How to get an excellent natural fertiliser for green plants?

How to get a homemade natural fertilizer for green plants?

Modified on: 29/07/2021

Are you curious about how natural fertiliser is obtained for plants such as cannabis? Here are the most popular methods.

Today, cannabis cultivation uses a variety of products to feed the plant and promote its growth.

After planting marijuana seeds, some fertilisers are favoured to sustain plant’s growth – while when the flowering phase is approaching, fertilisers must have other characteristics.

Regardless of the growth phase, natural fertilisers are perfect.

Are you curious about how natural fertiliser is obtained for plants?

Are you wondering what their advantages are?

Here you will find all the answers that will satisfy your curiosity.

Natural fertilisers for plants: differences from synthetic ones and why they are used

Natural fertilisers differ from synthetic ones mainly because they do not contain chemical substances but are produced by biological and natural techniques.

Coffee as a natural fertilizer for green plants

Chemical fertiliser is mainly used in intensive hemp cultivation (but also in other plants) and is intended to maximise production.

On the other hand, natural fertilisers feed the micro-organisms in the soil and plants more slowly and naturally.

The differences do not end there.

Chemical or synthetic fertilisers are much more expensive than natural fertilisers. They are also made with water, and over time, they quickly lose nutrient values and properties.

Natural plant fertiliser is cheaper and guarantees a similar supply to that which is usually present in nature, and specifically prevents the formation of problems caused by overfeeding (such as yellowing of the leaves). In addition, organic fertiliser allows the cannabis plant to develop more and better aromas and flavours.

There are many reasons to use natural fertilisers for green plants, even in cannabis, immediately after planting the cannabis seeds and afterwards.

Are you wondering if it is possible to produce a homemade plant fertiliser that gives excellent results?

The answer is yes … here following we will explain how.

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Do-it-yourself natural fertilizer: how is it made?

Since it is easy to find finished organic fertilisers on the market, you must first know what they feed on to produce natural fertilisers for green plants like hemp.

When it comes to cannabis, it is essential to remember the acronym NPK which stands for:

  • Nitrogen (N);
  • Phosphorus (P);
  • Potassium (K).

To ensure that robust and lush plants can grow from auto-flowering seeds and feminised seeds, it is also essential to find vitamins and nutriments and a mixture of other elements such as calcium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium and many others…

To obtain a good harvest, it is essential to ensure that the plants have all these nutrients, which are correctly dosed according to the growth phase.

Let’s take a look at some examples of natural fertilisers that are easily accessible even by less experienced growers, combined with certain phases of the harvest.

Coffee grounds: useful for the growth phase.

You have probably used coffee several times to fertilise the plants in your garden or vegetable patch. Cannabis growers also use this natural fertiliser.


Because the coffee beans’ ground, or the soil already used for extracting the beverage, are acidic. They favour the development of certain bacteria that are useful for the development of the plant and, in turn, produce nitrogen and other nutrients.

To make the most of coffee grounds, they are mixed with a compost mixture or directly on the substrate so that they can remain in contact with the roots. However, it is essential not to exceed this amount to avoid excessive acidification of the soil.

Banana peels: for fertilisation during the flowering phase.

Banana peels as a natural fertilizer for green plants

Banana peels are also known as an excellent natural fertiliser for pot plants and many other types of plants, even marijuana.


Banana peels contain all three main micro-nutrients (NPKs) but also amino acids. They can be used as an infusion or incorporated directly into the soil after the germination phase.

Banana peels are helpful during the flowering phase. They help the plant absorb sugars, starches, and carbohydrates. Besides, they promote water uptake and contribute to the biosynthesis process of terpene-related proteins.

Eggshells: in case of calcium deficiency.

Among the most common substances found in nature, hemp growers are also used to using eggshells.

Some people mix and blend them with the substrate, while others only macerate them with water and hydrochloric acid.

Eggshells are an excellent supplement for calcium, which is why they are generally used when this substance is deficient.

Bean and lentil infusion: to promote root formation and stimulate growth.

Infusion, which can be obtained from beans and lentils, is an excellent root stimulant.

These legumes are rich in auxin and positively impact the root development of cuttings and seedlings that have just been born from fast seeds, feminised seeds, and other species.

But not only that.

The lentil and bean infusion regulates plant growth and phototropism, which is why it is used by cannabis growers who like natural remedies at different stages of hemp cultivation.

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In addition to the natural fertilisers we just mentioned, many others are used, such as animal droppings, brewer’s yeast, nettle infusion or macerate, ashes and many others …

However, to get the most out of these nutrients, cannabis growers usually carry out a careful soil analysis to add the proper substances at the right time and get the maximum yield and flavour.

In general, natural fertilisers are very advantageous and are usually easy to produce independently.

In the UK, the cannabis cultivation is currently illegal, even for private use. However, we are sure that you have found this helpful information also for the maintenance of plants in your garden.

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