Most productive auto-flowering: which are the best yielding varieties in 2022

Autoflowering Cannabis 2022: Best Yielding Varieties

Published on: 29/08/2022

Here are the fastest and best yielding genetics

Autoflowering plants are a favourite among growers and attract the curiosity of many cannabis enthusiasts. Their characteristics are unique and allow for very high yields. Of course, marijuana seeds that result in auto-flowering plants can have many genetics, each of which has different properties.

In the following lines, we will find out what auto-flowering plants are, what their average yield is and, most importantly, which varieties are the most productive.

How much an autoflowering plant can produce

What is an auto-flowering cannabis plant

In the wonderful and diverse world of hemp, there are many different types of plants and genetics, each with its own characteristics and properties. From auto-flowering seeds, for example, come very productive plants that – in countries where cultivation is legal – give growers enormous satisfaction.

But what are auto-flowering plants? As the term itself suggests, these are cannabis plants capable of flowering regardless of the amount of light they receive. The vegetative and flowering phases are therefore not affected in any way by the sun or artificial light (used in indoor cultivation) because the transition from the former to the latter occurs spontaneously. The factor that determines flower emergence is the age of the plants. On average, inflorescences are harvested ten weeks after the germination of the cannabis seeds.

In addition to flowering independently, these plants have another important property: they have great resistance to both pests and insects. They also take up little space compared to other genetics; therefore, they allow growers to optimise yields, especially in indoor cultivation. Yes, because despite their small size, these plants can have a high yield.

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How much an auto-flowering plant can produce

The yield of auto-flowering hemp plants depends on several factors, such as genetics, fertilisation, irrigation and pruning. After all, even a Ferrari needs more than its name to perform at its best in a race, i.e. a good set-up, good tyres and above all a good driver. Beyond this automotive digression, it is not complicated to understand that for each plant to perform to its full potential, it must receive all the necessary attention.

Assuming an ideal harvest, however, how many inflorescences should be expected from an auto-flowering plant?

On average, each plant can provide a yield of around 300-400 grams per square metre. The weight of the inflorescences cut from the plant changes concerning the weight they will have when dried; when harvested, 75% of their weight is due to the water they contain. Therefore, this factor must be taken into account to estimate the final weight.

Now, however, let’s take a look at the three most productive qualities of auto-flowering plants based on the purchase preferences in this seed category on the SensorySeeds website, noting that cannabis cultivation is illegal in Italy.

Indoor autoflowering plant

Top 3 auto-flowering plants of 2022

We begin our ranking of the top-yielding auto-flowering plants with Northern Light Auto. This variety is particularly appreciated by cannabis enthusiasts around the world for its mild flavour and excellent yield. With a medium to high THC (psychotropic active ingredient) percentage, this herb is a favourite among customers in our online shop.

Another highly successful genetic is Blueberry XXL Auto, a plant that completes its growth cycle and flowering phase in about 10 weeks. Easy to handle thanks to not excessively long branching, it has excellent tolerance to cold temperatures and adapts to various environmental conditions. As its name implies, it has persistent berry notes on the palate.

The queen of SensorySeeds’ autoflowering strains, however, is Gorilla Glue #4. This quality of cannabis not only flowers quickly and produces a considerable amount of inflorescence, but is very resistant to pests. Which makes it the ideal plant for any grower. Its inflorescences are very resinous (not surprisingly, the name ‘Glue’ comes from the fact that scissors stick to the buds during harvest).

This hybrid plant produces flowers with chocolaty and earthy aromatic notes and strong relaxing properties.

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In conclusion

Well, now you know which auto-flowering cannabis plants are the most productive according to our customer’s preferences. In our online shop, you will find various qualities of autoflowering seeds, but also fast flowering seeds and collectable feminized seeds.

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