How to store cannabis seeds properly while retaining their properties?

How to store cannabis seeds properly while retaining their properties?

Modified on: 03/05/2021


Marijuana seeds are not cheap, so it is essential to keep them healthy to avoid unnecessary waste. Therefore, knowing how to store cannabis seeds is an excellent information that is beneficial to all seed collectors.

In this in-depth study, you can read about the ideal storage for these products, which external active substances can damage them and how to store your seeds in a simple but effective way.

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The main factors that influence the correct storage of marijuana seeds

Storing cannabis seeds is easy if you know the external active elements that can harm their health. Once you are aware of these factors, you can make the necessary arrangements.

The following can affect the health of your hemp seeds:

  • Moisture
  • Excessive heat and UV rays
  • Temperature jump

Not to mention the insects and rodents that love these tasty seeds.Continue with the following sections to understand how you need to arrange to store your BSF seeds optimally!

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Keep cannabis seeds away from moisture.

Autoflowering seeds, feminized seeds and fast seeds, as well as the regular variety, must remain dry.

Suppose you buy marijuana seeds online from SensorySeeds. In that case, you can be sure that the products are of good quality, but they do not retain their properties when exposed to external factors such as excessive air humidity.

For this reason, we recommend that you keep them in an airtight container or, better still, sealed in their original packaging. Weed seeds BSF are enclosed in a vacuum package that protects them from moisture and therefore from mould and insects.

But what is the reason for this technique?

The seeds may seem inanimate to you, but in reality, they are organisms ready to germinate. When a cannabis seed is exposed to moisture, it can start the germination process.

If germination is carried out under unfavourable conditions (for example, when the seeds are locked in a drawer), the seeds will die. Also, remember that germination of cannabis seeds is prohibited in our country and many other countries.

Let us now turn to the second unfavourable factor for cannabis seeds, namely excessive heat caused mainly by UV radiation.

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Protect your cannabis seeds from excessive heat and sunlight.

Marijuana seeds are very sensitive, and the excessive heat can kill them. For this reason, we advise you not to leave them in the sun or in a room that is too hot.

Protect them from both sunlight and artificial light, as this can cause the seeds to germinate and ruin them (if they are not in a suitable place to germinate…). But we remind you that this is not possible in the UK).

The best way to store these products is at room temperature. Storing seeds in the fridge can be very risky. Even if you keep them in an airtight container, they can perish, because when you take the seeds out of the fridge there are sudden temperature changes.

And by the way…

empty jar

Beware of sudden temperature changes: cannabis seeds can be affected.

If you bring the seeds from a cold space into a room with very hot temperatures (and vice versa), the seeds can be damaged by temperature changes.

It is why the refrigerator and freezer are hazardous storage places for seeds.

Only the last two elements are missing that can damage them. Let’s talk about insects and rodents.

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Rodents and insects: enemies of your cannabis seeds.

Some insects, especially those that can occupy stocks, are bitter enemies of cannabis seeds.

Mice and other rodents are also very attracted to these delicious and nutrient-rich seeds. If you do not store the seeds properly, mice can sniff them from a distance and enter your house or basement at any time.

The disastrous effect of insects and mice is one of the main reasons why we recommend storing the seeds in a glass or other metal and airtight container.

How long can marijuana seeds be stored?

If you wish to store cannabis seeds in ideal conditions, they can last up to 10 years.

However, it is essential that you follow all our recommendations:

  • Use airtight glass or metal containers.
  • Keep the seeds away from light and moisture.
  • Avoid sudden changes in temperature
  • Beware of insects, mice and other animals

If you follow these guidelines carefully, you will find that your collection seeds will remain intact for many years.

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