Auto flower cannabis seeds: tips for a perfect storage

Auto flower cannabis seeds perfect storage

Modified on: 27/04/2022

A short list of the most important things to do to keep auto flower cannabis seeds for a long time

Understanding the right conditions to ensure that their collection of auto flower seeds remains intact and that the characteristics of the seeds are preserved, is fundamental for all those who aspire to keep cannabis seeds with them as if they were old friends.

It is not an extraordinary process. Just a few useful tips are enough even for those who, living in countries where the legislation is different from ours, have the opportunity to grow weed seeds.

Sometimes, in cases like the one we’ve just mentioned, you have to store your marijuana seeds the proper way, so that you can use them later at the right time. The process is the same for those who can only collect them: here are our suggestions.

The auto-flower seeds storage in 4 steps

conservation of auto flower seeds

Keeping your marijuana seeds viable means paying particular attention to the following factors:

  • Light
  • Humidity
  • Cleanliness
  • Temperature

Let us now look at each of these 4 elements specifically.

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Auto-flowering cannabis seeds: the light

Speaking of quality, if the cannabis seeds are exposed to a little light (ambient light), there is no problem. However, it is necessary to avoid exposing them to direct sunlight.

UV rays are also problematic for the human integumentary system, especially as you can understand the effect they have on the fragility of a seed.

Paradoxically, the same fundamental factor for its healthy growth (the sun), becomes the worst enemy, as it could cause premature germination. The best thing to do is to store cannabis seeds in the dark, for example in a box inside a drawer, an almost perfect cradle for a sleeping seed.

Or almost … because of …

Moisture: the worst problem for a cannabis seed

humidity and auto flower seeds

Keeping auto flowering seeds away from light is the first step to prevent them from drying out or germinating (we remind you that in the UK this is forbidden) … but it is not the only one. There is another severe danger to take into consideration: humidity.

Even the “dark + humidity” formula could awaken the seed, even if they are the best auto flower seeds BSF, and you will have to treat them like your babies. You don’t want them to wake up screaming from hunger!?

The place where you choose to store your collection should be free of moisture to keep the seeds dry. So, silica bags can be used to “dry” the air around the seeds (before the moisture takes care of your little gems).

Auto-flowering marijuana seeds can attract unwanted guests

Making sure the place where the seed is deposited is clean is the least you can do. We apologise for the apparent banality of the information, but here on the SensorySeeds blog, we not only address experts looking for more information. We also talk to beginners.

The cleanliness of the place where the auto-flowering seeds are deposited is essential to keep away possible insects (or even mice), which would gladly take possession of your weed seeds merely because they are lying in their path.

In order not to attract them in any way, we advise you to use diatomaceous soil as a natural pesticide, to be sprinkled around the container. A perfect precaution even if you have curious animals such as cats and dogs, as this product is non-toxic.

The temperature is essential to preserve the auto flower seeds as much as possible

Another critical step in choosing where to store your seed collection, whether it is autof-lowering seeds, fast growing cannabis seeds or classic feminized seeds, is to control the temperature. Look for a cool place and keep the temperature as stable as possible.

Some people recommend keeping the seeds at 8-12°C, which, even in summer, is not exactly the temperature of the house. You may need refrigeration.

However, the most important thing is that the seeds are not placed in places where food is stored, for example. Even if the refrigerator in the house was frequently dark and disinfected, the vegetables could create moisture.

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Buy the best auto-flowering seeds from SensorySeeds

Now that you know the basics for the proper storage of auto-flowering cannabis seeds, you can take a look at the SensorySeeds catalogue.

The auto-flowering seeds offered in our shop are numerous, including :

First, we would like to reassure you that the auto-flowering seeds of our choice are of the highest quality, as they come from some of the best seed banks in the world, such as BSF Seeds.

The measures suggested in our article also apply in all cases for feminized and fast flowering seeds. Remember that (unfortunately) there are no infallible seeds. So, look for a suitable, cool, dry, clean, dark place… and make sure that the temperature is sufficiently controlled.

Think about it for a moment and when you find the right place, buy them and don’t move them from there!