Collectable seeds for sale: here’s where to buy them

Find a reliable store to buy quality tested collectible seeds.

Modified on: 20/09/2022

Are you looking for collectable seeds and would like to find a reliable store where you can buy quality-tested products? Here you will find the solution

If you love collecting cannabis seeds, chances are you are seeking products from the best genetics and would like to find a reliable store with which you can be sure of receiving only large, solid and live seeds.

Unfortunately, this is by no means a foregone conclusion, but when it comes to ordering these kinds of items, nasty surprises are the order of the day; many cannabis enthusiasts receive dead seeds, mouldy or even crushed!

In our SensorySeeds shop, which specialises in the sale of collectable seeds, you can choose from a wide range of products that have been carefully selected for their size, strength, and speed: BSF seeds.

The following blog will show you some auto-flowering, feminized and fast collectable seeds and explain the difference between collectable and certified seeds.

Let’s start.

Buy collectible seeds online

The ideal requirements of a shop specialising in the sale of collectable seeds

The cannabis sector is very specialised; the laws regarding the purchase and consumption of cannabis products are constantly changing, so finding reliable specialised shops can be complicated.

Concerning the sale of collectable seeds, for example, there is little clarity.

What are the proper criteria for finding the ideal store?

Indeed, if you are a collector, you should go to a shop that allows you to choose from much different genetics of marijuana seeds.

Secondly, you must go with a seller who can give you guarantees about their quality.

At, for example, you will only find top-notch Californian strains selected together with BSF Seeds for size, strength and flowering speed.

BSF is short for “Bigger, Stronger and Faster”!

If you go to a store that does not meet these requirements, you risk receiving poor quality (or even dead) seeds or seeds from genetics that are of little interest to collectors.

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Are collectable seeds the same as certified ones?

Before showing you some collectable seeds you can find for sale in our SensorySeeds online shop, we want to answer many people’s questions: are collectable seeds the same as certified seeds?

The answer is no.

Collectable cannabis seeds, like the ones you find for sale in our store, can be legally purchased but cannot be cultivated.

The reason is simple: the seeds themselves do not contain THC. However, germinating can give rise to plants with a high tetrahydrocannabinol content (a psychotropic cannabinoid illegal in Italy).

Certified cannabis seeds, however, are those with an EU label, belonging to hemp varieties with a low THC level and which may therefore be cultivated, but only with prior authorisation.

Fast flowering seeds

Collectable auto-flowering, fast and feminised seeds for sale: discover them at SensorySeeds

As we mentioned earlier, if you’re looking to buy your following collectable seeds from our SensorySeeds shop, you’ll be able to choose from a wide selection of top quality products.

To make browsing easier for our customers, we have divided the articles into three macro-categories: auto-flowering seeds, feminised seeds and fast flowering seeds.

  • In the auto-flowering seeds category, you will find nine proposals, including Gelato XXL, Gorilla Glue and Orange Blossom;
  • in the feminised seeds’ category, you will find ten varieties, among them Mango Juice, Darth Haze and Rainbows;
  • In the fast flowering seeds category, there are four collectable marijuana seeds products. Among them are El Gaucho and OBK Kush.

In addition to these, there is also a cannabis seed kit section. You can currently find five kits in our store, each of which contains a combination of four different qualities of seeds: a perfect option for collecting more products in one go!

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To conclude

Suppose you are looking for feminized seeds, fast flowering seeds or dwarf auto-flowering seeds to complete your collection. In that case, you can find many products in our SensorySeeds online store that has been tested and selected for quality, strength, and size.

Choose the items you prefer and receive them directly at home in no time.

We are waiting for you!