germinating cannabis seeds germinate when they live in very humid environments and at temperatures of 24°C.

But don’t just focus on temperature and humidity – think about the container in which the seeds should be stored.

If you are on SensorySeeds, our online marijuana seed shop, you can buy and get BSF premium cannabis seeds delivered to you. The BSF Seeds seed bank usually packs them individually in a vacuum capsule.

However, some products – such as Gorilla Glue # 4 seeds in bulk – are packed in vacuum-sealed bags. As you know, these packages lose their properties after opening. It is therefore essential to find a suitable container for storing the seeds.

We recommend an airtight glass jar to protect it from heat and sunlight in dark places.

As you have just read, a refrigerator, set at 6, 7 or 8°C and intended only for this purpose, is perfect for storing cannabis seeds.

Do you wonder how long the seeds can be stored? If they live in ideal conditions of humidity and temperature, they can last for several years. Some enthusiasts claim to have kept their seeds in perfect condition for up to 10 years!

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Final remarks

Now you know how to keep cannabis seeds in good condition for survival. If you follow our advice, your seeds will last a long time and won’t germinate without your permission!

Keep in mind, however, that planting and germinating marijuana seeds are prohibited in the UK. These acts are indeed condemned on a case-by-case basis as administrative offences or misdemeanours.

In our country, you can still buy cannabis seeds of collection: buy now the best auto-flowering seeds, feminised seeds and fast flowering seeds of BSF in our SensorySeeds shop!