What pot size should you have for an auto-flowering plant?

The size of the pot for an autoflowering hemp plant.

Modified on: 20/09/2022

How to choose the best container for auto-flowering hemp plants

Choosing the perfect container for hemp cultivation is not a matter of course and should not be left to chance, but it is a detail that can significantly influence plant growth in many ways.

It is valid for all cannabis plants, whether from auto-flowering seeds or photo-dependent species.

But how do you make the right choice?

This article would like to clarify matters for all hemp enthusiasts who have often wondered what size pot an auto-flowering plant should have.

In the following, we will explain what the most experienced hemp growers consider the most important considerations so that nothing is left to chance.

Let’s start.

19 cm terracotta vase

How big a pot should an auto-flowering plant be?

As you probably already know, plants grown from auto-flowering cannabis seeds have entirely unique characteristics to more ‘traditional’ hemp genetics.

They grow quickly and flower within a specific time frame, regardless of light and dark cycles.

Considering that these are ‘special’ plants, it is fair to ask whether they might have different needs than plants grown from photo-dependent marijuana seeds.

For example, what size pot should an auto-flowering plant have?

The choice of pot size depends on several factors.

Pot growers who need to grow many plants in a small space, such as dwarf auto-flowering plants, prefer to work with 6.5 to 8.5-litre pots; those who have a lot more space available, on the other hand, choose larger containers (11-litre pots are very popular).

As a rule, however, pots more significant than 15 litres should be avoided, both because they are bulkier and because part of the growing medium inside them would remain unused, encouraging waterlogging.

Furthermore, bear in mind that farmers who choose larger pots usually expect their plants to grow tall and voluminous; those who prefer smaller pots know that their plants will be much smaller.

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Why is it essential to choose suitable-size pots?

Choosing the containers that will house your hemp plants wisely is critical to ensure their optimal development.

More specifically, it is essential to bear in mind that hemp has the characteristic of developing particularly long and dense roots; and this applies to all species: to those born from feminised seeds, auto-flowering, etc. Therefore, pots that are too small will cause the plants to develop too quickly.

It applies to all species: those grown from feminised seeds, auto-flowering seeds, etc. Pots that are too small would limit the growth of the roots and their ability to provide the plants with all the nutrients they need. And that’s not all. Growing cannabis plants in a small, constricting container would encourage a particularly harmful phenomenon: root entanglement.

A good compromise is the size of an 11-litre pot: ideal for optimising indoor cultivation space and giving the hemp roots plenty of room to develop.

Filling the vessels

What else is there to know? Clarification of materials and characteristics

When hemp growers choose pots for their plantation, they naturally rely on their size.

Another characteristic that should not be overlooked is the ability of the pot to drain excess liquid.

If you use plastic or terracotta pots, you should ensure that they have holes in the bottom so that excess water can drain away when watering.

Alternatively, you can use fabric pots, which are naturally breathable and perfect for ensuring adequate oxygenation of the roots.

If you choose to use pots without air holes, this will encourage the formation of root rot, which is highly harmful to plants and often leads to their death.

Finally, before using any type of pot, you should make sure that it is immaculate and free of potentially harmful substances (even if it has just been purchased).

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In conclusion

As we have seen, there is no single standard size when it comes to pots for cannabis cultivation.

In indoor cultivation, where space is limited, it may make sense to use smaller pots; larger containers may be used in a greenhouse or outdoor cultivation.

All of this, of course, always bear in mind that too small pots will prevent the roots from developing correctly and that too large pots can lead to waterlogging.

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