Peeled off cannabis seeds: what is it, and what are they useful for?


Modified on: 27/04/2022

Here are the uses of peeled marijuana seeds

We often hear about shelled hemp seeds, but what are they? And most importantly, what are their advantages?

For the uninitiated, they are readily available in organic food stores, as they are rich in vitamins and minerals, and provide the amount of “good” fats necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

At SensorySeeds, we have been active for years in the marketing of quality cannabis seeds; we provide you with the necessary information about shelled hemp seeds and the beneficial properties that result from their consumption.

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peeled marijuana seeds

What are shelled-hemp-seeds? How do you get them?

Shelled cannabis seeds are conventional seeds obtained from Sativa hemp plants. To be more precise, they come from a particular variety, i.e. the main species from which food products are derived.

Once cleaned and deprived of the outer shell, only its softer interior with a hazelnut aroma will be used. This type of seed is also defined as “hearts” because the outer shell is too hard, and with an unpleasant flavour and, therefore, only the internal seed will be extracted, rich in nutrients that meet your daily protein needs.

They are little known here in France, but in reality, they are seeds in terms of the nutritional values to be taken daily, and they are natural products and do not change the active ingredients of the hemp plant from which they are derived.

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Shelled hemp seeds: beneficial properties

Shelled hemp seeds are plant foods with many desirable properties when taken regularly and correctly. They are commonly consumed in Eastern countries, as a simple contribution for a balanced diet, or, simply, as a dietary supplement.

It should be noted that these seeds do not contain THC: an active ingredient responsible for the psychotropic effects caused by the consumption of Cannabis. Shelled marijuana seeds are mainly used because they are a perfect source of protein, vitamins and minerals.

As for the fats contained in this specific type of cannabis seeds, they are mostly unsaturated. These are omega 3 and omega 6, fats that, as we know, are very good for your health.

Those who consume them appreciate them above all because they have an optimal amount of good fats. The ones recommended by each nutritionist, to activate the metabolism, and ensure the perfect functioning of the body.

Taking shelled cannabis seeds, therefore, means helping and strengthening your immune and nervous system. Plus, it’s a great food to eat if you’re playing sports and if you’re on vegetarian/vegan diets.

They appear to be an excellent prevention against cardiovascular disease, and, thanks to the presence of vitamin E, fulfil an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory function. Regular use of cannabis seeds, characterized by high fibre content, could also be a useful remedy to combat constipation cases.

hemp seeds remedy constipation

Several studies on the primary nutrients that contain shelled hemp seeds have shown that they also bring benefits to the skin, giving it greater elasticity, and solving problems related to dry and dehydrated skin types.

Finally, these are foods that can be eaten if you want to lose weight, as they increase the feeling of satiety, and act to reduce the desire for sugars.

In conclusion, it is clear that consumption, and therefore, the production of shelled hemp seeds, has increased gradually in recent years. The natural foods and free of excessive processing, are also rich in health benefits to your body.

Do the peeled-off seeds have contraindications?

At SensorySeeds are aware of the little information circulated about cannabis varieties, seeds, and the effects they can cause to their well-being -physical and mental being.

For this reason, we try to investigate the topics that are of most interest to consumers and on our shop, we offer an exclusive selection of quality products at competitive prices. All this to allow everyone to benefit from natural products rich in positive properties such as cannabis seeds.

It should be noted that, in principle, the consumption of such seeds does not lead to contraindications. We recall that the seeds extracted from the varieties of Sativa hemp have nothing to do with THC, and the effects it induces at the psychic level.

The only contraindications found could be a possible sensitivity to the nutrients contained in the seeds themselves. These are much rarer cases, but the main advice is not to continue if small problems arise. As is well known, it is always necessary to select quality products, whose origin and processing are specified.

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In conclusion

Attention should be paid to the preservation of shelled hemp seeds and, in particular, it is essential not to expose them to high-temperature changes.

SensorySeeds, a company aware of the potential of cannabis seeds that are currently still underestimated as for the Cannabis plant, has always sought the best varieties of seeds, to satisfy the needs of its customers fully.

We invite you to visit our online site, where you can supply you with different varieties of marijuana seeds, from the most edible to the most cultivable.