Marijuana Seeds: 3 ways to recognize quality with the naked eye


Modified on: 27/05/2020

Here’s how to recognize quality cannabis seeds.

Do you finally want the best cannabis seeds? To do so, you’d better learn to recognize them. It’s not very complicated, and even with a simple visual check, you can know if a seed will germinate or not.

In this guide offered by, you’ll find the critical tips for evaluating your seeds. Recognizing “quality” may seem obvious, yet, if studied adequately, it can bring many benefits in all areas, and on different levels: even in the choice of seeds!

It’s not worth wasting time and energy using a raw material that might make you work for nothing. Itis convenient to devote a minimum of time, but with some attention and necessary information, you can find out if you have a quality seed. It is our advice at Sensory Seeds!

cannabis seeds

How to recognize them

Learn to recognize quality cannabis seeds at a glance? Yes, it is possible! If you already have a clear idea of what you want to buy, you will find seeds already selected to grow quality cannabis. Just choose the products that are best for you at the online store.

Below, we tell you what the three main ways to know if the seed you are looking at is “good” or “bad” are. We will explain how to understand the level of quality by a simple visual evaluation. Don’t worry; you don’t need to be a professional with years of experience to understand and define the quality of a product.

Instead, we’ll show you how to recognize some of the essential signs and characteristics of healthy seeds, unlike those that have little or no development opportunity:

1 – The color

Their colour can identify healthy marijuana seeds. In any case, the shell of these seeds tends to be dark, with shades ranging from brown to greyish and black shades. The streaks and spots that resemble a cat’s coat are thus noticeable.

On the contrary, the seeds of poor quality will be recognized thanks to their shades of white or even green. These colours indicate seeds that are not ripe. The shell of seed also tells us its age, which, if not adequate, will make the germination phase almost impossible.

2 – Vitality

Healthy hemp seeds are dark but shiny nailers. When looking at a seed, we will realize that it is of quality, because despite the shades tending towards black, this seed is not at all opaque. On the contrary, it shows an individual vitality through the shiny patina that envelops it to protect it.

Inside the seed, it must be remembered. There is already a new plant that will be highlighted only if the most appropriate conditions are put in place and respected. When the seed matures, it enters a period of “sleep” called the retreat, which is of fundamental importance, because at that time, the seed and the potential plant inside are waiting to evolve.

The shell overcomes critical environmental conditions and ensures germination. In contrast, the waxy layer ensures that the seed has been treated most appropriately in its different stages of life. It will be easy to notice the shiny film from the hull of your seed, thanks to exposure under a light source.

You will notice this almost imperceptible outer patina that envelops it and gives it a shiny appearance. What we want is a seed that is at the best time of its “sleeping time”, with the aim of optimal development during germination and not a seed that is about to exhale.

germination of hemp seeds

3 – Integrity

Healthy hemp seeds, therefore, with s and streaks, its particular colours,and its shiny surface, should show absolutely no signs of “break“. Quality cannabis seeds are entirely intact, as even slight bruising can be a sign of fragility. It would therefore not be useful to choose to invest in a precarious raw material, or visibly damaged.

In short, old seeds may appear wrinkled, and the undeveloped seeds are therefore immature. When a seed is large enough and has precisely the appearance of the product we are looking for, we must take care to check that there is no type of marks or superficials injury.

In this regard, as mentioned above, conservation plays a fundamental role. If it is subjected to the influence of a humid environment, too cold or too hot, the seeds can be damaged, both inside and out, and this type of damage will be more difficult to observe than with simple visual control.

When it’s not enough to observe and learn

Taking a look at the product pages of, you can get a full view of our available seeds. We have a very nice and accurate selection of marijuana seeds that you can buy and receive directly at your home.

Here, we focused on the possibility of recognizing quality through simple visual control, and we did not mention, for example, hardness or buoyancy tests, which are more conventional.

The shape and colours, dimensions, sex and strain, can also allow us to recognize the product we are looking for. Thus, better understanding the quality of the marijuana seed through its appearance will give you more chances of success in the selection phase.

The choice of suppliers is another fundamental element that should not be left to chance. For this reason, we recommend you to contact our shop for high-quality cannabis seeds guaranteed. This way, you won’t have to evaluate the characteristics of the seeds yourself if you’re not used to it because we guarantee the quality of the product.