Outdoor autoflowering seeds: when to choose them and why they are used.


Modified on: 27/05/2020

Everything you need to know about outdoor cannabis seeds.

We know that outdoor culture, that is, outdoors, can seem much more straightforward than indoors, because it requires less work and controls. Of course, with favourable timing and environmental conditions, an excellent harvest can be obtained from the hemp seeds planted.

But why choose the auto-flowering variety? Here, on SensorySeeds, we want to inform our customers better, to make a choice adapted to their tastes. With the rigorous selection of hemp seeds in our shop, you can get excellent auto-flowering plants outdoors and indoors.

hemp seeds for outdoor cultivation

But now specify the characteristics of auto-flowering seeds and when and why to choose them.

Autoflowering seeds: what are they?

Thanks to a cross between the Indica or Sativa varieties with Ruderalis, it has been possible to obtain marijuana seeds for auto-flowering over the years.

With hybridization between different species of cannabis plants, it was possible to obtain a variety from which to get a quality crop, with an excellent level of cannabinoids and rapid germination and flowering.

One of the significant advantages is that these seeds bloom without depending on exposure to daily light, to which are subjected the commonly defined “regular” seeds.

As a result, these cannabis seeds offer year-round harvests with remarkably short time frames. Generally, it can take up to 10 weeks to harvest.

Moreover, although they adapt to temperate climates, they seem resistant even to cold temperatures, to allow plants to flower in different places. They are also more resistant to possible attacks of fungi or parasites.

Therefore, it is clear that even beginner growers or those who wish to obtain more crops in a single cycle can easily enjoy all these benefits derived from auto-flowering seeds to be grown outdoors.

You will love our selection of auto-flowering cannabis seeds for variety and quality, come to our shop to find the marijuana plant that best suits your tastes. We make fast expeditions throughout Italy, specialized in keeping the seeds safe and keeping them long term without losing their characteristics.

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Why choose outdoor culture?

cannabis seeds for outdoor cultivation

Many growers prefer outdoor cultivation of auto-flowering seeds, as this requires less attention and care than regular seeds to grow indoors.

Outdoor cultivation offers advantages that indoor gardening does not allow on the contrary. First of all, planting your cannabis seeds outdoors will enable you to enjoy unlimited spaces, allowing you to optimize the yield of the chosen auto-flowering seeds.

Of course, a good culture involves managing several factors to grow the crop well. First of all, special attention must be paid to the chosen environment, even if the auto-flowering variety, thanks to the Ruderalis genetics, resists any climatic adversity.

Generally, we recommend that you opt for the summer months, which promote germination and consequent flowering, without having to worry about the hours of light needed to grow your crop.

We also recommend paying attention to water: you should water the plants frequently, but without leaving them thoroughly moist. All of this will simply be useful in promoting oxygenation and meeting the moisture levels required by Marijuana seeds.

Once the shoots change colour, you can then move on to the long-awaited time of collection.

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What are the best varieties?

At Sensory Seeds, we offer a wide range of seeds and auto-flowering feminized, for those who wish to obtain female plants with a 99.9% chance.

Among the auto-flowering hemp seeds preferred by our customers, we cannot fail to mention the famous Godzilla Glue Auto.

It is a hybrid obtained from two types of American cannabis, the cross of which generates cannabis with a pleasant taste, and with a remarkable amount of resin.

The plant reaches a medium height and requires a lot of care during the first phase of growth, to allow it to grow correctly and to obtain a crop that varies from 50 to 350 grams per plant if it is grown outdoors.

Another variety with a particular tangerine aroma is Orange Blossom. To enjoy all the benefits of one of the best auto-flowering feminized seed varieties, currently available at our Sensory Seeds store, we recommend that you pay attention to the initial phase of its life cycle, and especially not to stress the plant.

If you pay proper attention to the hemp seeds planted, you can get 50/300 grams of harvest through outdoor cultivation. Finally, among the auto-flowering hybrids most appreciated by our customers, we have the Lebron Haze. Of course, it comes from the Haze family with the addition of Lemon Thai.

The result is lemon-flavoured cannabis, from which to obtain huge amounts of resin. Besides, this variety is straightforward to grow because it does not require extreme care. It is one of the fast-growing auto-flowering feminized plants that offer 40/250 grams per plant outdoors.

In conclusion

Choosing the variety of auto-flowering seeds that best suits your tastes is the first step to start growing a bountiful and quality crop.

As we have seen, the genetics of auto-flowering plants are such that they are more resistant to different weather conditions and parasites. Moreover, not dependent on the photoperiod, they facilitate the work of the grower.

For this reason, Sensory Seeds provides detailed descriptions of all cannabis seeds on the store, so to offer the best customers service.