Growing cannabis seeds: is it legal or not?

All about growing marijuana

Published on: 23/06/2021

Here’s everything you need to know about growing marijuana seeds

Cannabis seeds cultivation has been one of the most debated topics in the recent years, not least because of the legal developments in this regard; but how to grow cannabis seeds without having problems with the law?

And what about CBD cannabis? Indeed, light cannabis seeds give birth to a plant whose flowers have a percentage of THC below the limit imposed in many European countries. Still, as far as cultivation is concerned, laws change from country to country, and it cannot be said that there is a uniform European regulation for all.

How can cannabis seeds be grown?

Cannabis seeds are not illegal because they are not rich in THC. If they are not germinated, they are considered seeds of ordinary plants.

Cannabis seeds are freely marketed in many European countries, but with specific uses:

  • Collectables
  • Fishing baits
  • Livestock and Bird Foods
  • Food use

As long as not sprouted, classic marijuana seeds can be owned by anyone. The problem arises when you want to plant them. If you do not wish to take risks at this stage, you should inquire about the legislation in your country.

With the line between legality and illegality settled, let’s now see how cannabis seeds can grow at home … in countries where it is allowed.

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Cannabis seed cultivation: which one to choose?

As we have already mentioned in previous lines, the cultivation of marijuana for personal use constitutes an administrative or criminal offence in many European countries. The instructions you will find in this article are theoretical or addressed to those who live in a state where the cultivation of cannabis seeds is permitted.

The first thing to do is to choose the variety of cannabis seeds you want to grow!

There are many species, but the types of seeds are only 3, and these are the following:

Feminized cannabis seeds can create a female marijuana plant – the one that produces flowers – with a 99% probability. It is an essential feature that facilitates both domestic and professional producers and ensures a regular harvest.

In case of auto-flowering cannabis seeds, it has to be noted that they are feminized but they also flower automatically, unlike conventional feminized seeds. They begin to bloom when daylight hours are fewer than those of darkness (basically in autumn). 

The variety of fast auto-flowering seeds guarantees rapid flowering in a short time. In some cases, germination to flowering happens six weeks only, as for the El Gaucho seeds. 

These are the seeds most frequently purchased by the most demanding growers who want to have a crop available in a short time. Depending on the case, you can choose the type of cannabis seeds that best suits your needs. 

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Cannabis seed cultivation: find out how to recognize high-quality seeds

Grow hemp seeds, and recognize the high quality

If you are planning to grow cannabis seeds, besides keeping in mind that in most European countries – and around the world – it is not legal to do so, you also need to know how to recognize the quality of the cannabis seeds you buy. To achieve germination, you should indeed perform a quality check on the marijuana seeds you own.

Cannabis seeds should present basic features to determine their health, including those we report below:

  • Dark colour: brown, with black or grey shades, sometimes striped
  • Intact surface: no cracks
  • External shell resistance: when controlled force is used, quality seeds withstand pressure without dividing

Very light colored, almost white seeds are very young in the negative sense: it could be challenging to grow them, or it could take much longer. On the other hand, old seeds tend to crack or crumble. In this case, you can always try to grow them if you have room and a way, preferably after leaving them soaking for a while.

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Let’s now see how you can make marijuana germinate – where it is legally allowed to do so.

How to grow marijuana seeds: here is the most effective method for sprouting cannabis seeds.

To germinate cannabis seeds there are different techniques, from the simplest to the most demanding: from wet paper tablecloth to soiless aeroponic culture. Let’s put these two extremes aside and focus on a simple, economical and effective method, which is the most recommended: the crop directly in the substrate. 

We only need few things:

  • A cannabis seed
  • A pot
  • A particular substrate (generally recommended by the manufacturer).

The process is simple:

  • Fill the pot with the substrate and sit the seed at a depth of half a centimetre and cover it slightly.
  • The ideal environment is constantly warm and humid.
  • It must be irrigated, but without excess, with a temperature maintained around 20 Celsius degrees (using a lamp above the seed, if necessary). 

Remember that cannabis seeds, like all seeds, are a living organism and are designed to have everything they need to grow. Therefore, it is unnecessary to give the substrate certain nutrients during the first two weeks after planting .

Growing marijuana seeds directly in the substrate and in its final vase will be a great advantage, as it avoids a transfer that often puts stress on the seed. It is not uncommon to damage newborn roots when they move from pot to pot, especially when it is the first time you have done so.

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Final considerations on growing cannabis seeds (CBD or regular ones)

You should now have a clearer vision about growing marijuana seeds and in which cases this is allowed. The advice we have given in this article applies to both conventional cannabis seeds and CBD cannabis seeds, as they do not differ in this regard. 

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