Greenhouse seed growing: pros and cons for cannabis

Find out the advantages and disadvantages of growing cannabis seeds in a greenhouse

Modified on: 20/09/2022

Find out the pros and cons of growing marijuana seeds in a greenhouse (greenhouse method)

Recently, the cannabis market has grown enormously.

Hemp is cultivated for industrial use, for research and use in the pharmaceutical sector, and for making many products for personal use.

Greenhouse cultivation is a method that is halfway between indoor and outdoor cultivation and allows the growth of plants to be monitored while at the same time maintaining a natural growth pattern.

But does greenhouse cultivation only have its positive sides?

Or does this method hide some problems?

Here is everything you should know about growing cannabis seeds in a greenhouse.

Greenhouse seed cultivation

Greenhouse cultivation: what does it consist of?

There are many reasons why so many cannabis growers decide to plant their marijuana seeds in a greenhouse, i.e., using the Greenhouse method. Still, they can be summarised mainly because the plants can grow protected from the weather and that natural light cycles can be maintained.

As mentioned earlier, the Greenhouse technique is a kind of synthesis of the strengths of the outdoor and indoor methods.

Indoors, the plants are heated and lit exclusively by artificial methods (which are pretty expensive). Still, you can grow any marijuana genetics regardless of the time of year, on the plus side. Also, the plants are not exposed to sudden weather.

When growing outdoors, the plants grow in sunlight, saving cannabis growers money and allowing them to produce a much better quality product. 

On the other hand, the plants are exposed to wind, rain, frost or sudden heat, and light and dark cycles cannot be regulated.

Greenhouse cultivation allows the plants to be protected by the walls of the greenhouses and enjoy the open air and the light and warmth of the sun.

To make the characteristics of this type of cultivation even clearer, we would like to start with a few basic concepts.

As you probably already know, during cannabis cultivation, the plants go through several growth phases, which can be summarised in four points:

  • germination: on average, this takes up to seven days;
  • seedling development: after the birth of the cotyledons, the plant absorbs nutrients to develop new leaves for about two weeks;
  • vegetative phase: When the plant already has several leaves, the actual development phase begins, which varies according to the genetics of the cannabis seeds chosen;
  • flowering: This is the period when the cannabis matures and flowers.

Each of these stages has different light and dark cycles, but whether you choose to use auto-flowering seeds, feminized seeds or fast flowering seeds, the timing and growing patterns for each of these periods can change.

For example, by choosing to grow auto-flowering seeds in the Greenhouse, growers won’t have to worry about seasonal weather changes because the plants will flower automatically a few weeks after germination, regardless of light and dark cycles.

However, when planting seasonal seeds in greenhouses, it is essential to pay attention to the most suitable time of year? Also, depending on the season, it may be necessary to supplement the sunlight or darken the greenhouse with covers or other systems, and the timing of flowering may vary.

Of course, just as with indoor and outdoor techniques, growing Greenhouse seeds has both pros and cons.

We will tell you about this in the next paragraph.

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Pros and cons of greenhouse hemp cultivation

There is no doubt that greenhouse cultivation can be beneficial for a wide range of reasons, and even regarding hemp cultivation, there is no shortage of positives.

But more precisely, what are the pros and cons of Greenhouse hemp cultivation?

Here is a summary.

Greenhouse cultivation of cannabis

The ‘pros’ of Greenhouse cultivation

In a way, greenhouse cultivation encompasses most of the positive aspects of both outdoor and indoor cultivation.

As with indoor cultivation, the walls of the greenhouses protect the plants from climate change and other external influences. The fact that the walls of the greenhouses are transparent and can be opened if necessary allows the plants to enjoy the light and warmth of the sun, just as in outdoor cultivation.

The ‘cons’ of Greenhouse cultivation

Greenhouse cultivation has no real drawbacks, to be honest.

However, one thing that can be pointed out is that to get the most out of it, growers must implement the right strategies to protect the plants from pests. Greenhouse cultivation protects plants from atmospheric changes, but from parasitic, viral, and bacterial attacks, it does not provide the same degree of protection as indoor cultivation.

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To conclude

As we have seen, in the world of greenhouse growing, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. It is why when hemp is in high demand, this system is doing great, whether growers decide to grow dwarf auto-flowering seeds or feminized seeds of any other genetics.

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