Auto-flowering plants and pre-flowering: when to start and how to behave?

How to behave during the pre-flowering of autoflowers

Modified on: 04/06/2021

When does the pre-flowering phase of autoflowering cannabis occur, and how do growers behave?

For those who grow auto flower seeds, the most exciting phases are definitely the germination of the seeds and the pre-flowering phase of the auto-flowering plants. The two stages in which the marijuana seedlings start to appear!

The first sprouts confirm that there is life in the seeds and that the first phase has gone well, while the beginning of flowering confirms that all the efforts made by the grower are translating into results.

Sure, for experienced growers, these stages may be trivial by now. But, for someone just starting to grow their cannabis seeds, seeing the seedlings ripen for the first time is a one-of-a-kind experience.

But when does the pre-flowering phase of auto-flowering plants begin? How should the farmer behave during this particular stage?

Today we want to answer these questions precisely… remembering that it is not allowed to grow cannabis in the UK. This behavior constitutes a criminal offence or an administrative offence depending on the case.

We, therefore, suggest that you use the following lines for information purposes only, without putting into practice what you will read.

If, on the other hand, you have moved to a country where it is possible to grow weed for personal use … Then so be it!

When does auto-flowering pre-blooming take place?

Autoflowering cannabis in the pre-flowering phase

As you probably know, an auto-flowering plant goes through the same growth stages as a regular plant, albeit in a much shorter time. Those who plant auto flower seeds don’t have to wait for almost a year from germination to harvest, but only 2 or 3 months!

Not surprisingly, the seeds of this type are much more in demand than the regular ones, considering that the best ones (such as the auto flower seeds bsf) are both automatic and feminized seeds bsf.

The pre-flowering phase of auto-flowering plants occurs when the vegetative phase, which is the most intense growth phase, is about to come to an end. Usually, cannabis plants reach this stage around week 5 or 6 of their growth and achieve the complete flowering phase over weeks… But each species is different and could lead to a longer waiting time!

Regardless of the timing, marijuana in this particular stage has a vital need for attention, care, and nutrients. Growers cannot fully relax because if they neglect the seedlings during this time, they risk losing the entire crop!

For this reason, they must know perfectly when the seedlings are starting to bloom (and know, in detail, which treatment to reserve for cannabis so that the growth and ripening of the flowers can proceed in the right direction).

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How do you know when auto-flowering cannabis is going through the pre-flowering phase?

Recognizing a pre-flowering plant is a lot easier than you might think. During these weeks that cannabis begins to produce a large number of leaves and manifest its sexual characteristics.

These characters can be found in the areas between the stem and the branches (called, surprisingly, armpits!).

Although the best seed banks — such as BSF Seeds — only produce feminized seeds, plants that are almost undoubtedly female, it is good to know the difference between female and male pre-flowering.

Female auto-flowering marijuana and its pre-flowering phase

Female autoflowering pre-flowering

On a cannabis plant in the pre-flowering stage, small buds begin to grow, which are, as we anticipated, located in the spaces between the stem and the base of the branches.

These buds are covered with long, thin and white hairs: these are the pistils, or the female parts of the plant which, when they come into contact with the pollen of a male plant, give rise to marijuana seeds.

Pre-flowering of the male marijuana plant

The male plant has distinctly different flowers than those of female marijuana. Specifically, the male pre-flowers are configured as small clusters similar to banana caps.

Once mature, the small bags open to allow the pollen to escape and the female plants to be fertilized.

A male plant is usually eliminated to prevent it from compromising the harvest of female flowers … Conversely, when a female cannabis plant begins the flowering phase, it is time to adopt a behaviour aimed at the correct ripening of the buds.

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What do growers do when auto-flowering plants start flowering?

Experienced growers know how to take care of pre-flowering cannabis plants, during which the foliage thickens, the first buds begin to sprout, and the stem becomes stronger as it prepares for the weight of the inflorescences!

In this period, the plants consume a lot of energy and need proper humidity and a good dose of nutrients, to bring about the flowers’ ripening successfully.

Specifically, here are the needs of auto-flowering plants during this particular growth phase:

  • Relative humidity of 45%
  • A daytime temperature of 20-23 ¬∞ C and night temperature of 15-18 ¬∞ C.
  • Folic acid to promote flower growth
  • (Possibly) nitrogen if the soil is deficient

Furthermore, farmers tend to carry the leaves without exaggerating and supporting the stem and branches by tying to supports them. By doing this, damage to the marijuana plants is avoided, and flawless flowering is achieved.

In conclusion

We hope you enjoyed this article and helped clear up your doubts about the auto-flowering pre-flowering phase!

However, remember that in the UK, it is not allowed to grow marijuana, neither for therapeutic nor recreational use … But, at least, it is allowed to buy cannabis seeds online for collecting!

Buy them now at our Sensoryseeds online store. We are waiting for you!