How to best germinate seeds?

Better ways to germinate cannabis seeds

Modified on: 13/05/2022

To ensure that seeds germinate at their best, it is necessary to have specific knowledge and precautions. Which ones? Let’s find out together

Cannabis seeds are cultivated in many places around the world. Today, marijuana plants are used for a wide variety of purposes.

In the UK, the cultivation of marijuana is still illegal; however, there is no shortage of enthusiasts and curious people wondering how to germinate the seeds.

Do hemp growers have any special secrets?

What are the best germination techniques?

To answer these questions, we have decided to put together a small guide for information purposes only, so read on to find out all the main facts about germinating hemp seeds.

Germinate cannabis seeds in potting soil

Germinating seeds: better outdoors or indoors?

In places where the law allows it, marijuana seeds are cultivated either outdoors or indoors.

However, in general, beginner growers decide to grow seeds indoors.

In this way, the processes and evolutions that the plant undergoes during its growth can be monitored more closely, and germination takes place in a climatically stable environment, with all the positive consequences that this entails.

Outdoors, climatic conditions can change from one moment to the next, and sunny days can suddenly be replaced by heavy rain or downpours that can cause significant damage to the seedlings.

In addition, there are other negative factors for outdoor cultivation, such as the presence of pests and other animals that may feed on the plants.

Therefore, for various reasons, it may be safer to keep the seeds in a sheltered place, where they can germinate more quickly.

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The first steps to germinating seeds

In the early stages of life, cannabis plants are exceptionally delicate, so it is necessary to take good care of them and protect them as much as possible.

Growers in countries where legal cultivation usually equip themselves with germination greenhouses, which keep the plants safe from outside influences or weather of any kind.

Being hasty and careless during the early growing phase can be deadly for seedlings, and professional growers know this well.

For the marijuana seeds to hatch, a temperature of between 26° C and 28° C must be maintained. Specific lamps and thermostats are used for this purpose, which can detect any inappropriate temperatures for growth.

Another essential thing when planting cannabis seeds of any kind (whether fast, feminized seeds or auto-flower seeds is irrelevant) is to obtain a good substrate.

The seeds must be about 2 cm deep, and the soil must constantly be kept moist, but not too much. Otherwise, the seeds could rot before they germinate.

As mentioned above, the seeds should then be placed under lamps, and the first sprouts will begin to appear around 2-4 days. Thereafter, the seeds do not need anything else, no additional nutrients whatsoever, and the use of any fertilizer would only hinder the achievement of the desired result.

This type of seed germination is called direct germination in the substrate, but it is not the only one possible; other types of germination can be used. Let’s find out the main ones.

Techniques for germinating cannabis seeds

Other germination methods

In addition to the germination technique described above, there are many others, one of the most common being germinations in Rockwool.

With this method, seeds are placed in small cubes of Rockwool (previously moistened with low pH water) and placed in a greenhouse.

The Rockwool protects the seedling in the early stages of growth and allows it to be easily transplanted into larger containers when needed.

Experienced seed growers usually use this system.

Another type of seed germination is pressed peat.

Pressed peat is sold in the form of convenient discs, which must be wetted before use to become softer and more prominent. Before sowing, it is also necessary to make small holes in the discs into which the seeds will be inserted.

This germination technique is quite simple, but it can create some difficulties in the later stages.

The mesh used to hold the peat together does not always dissolve rapidly, which can hinder the growth of the roots. Furthermore, when it comes to transplanting plants that have sprouted in this way, great care must be taken to ensure that the roots are not damaged beyond repair.

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To conclude

There are many methods of germinating cannabis seeds, and we have discussed the main ones in this article.

Cannabis growers choose one technique over another based on their experience and where they are located. Still, if you buy quality seeds such as BSF seeds, you will obtain excellent results in all cases.

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