Cannabis Seeds: here are the winners of the Cannabis Cup

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Modified on: 27/04/2022

Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam: marijuana seeds rewarded at the 2019 edition

The growing interest in cannabis, and the products that derive from it, have also given greater visibility to the annual events dedicated to the presentation of what could be the best cannabis seeds.

The most famous event, which attracts thousands of people from all over the world, is undoubtedly the High Times Cannabis Cup.

It is the most famous and most anticipated festival of the year, which of course takes place in Amsterdam. With the presentation of what could be the most exciting varieties, an independent jury votes for the best seed.

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SensorySeeds will introduce you to the winning varieties of 2019, already on the market and, of course, carefully tested by our teams, to offer wise advice to consumers on quality seeds and cannabis.

We offer a wide selection of cannabis seeds for the more experienced, as well as the most curious: from feminized seeds to the latest generation seeds, that is to say fast-growing.

Cannabis Cup: what is it?

The High Life Cup in Amsterdam is one of the most important events for cannabis seed producers, but also an interesting attraction for those who are passionate about it.

The idea came from Steven Hager (journalist and cannabis legalization activist), and the first event dates back to 1988. Since the first event, judges from all over the world are contacted to travel to Holland and participate in the most important cannabis festival in the world.

Some U.S. states were chosen to host the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2010, such as Denver, Michigan or Seattle.

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Cannabis Cup 2019 winners

The event is not strictly related to countries that have legalized marijuana but are also organized to celebrate marijuana for medical purposes, where it is allowed.

The Festival takes place in an exciting way as the jury will vote on the seeds and varieties on offer, without knowing the Coffee Shops or the companies that developed them.

In this way, there is an impartial judgment, because each sample is equipped with a secret code, and evaluated by 15 experts who will be influenced by nothing but the product consumed.

The judges, of course carefully and critically selected, have two months to test the new cannabis varieties on offer.

new cannabis seeds varieties

The Cannabis Cup rewards winning marijuana seeds, divided into specific categories, from the most common Sativa to hybrid cannabis varieties to organic weed. In short, it is clear that this event is a classic, and has since become the first Festival dedicated to Cannabis in Europe, and that it is still today an attraction for tourists from all over the world.

The Cannabis Cup is a fun event, as the Festival is accompanied by music, good food and, of course, high-level cannabis to enjoy in peace.

Cannabis Cup 2019: winners

Each judge, an expert with years of experience behind him, will judge each proposed variety by assigning a score of 1 to 10 for each category.

The evaluation criteria are the typical criteria taken into account by any knowledgeable cannabis user: effect, smell, taste and appearance.

The first category assessed was hydroponics-grown cannabis. There were three varieties on the podium:

  • Melon Express, from Coffee Kosbor;
  • Night Terror OG, famous secret farmers Coffee Greenhouse;
  • Seven-Eleven, by Coffee Kera Seeds.

A particular category introduces unusual hemp seeds and widely appreciated by consumers is the self-flowering category.

The winners were:

  • Rainbow Candy Auto, by Growers Choice;
  • Amnesia Auto, by Zamnesia Seeds;
  • Super Amnesia Haze Auto, by Coffee Magic.

Last year’s Festival, however, was dominated in the Weed category by a single variety: the Silver Haze from The Coffee Shop Zero Zero.

With an evaluation process begun in April, the judges did a meticulous job of valuing only the cannabis seeds, and later the coffees that offered them, concretely worthy.

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High life cup 2018: dutch passion conquers the stage in the USA

2018 also proved to be an exciting year for the High Life Cup which saw the absolute winner of the Lemon Zkittle made by Dutch Passion, producer of cannabis seeds since 1987.

The podium is more than deserved since it is a feminized variety from a particular cross: Las Vegas Lemon Skunk and Zkittle. The judges particularly appreciated the pungent aroma of this hybrid and the remarkable amount of resin it produces.

Every year, the Festival gets more and more exciting, and the hemp seeds on offer are fascinating in every way. In the specific case of the United States, legalization in some states has given way to marijuana seeds, and hybrid varieties to conquer the market.

At SensorySeeds, we offer on our shop some of the most famous marijuana seeds. We provide the most rewarded of all time, so our customers have a wide choice, but above all always the best quality.

The seeds we sell are the result of rigorous selection, and to make them accessible to all, we offer a very competitive value for money in the sector.