Quick outdoor autoflowering seeds: 5 things you need to know to avoid nasty surprises.


Modified on: 27/05/2020

Here are some tips on fast autoflowering outdoor seeds.

Even though auto-flowering seeds have the Ruderalis Genetics on their side, making them resistant to cold and all pests and fungi, it is essential to know the procedures to follow for a correct outdoor culture. These are necessary steps if you want to make the most of a quick and straightforward variety to grow, from which you can get even more crops in a single cycle.

Sensory Seeds, a company specializing in the marketing of cannabis seeds, has been working for years to offer its customers a more varied choice of marijuana seeds, carefully selected to prove themselves qualitatively excellent and competitively priced. Everyone will be able to buy the variety of marijuana seeds they prefer: from fast-growing ones to popular auto-flowering plants.

Outdoor culture: what is the first step?

outdoor culture of cannabis seeds

A general rule, in fact, not to be relegated only to outdoor cultivation, concerns the type of hemp seeds purchased.

Regardless of the variety of marijuana seeds, whether they are regular, feminized or auto-flowering, they must be of good quality. For this reason, we recommend that you rely exclusively on companies, such as our Sensory Seeds, which offer certified cannabis seeds that are not treated with additives or chemicals.

By doing so, you can be sure to plant and then obtain crops not only with excellent yield, but resistant, and of unquestionable quality.

How to choose the terrain?

We recommend carefully choosing the soil in which to plant the selected auto-flowering seeds and, therefore, also the pot.

First of all, it would be better to use a pot large enough that it can help the whole growth of the plant. Usually, you opt for 7/15 litre varieties, as it is strongly discouraged to replant auto-flowering varieties during the early stages of growth, so as not to stress them out.

Subsequently, to accelerate the development of the roots, the seeds must be planted in an airy soil and fertilized with organic products, to accentuate the aroma and smell of the future harvest.

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How to water the seeds properly?

When you’re focusing on auto-flowering plants, you should also pay attention to the amount of water that is ideal for sprouting the seeds but don’t stress the plant’s roots.

It is a practice that varies according to the climate and the environment in which the seed is growing. However, in general, it is good to maintain a constant humidity. It means that to allow oxygenation, the plant should never be left entirely wet.

constant humidity for hemp seeds

Water is also essential when using fertilizers. A little before harvest, it is best to wash the plant with clean water, to eliminate any trace.

How to harvest?

Once the hemp seeds have opened, and that the plants have grown to give buds which have changed colour, they are ready to be harvested.

Usually, the collection of the auto-flowering variety already takes place 70/80 days after sowing, making the process much faster than the growth of regular species.

Once the plant is cut, it would be best to let it dry in a place without light but well ventilated, to retain the active ingredients, aroma, and smell of your crop.

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Harmful and bacteria: can they be a problem?

When it comes to growing cannabis seeds, it often does not reflect the fact that they are living organisms. For this reason, they need care and attention to reap the full benefits.

As for the outdoor cultivation of auto-flowering varieties, we know that they are more resistant species than photoperiodic ones.

Despite this, outdoor cultivation makes it more challenging to control climatic and environmental conditions, so it is always good to keep the soil clean and maintain constant moisture levels.

It is only by caring about your harvest, even if auto-flowering seeds grow faster and, in principle, are easier to grow, can you achieve the desired results.

In conclusion

After understanding the five necessary steps for proper cultivation of your auto-flowering cannabis seeds, anyone can devote themselves to harvesting without worrying too much about it.

We recommend that you carefully select the auto-flowering variety, depending on your tastes, and the harvest you want to get. Typically, these species perform less than regular hemp seed varieties. Although by accelerating growth, several crops can be harvested in a single cycle.

On the SensorySeeds shop, we offer a wide selection of feminized plants with auto-flowering and auto-flowering of your choice, delivering the product purchased on the same day, so that you can immediately benefit from the selected seeds.

From the famous Godzilla Glue to Lebron Haze, your harvest can be not only abundant and quality, but also in terms of flavour and smell.

For example, our Lebron Haze seeds comes from a hybridization specifically designed to obtain a lemon and cedar flavour, getting about 40/250 grams per plant if grown outdoors.