CBD cannabis seeds: 5 tips for recognising their top-quality

CBD cannabis seeds top quality

Modified on: 27/04/2022

Here are 5 tips to find out which marijuana seeds are top-notch

Buying marijuana seeds online, or in grow shops, on the national territory is legal, as it is an entirely THC-free product in itself but can potentially produce flowers with a high tetrahydrocannabinol content. On the other hand, CBD cannabis seeds, if grown, would have inflorescences with a THC content lower than the limit allowed by law (0.5%).

But how do you choose the right weed seeds?

At SensorySeeds, an online cannabis seed shop, we want to share with you all the knowledge we have gained about the quality of marijuana seeds: here are the 5 elements to consider when choosing top quality products.

Techniques for recognising the CBD cannabis seeds quality (or not)

high quality CBD cannabis seeds

For the novice user, as well as for long-term users, it can be challenging to obtain good marijuana seeds because these, contrary to what you might think, are in most cases not very “considered” by commercial growers.

That’s true, so let’s think before we buy, let’s focus on 5 basic things:

  • Appearance and colour
  • Size and shape
  • Integrity
  • Age
  • Flotation test

Let’s go and see them one by one!

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1) CBD and classic cannabis seeds appearance and colour

As far as appearance is concerned, seeds of a certain level have certain aesthetic qualities that distinguish them from less healthy seeds. The healthiest seeds are dark, almost brown, or even black. Immature seeds, on the other hand, are lighter in colour, such as yellow or pale green or (incredibly) you might even encounter white seeds.

Some even say that the best seeds are those with dark spots or striped patterns. We have all seen before. Besides, there should be some shine on the surface, giving the impression of a thin layer of wax.

2) Size and shape: Here are the guidelines

Another element that identifies classic, quality cannabis seeds is size and shape. The problem arises when it is possible to compare several seeds at the same time.

However, in general, the largest seeds have a round or drop shape, almost symmetrical. These are the better-quality cannabis seeds, while smaller seeds and those with an irregular shape should be avoided.

3) Seed integrity is essential

Quality legal cannabis seeds (and the same goes for traditional weed seeds) have a hard outer shell with a smooth, never cracked surface. Those with soft textures that ‘crumple’, crack, or even crumble easily are certainly unwanted seeds.

A straightforward test involves applying a certain amount of pressure with the fingers to assess the elasticity of the seed (obviously without protruding forcefully to avoid irreparable damage). If the compressive strength response is right, this is a good sign, but if it splits easily, it would be a symptom of old, dry seed.

4) The age of cannabis seeds: why is it useful to know?

how to recognise quality marijuana seeds

If you can find out the age of the marijuana seeds, whether they are CBD or high in THC, you may have a better idea of their vital energy. Like any other genetic material, cannabis seeds are subject to weather conditions.

Freshly harvested, ripe cannabis seeds are inevitably more viable than older seeds, which have become dry and potent over the years.

5) Flotation test: what is it?

To complete the assessment of the health and quality of legal or traditional cannabis seed, we suggest that you try the buoyancy test or ‘buoyancy test‘. It is a simple method used by anyone who knows it to check that the seeds are healthy.

It is simple: put a seed in distilled water and wait an hour or two. Soon afterwards you will be able to see whether or not it has leaked, having enough mass.

If this happens, it means that the seed has a better chance of germinating than those who, while floating, appear to be experienced swimmers but are probably dead or dying inside.

The test should be done immediately before planting the seed, as water saturation can cause decomposition.

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Conclusions on the cannabis seeds quality

The cannabis seeds in the SensorySeeds shop are available for those who wish to collect them, as in the UK it is not possible to germinate and grow a hemp plant.

The suggestions in this article, as already mentioned, also apply in all cases for auto flower seeds, feminized seeds and fast flowering cannabis seeds, as well as CBD cannabis seeds.

Finally, we would like to remind you that to keep the cannabis seeds healthy for as long as possible. You will need to find a cool, dark, dry place free of impurities, so as not to run the risk of rotting them or forming mould that would damage them.

What are you waiting for? Check out the SensorySeeds catalogue now and buy your new high-quality marijuana seeds!