Seed banks: what they are, purpose and curiosity

Seed banks what are they, what is their purpose?

Modified on: 20/09/2022

Find out what seed banks are, why they were created and some interesting facts about hemp seed banks

If you read any of the articles on our blog or any other source, you will probably have come across the mention of seed banks several times.

But what are these ‘structures’ in practice?

What is their purpose?

How can you distinguish the best ones?

If you continue reading this short article, you will be able to satisfy all your curiosity on the subject and find out more about marijuana seed banks.

Let’s get started.

Mixed seeds

What are seed banks?

A seed bank (also known as a germplasm bank) is a repository in which the seeds of the best genetics of many plant species are stored.

But not only that, in some weed seed banks, seeds are also planted and cultivated so that new selected seeds are always available for distribution.

We are talking about seed banks, which aim to exchange and safeguard seeds to preserve biological varieties, both for food reasons and to ensure that many precious plants do not risk disappearing irretrievably.

Feminized seed banks usually interact by exchanging seeds from different parts of the world (therefore they are also called ‘seed libraries’). Besides, they often participate in projects aimed at the survival of certain plant species in the original location (i.e., in their original environment).

Today, there are more than a thousand seed banks globally, each of which decides which species to focus on according to its mission.

Some specialized in flowers, those that collect cereal seeds, those that only deal with vegetable seeds, and then the seed banks collect the best cannabis seed genetics.

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Interesting fact: where is the world seed bank located?

In the Svalbard Islands (in Norway), about a thousand kilometers from the North Pole, is the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, a huge vault overlooked by glaciers.

It is where hundreds of miles of seeds from all over the world are stored, armored and preserved at -18 °C so that they can survive for up to twenty thousand years.

The purpose of this bunker is to protect everything that can be planted from every imaginable catastrophe (wars, cataclysms, etc.) and everything essential to preserve the earth’s biodiversity.

In short, the World Seed Bank does not protect money, works of art or diamonds, but the world’s most diverse seed genetics: a far more precious treasure!

Hemp seed bank: characteristics of the best one

Among the many seed banks around the world, some deal exclusively with marijuana seeds. There are American, Spanish, Californian and, for a few years, also our country seed banks.

But which are the best in this field?

A good germplasm bank is a structure in which new superior varieties are created periodically, starting with the best pre-existing cannabis genetics.

Bsf seeds bank

In this sense, BSF Seeds, a Spanish-American seed bank, excels. It produces hemp varieties that are always innovative and unique, born after many years of research.

As the bank’s name already suggests, the seeds collected and distributed by BSF Seeds are big, strong and produce fast-growing plants (BSF stands for bigger, stronger and faster).

BSF cannabis seed genetics have been selected to satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs. It is no coincidence that their quality has been recognized and rewarded internationally at various competitions (Maua Green Cup, Cannaseur Cup, etc.).

It is why our company, SensorySeeds, decided to work with them.

Feminized seeds, fast-flowering and innovative auto-flower seeds BSF meet the highest quality standards: grown according to a strict phytosanitary protocol, hand-picked and carefully selected by specialized specialists operators, and then vacuum-packed.

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In conclusion

Now, you should have a clearer idea of the role of seed banks.

These are fundamental structures that preserve the existence of the best genetics of many plant species and constantly strive to create better ones.

The BSF Seeds Bank excels in the cannabis sector and you can buy its excellent seeds at SensorySeeds.

We want to remind you that it is possible to buy marijuana seeds for collecting purposes in our country, but their cultivation is prohibited. If you live elsewhere, find out what the current local laws are.

Visit our fast growing weed seeds shop today and buy the best weed seeds in the world.

We are waiting for you!