Cannabis indica or sativa? Here are the main differences

indica and sativa seeds

Modified on: 27/04/2022

The difference between cannabis indica and sativa (and their seeds)

Take a look at our auto-flowering, and feminized seeds offer, and you will undoubtedly notice the different types of “Genetics” for each product. It specifies whether the cannabis seeds have indica or sativa predominance. The terminology “Indica” and “Sativa” often determine the buyers’ choice.

These two genetics have very different characteristics: both in terms of aromas and effect. Besides, they are also different in terms of the growth and development times of the plant.

The difference between indica and sativa cannot be reduced to the simple fact that “the sativa gives euphoria, and the indica relaxes”, but it is necessary to better explain all the peculiarities of these plants.

difference between indica and sativa seeds

Furthermore, it must be considered that each strain has its unique characteristics. The Green Tiger seeds and the OBG Kush seeds are not the same plants. They do not have the same effects and taste although they both have a genetic 20% sativa and 80% indica (we rarely found varieties 100% indicates or 100% sativa).

Each cannabis strain has its unique aromatic profile, effect, growth, shape and colour of flowers. Therefore, it makes no sense to limit yourself to always buy the same strain and genetic. That is why marijuana enthusiasts love – usually – tend to diversify.

Despite this fact, there are general characteristics that indica and sativa have in common. Let’s see which ones, starting with the origins of these two macro-categories.

Origins of cannabis indica and cannabis sativa

Cannabis indica and sativa are varieties originating from entirely different regions. Several studies have determined that Sativa is a cannabis native from tropical climate regions such as Colombia, Thailand and Mexico. Indica, on the other hand, was born in areas with colder temperatures, especially in winter, such as India and Nepal. That’s why, not surprisingly, the cannabis indica is often called Indian hemp.

These two species were classified in the second half of the 18th century (the sativa by the Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus and the indica by the French biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck). Besides, in 1930, the Russian botanist Dmitrij Janischewsky identified a third subspecies of cannabis: the cannabis ruderalis.

Indica and sativa are therefore not the only existing cannabis varieties (although they are the most common). There is also a third variety called ruderalis, whose flowering is automatic after about 20-40 days after germination. Therefore, flowering does not depend on the seasons but on the age of the plant. As you can imagine, autoflowering cannabis seeds are born precisely from the union between the ruderalis and an indica or sativa.

Now that you know a few more details about the discovery of the types of cannabis. Let’s go deeper into the topic of the article: the difference between indica and sativa.

Let’s start with the seeds.

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Are there differences between Cannabis Indica seeds and Cannabis Sativa seeds?

 Cannabis Indica seeds

Generally, yes.

Usually, the cannabis seeds are large, ovoid and have numerous black or dark brown streaks over their entire surface. The cannabis sativa seeds, on the other hand, are smaller, round and with little or without stripes.

However, consider that most of the species on the market are hybrid. It is why seeds can have mixed characteristics and not 100% reflect this difference – even if they tend more to one genetics rather than another.

That being said, we know that the main inequalities between indica and sativa are noticed during the stem and flowers growth.

But be careful: here we are explaining the potential of marijuana seeds and the characteristics of the various strains. However, we advise you against planting seeds. European law strictly prohibits the germination of THC marijuana seeds (i.e. classic marijuana, not CBD). Depending on the size of the cultivation, growing these seeds is considered a criminal or administrative offence. For this reason, our online shop only sells autoflowering and/or feminized collectable seeds.

The differences between the cannabis indica and the cannabis Sativa plants

The stem of cannabis indica, or Indian hemp, grows slower than the sativa plants. However, at the opposite, it blooms faster than its “sister”.

The differences between the two species are clear from the stem characteristics:

  • Cannabis Indica plant: its stem has a shape that looks like a small Christmas tree, and develops large and short, decidedly squat marijuana leaves. Besides, its height rarely exceeds 150 centimetres if grown outdoors (slightly lower if grown indoors).
  • Cannabis Sativa plant: its structure is slenderer than the indica, so much so that it can reach up to about 5 meters if grown outdoors in favourable conditions (it will not be as tall if it grows indoors). Also, it has a candelabrum structure and very long and tapered leaves.

These characteristics are less accentuated in hybrid strains. Still, it is possible to note, from the features of the plant, if a variety of marijuana has specific genetic-characteristics that tend more to the indica rather than the sativa and vice versa.

Let us now look at the flowers and effects of the two species.

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Flowers and effects of Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis indica

Generally, the indica plants generate cannabis flowers (also called buds) that grow in clusters around the nodes of the branches and stem. These flowers are very close to each other. The cannabis sativa buds, on the other hand, tend to grow all along the branches and are larger than those of indica.

Cannabis indica flowers usually have extremely relaxing effects, sometimes anticipated by a short spurt of euphoria, especially in hybrid varieties. However, the sativa inflorescences typically stimulate a burst of intense laughter and energy and often increase the creative talents of those who hire them.

For these reasons, the indica varieties (or most indica genetics) are often appreciated by those who need relief from physical pain and/or relaxation. Also, some marijuana connoisseurs say that the sativa is perfect against anxiety, depression or, more generally, moments of sadness.

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