Feminized cannabis seeds: characteristics and advantages over other cannabis seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds advantages

Modified on: 27/04/2022

What are feminized seeds, their origin, their characteristics and the advantages they offer compared to other cannabis seeds

Once upon a time, there was only Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis cannabis plants, born from their respective Sativa and Indica cannabis seeds. They are very similar in some respects: they are native to the southern hemisphere and grow slowly, taking advantage of all the light they can get until the end of the summer season.

The Ruderalis cannabis plant, on the other hand, has had to adapt to much less sunlight and has survived despite the difficult conditions in the northern hemisphere. Its flowering is different; it occurs several times a year and is not dependent on seasonal changes.

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As the plants born from marijuana seeds move from the vegetative state to the flowering stage, they appear majestic and produce abundant buds, rich in resin and THC.

For a long time, breeders crossed the three cannabis varieties with each other to obtain different products with the best properties of both parents. One of the most prestigious results from these studies and experiments is the process of feminisation. It is the one from which the famous feminized seeds are obtained.

Let’s go and see what it is!

Characteristics and benefits of feminized cannabis seeds

Female weed seeds are now known to have an advantage. It is also true of female cannabis plants; whose buds contain the most exciting content of the hemp plant.

feminized cannabis seeds (often called ‘Fem’) will create female cannabis plants (the probability ratio is 99%). Thanks to this exceptional feature, there will be no need to follow the development and understand the sex of the plant, having then to discard the male plants.

This type of marijuana seed was born at the end of the 1990s, precisely to eliminate the problem of having to recognise the sex of the plants, risking the birth of male plants useful for hybridisation, but not to obtain inflorescences and resin.

While at first feminized seeds could produce unstable plants with quality problems such as hermaphroditism, they have been perfected over the years. Specialists have considerably increased quality levels, and almost replaced all the regular seeds (also called “normal” seeds, they are old school favourites).

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How to create feminized seeds?

The truth is that if we have feminized seeds available today, it is thanks to watermelons.

how cannabis feminized seeds are born

But what does it mean?

For the watermelons’ production, many experiments have been done, and it was found that the feminized version of the seed produced fruit without seeds. It is the difference with regular seeds – a great revolution for the growers!

Besides, the feminized variety can be cloned from cuttings, maintaining the age and genetic composition of the mother plant. But plants that grow from seed are much more robust and do not inherit the mother plant’s vulnerability to pests and diseases.

The fundamental difference between auto flowering and feminized seeds

As we said in the previous lines, feminized marijuana seeds have the great advantage of giving birth to female plants that will produce THC-rich flowers. The benefits for growers are:

  • Convenience: a high-productive plant that will be generated from each cannabis seed.
  • Economy: there will be no problem of uprooting male plants or diverting them to other uses.

But what is the difference between feminized seeds and auto-flowering and fast growing weed seeds?

You should know that auto flower seeds are so named because they flower automatically according to the age of the plant, not the photoperiod. It happens in the same way for fast flowering cannabis seeds but in an even quicker time (sometimes even in 42 days!).

The artist’s touch, however, lies in the fact that these two types of seeds, besides the fact that they are flowering independently, are also feminized! Therefore, breeders are dealing with cannabis seeds that guarantee the birth of female plants, and that will flower automatically.

So why buy feminized seeds if these automatic varieties exist?

The answer lies in the type of production: plants generated from classic feminized seeds indeed allow a much more abundant harvest of flowers than varieties with autoflowering and rapid flowering. The plant becomes more powerful, and its buds will be richer in flowers and resin.

As a result, feminized seeds are the best product for growers who aim for an exceptional harvest in terms of number and size of flowers.

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Our conclusions

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