Buying cannabis seeds: here’s how it works in the UK.


Modified on: 13/01/2023

How does the sale of marijuana seeds work in the UK?

Cannabis seeds, which you can also find under the name “weed seeds” or “marijuana seeds“, are marketed in the UK and (almost) worldwide.

It may seem paradoxical to you, but it’s true: in our country, the sale of cannabis seeds is legal. It means that you can buy marijuana seeds online safely on Sensory Seeds and have no problems.

But why? Let’s see, in the following paragraphs, how the sale of cannabis seeds UK works in UK.

Why is selling cannabis seeds legal?

cannabis seeds for sale in uk

Cannabis seeds do not contain cannabinoids, because these substances are produced by the buds (i.e. the flowers) of the hemp plant. Cannabis seeds do not contain THC, CBD or other active ingredients, so they are legal.

That is why the sale of cannabis seeds is allowed, even if it is not industrial hemp but THC cannabis.

The difference between the two products is that industrial hemp seeds produce plants with a very low THC content (the CBD generally prevails). In contrast, THC hemp seeds produce plants with a high percentage of THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid and therefore illegal in the UK.

It is no coincidence that industrial hemp can be cultivated in the UK, whereas THC-based marijuana seeds cannot germinate.

If you have read about the ruling of the united sections of the Supreme Court concerning the cultivation of cannabis for personal use, you might think that in the UK it is legal to do so. But that’s not the case.

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Disinformation about the possibility of growing cannabis in the UK

Do you know about “click catch” news that changes or amplifies real events to make people read the whole article? This practice is called “click-baiting” and has been widely used after December 18, 2019.

On that date, European legislators issued a decision decriminalising the cultivation of cannabis for personal use. Many newspapers wrote headlines such as “Cannabis cultivation in the UK is no longer a crime”, “It is now possible to grow marijuana at home” and many others.

We do not want to misinform you, and even if it is a little against us, we will tell you how things are going. If you can prove that you are growing very small amounts of cannabis for your use, you are not criminally convicted (i.e. you don’t risk jail time), but you still get a trial if someone catches you in the act.

Growing marijuana in the UK is no longer a criminal offence but remains an administrative offence. It means that if you are caught red-handed, you receive a fine, often a heavy one, but you cannot go to prison or be placed under house arrest. Besides, your criminal record is not affected.

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Why selling weed seeds is possible but growing them is not?

weed seeds cultivation in uk

The reason lies in the psychoactivity of the plant. Cannabis seeds are not psychoactive because they do not contain THC, while cannabis plants born from auto flower seeds, feminized seeds and fast growing weed seeds are potentially psychoactive.

If cultivated properly, they flower abundantly and produce buds with high THC content. And we know that in the UK, THC is illegal because it can alter the psyche.

But after buying marijuana seeds online, what can you do legally, and what can you do illegally?

In the UK, you can collect cannabis seeds (so much so that you often hear about collecting seeds). If you germinate them solely for your personal use, you are committing an administrative offence. In contrast, if you produce cannabis in large quantities, you could be charged with growing it for sale.

In other countries, for example, in some cities in Spain and many states in the United States, you can grow cannabis at home for recreational and/or medical purposes, following legal requirements.

It is an excellent way to combat the black market in marijuana (who would buy it illegally if they could grow it at home?) and at the same time make the country’s economy profitable.

Cannabis seed-producing states like California, where the BSF Seed Bank operates, for example, get rich from the taxes of those who produce and sell them.

In the UK, on the other hand, prohibition still reigns and politicians believe they can fight the cannabis black-market from small dealers… when all they have to do is make it legal to grow marijuana at home. Anyone could buy auto-flowering, feminised, or fast growing weed seeds without having to buy from licensed dealers.

But right now, all you can do with cannabis seeds is collecting … so, just buy the best collection of weed seeds BSF from SensorySeeds, and you will be delighted!