Red marijuana: characteristics and effects of this variety

Red marijuana: characteristics and effects of this variety

Published on: 14/01/2024


The surprising chromatic variability of marijuana has always fascinated enthusiasts and experts in the sector.

Among the many shades, the one that most captures attention is undoubtedly red marijuana . This particular variety, emerging from an ad hoc genetic selection, not only stands out for its distinctive shade, but also for its unique characteristics and effects.

While most people think of the usual green-colored strains when they hear of common cannabis, few are truly aware of the depth and complexity of ‘ Red Critical ‘, the red marijuana par excellence.

In the following article, we will delve into the heart of this variety, exploring its origins, its peculiarities and the effects it has on the human body. But first, a quick look at the color palette that can be observed in the world of marijuana.

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Red marijuana

In marijuana, red flowers are not that rare, but buds and leaves of this color are decidedly less common.

Red cannabis is a genetically selected plant and is born from the combination of three types of varieties: ruderalis, indica and sativa . Red Critical , in particular, is best known for its hybrid effects, which simultaneously offer great relief to the body and mind, and is known for its intoxicating aroma.

There are also some varieties with beautiful shades of pink, such as Predator Pink, or Pink Kush with reflections almost tending towards fuchsia. These are Indica-dominant hybrids with powerful effects on the body, known for their ability to counteract the sensation of pain , insomnia and loss of appetite.

Red marijuana

Orange and yellow marijuana

Carotenoids produce the warm hues found in many vegetables, such as carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, pumpkins and tomatoes. and, when present in cannabis, they can give the plant interesting yellow, gold and orange citrus shades . To obtain these colors more alkaline conditions are needed, i.e. a pH tending towards basic, and the shades mentioned above tend to emerge naturally at the end of the flowering phase.

Orange, as a rule, mainly affects the flowers and buds, as in the case of the Agent Orange, Orange Blossom or Tangerine Dream varieties. These are known for their fresh-cut citrus aromas and are considered excellent mood boosters.

Moving on, however, to the varieties tending towards yellow, these can take on this color following the presence of molecules such as beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein and zeaxanthin, among the over 750 carotenoids identified to date that the body can convert into vitamin A. Many flavonoids are also yellow and can affect the colors of cannabis.

Yellow varieties include Lemon Haze , Golden Lemon and Strawberry Banana. Known for their sweet, citrusy aromas and high THC content, they are said to stimulate a calm, positive mood and sharpen creativity and sensory awareness.

Green marijuana

Green is the predominant color of most flowering plants, including cannabis, thanks to the presence of chlorophyll . Plant tissues often have so much of it that their green color masks the presence of other pigments.

Blue marijuana

Blue-tinged cannabis flowers have a high anthocyanin content and are among the most visually beautiful.

All types of marijuana of this color descend from Blueberry (a term chosen to recall the blueberry fruit), selected in Amsterdam in the seventies. The most popular strains among these are Blue Haze, Blue Mystic and Blue Cheese.

These Indica-dominant strains are known for their stoned effects and are sought after for relaxation and relief from muscle spasms, pain or stress.

Indigo marijuana

There are some rare varieties that are such a dark indigo that they appear almost black. The origin of these genetics can be traced back to Vietnamese strains, such as Vietnamese Black . Other hybrid strains, such as Black Willy and Black Tuna, share both distinctive buds and ebony leaves.

Purple marijuana

Purple cannabis strains are probably the most popular, such as Granddaddy Purple, Purple Haze and Purple Urkle. These types of marijuana, unlike traditional green cannabis, tend to be fruitier, due to the high number of anthocyanins.

The Purple Orangutan (or Gorilla) has some of the strongest purple hues in the world. This predominantly indica hybrid produces lush, thick buds, covered in trichomes and purple hues.

Red Critical, the red marijuana par excellence

As we have seen, there are different varieties of cannabis, relating to color differences, each with specific characteristics and effects that make it unique compared to the others.

A clear example is red marijuana, a plant compound famous for its sedative effects , well represented by the red par excellence: the cannabis Red Critical .

This is, as we have already seen at the beginning, a plant specially selected through the crossing of different types of marijuana , that is, it was created from the union of three genera of cannabis: ruderalis, indica and sativa.

During maturation, the plants take on a purplish or reddish color with very dark tones, a phenomenon that mainly affects the buds and, in part, also the leaves. This dynamic manifests itself in approximately 4 out of 5 plants .

After harvesting and after being dried, the inflorescences take on an even darker shade, even turning towards purple , with blackish tones.

In addition, the influence of the genetic heritage of ruderalis which ensures that Red Critical cannabis has a flowering phase independent of the day-night cycle , remaining stable during all growth phases, a characteristic that makes it rightfully included in the list of autoflowering.

Another well-known and loved aspect of Red is its scent, one of the most typical factors and therefore useful for recognizing it from other similar varieties that try to imitate its olfactory impact. The smell of the Red Critical marijuana is absolutely inimitable, the hint of fruit combines perfectly with that of musk and its relaxing effects make it extremely difficult to confuse it with other types of cannabis for those who know this fragrance well.

An overview of the effects of red marijuana

An overview of the effects of red marijuana

Red marijuana is well known for its hybrid effects, which simultaneously offer great relief to the body and mind.

It does not have such a high level of THC as to risk true states of semi-catatonia or moments of alteration, but it certainly offers a lasting sensation of relaxation and can help stimulate rest and sleep.

Those who use it testify that they experience, first of all, the sensation of being hit by a wave of lightness and relief , feeling their muscles slowly melt and relax completely. Many say it offers a feeling of well-being that affects both the body and the mind, helping those who try it to let go of all the negative thoughts and stress accumulated during the day.

Red marijuana is often sought after not only by those dealing with anxiety or stress issues, but also by those hoping to treat more serious situations such as chronic pain, arthritis, tremors, or spasms.

All this lasts about a couple of hours , in which you experience total relaxation which obviously diminishes as the effects of Red Critical leave the body.

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In conclusion

Red marijuana, a variant of which the best-known type is known as the marijuana Red Critical , is a genetically selected variety that stands out for its purplish or reddish color during flowering.

This extremely rare plant offers dark red buds  with blackish hues when dried and stands out for its distinctive scent, which combines fruity and musky notes, and for its hybrid effects that soothe both body and mind.

Those who have tried it claim to have experienced a lasting sense of relaxation , even on a muscular level. Therefore, this strain is often sought after by those who want to find something that can provide relief from stress, anxiety, chronic pain, arthritis, tremors or spasms.

Despite all this, we remind our readers that in the UK the consumption of cannabis of any kind is still prohibited by law . Therefore the information offered in this article should be considered for informational purposes only. This, however, does not mean that, if you are a fan of this field, you cannot get your hands on the Red Critical . Or rather, on its seeds.

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  • Cannabis has a surprising variety of colors, including green, red, yellow, blue, indigo, and purple, each with unique characteristics.
  • Red marijuana, like Red Critical, is the result of genetic selection that combines three types of cannabis strains: ruderalis, indica and sativa.
  • Red Critical is known for its hybrid effects, which offer relief to both body and mind. Although it does not have a high level of THC, it induces a long-lasting feeling of relaxation.
  • Red Critical has an unmistakable scent that combines fruity and musky notes, making it easily recognizable compared to other strains.
  • Cannabis strains with different colors, such as orange, yellow, blue, indigo and purple, offer specific aromas and effects, for example, mood-boosting or relaxing, depending on the shades and compounds present .


What is red marijuana?

Red marijuana is a genetically selected variety of cannabis, characterized by red or purplish buds and leaves. This strain is known for its hybrid effects and intoxicating aroma.

How many different colors of marijuana are there?

There are several varieties of cannabis with different colors, including red marijuana, orange and yellow marijuana, blue marijuana, indigo marijuana, and purple marijuana. Each strain has unique characteristics and effects.

What are the effects of red marijuana?

Red marijuana is known for its hybrid effects that offer relief to the body and mind. It doesn’t have a high level of THC, but it offers long-lasting relaxation, can stimulate sleep, and help treat conditions like anxiety, stress, and chronic pain.