Seedling: how to manage this particular phase and what problems can arise!

Cannabis seedling: how to manage this delicate phase

Published on: 12/05/2021

What is a cannabis seedling and how growers usually handle it?

After germinating from cannabis seeds, the seedlings go through numerous stages, including seedling, vegetative stage, pre-flowering and the actual flowering.

In particular, the seedling is a specific stage of marijuana, so much so that it requires special care and attention from the grower.

Today we will talk to you about this phase of the plant, remembering to consider this article for informational purposes only. In the UK, it is not allowed to grow cannabis, so much so that marijuana seeds can be purchased for the sole purpose of collecting.

Seedling stage of the cannabis plant: what it is and when does it occur?

Cannabis seedlings

Following proper care, a cannabis seed germinates, producing a radicle and, subsequently, giving life to a tiny seedling. The seedling continues to grow day after day and, 5-7 days after germination, develops the first leaves.

The seedling stage starts right there, i.e., from the moment the shoot begins to develop two small round leaves called cotyledons. An auto-flowering, fast flowering or regular seedling, therefore, grows after the first week of the sprout’s life and manifests itself with the sprouting of two leaves — not surprisingly, as cannabis is a dicotyledonous plant!

This phase has a duration of about 2 or 3 weeks, after which we move on to the vegetative stage. The timing differs according to the cannabis variety (specifically, fast flowering strains and dwarf auto flower seeds tend to be significantly quicker than plants born from feminized but seasonal flowering seeds).

But what do seedlings need to develop correctly?

Nutrients, light, temperature, and humidity ideal for cannabis seedlings!

Marijuana growers understand seedlings need specific environmental conditions for them to thrive.

Precisely, here are the ideal conditions for obtaining healthy and vigorous cannabis seedlings:

  • Nutrients: none during the first week, while after the second or third week, you can start with organic and light fertilizer at a low dosage.
  • Temperature between 22 and 26 ¬∞ C.
  • Relatively low light, not too intense (preferably blue spectrum, for indoor crops).
  • Perfect photoperiod: 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness.
  • Watering: mild. If the seedling is in a pot, growers often choose to use a spray bottle so as not to “drown” the seedlings.
  • High relative humidity, preferably over 65% but not exceeding 80%.
  • Soil pH between 6.5 and 7. This aspect is essential so that the seedlings can absorb all the nutrients necessary for their development from the soil.

To take care of the seedlings flawlessly, it is also necessary to know the most common problems of cannabis at this stage (so that they can be prevented or resolved as soon as possible).

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Common problems of the cannabis plant in the seedling stage

The cannabis seedling can exhibit growth problems, mainly due to the following factors:

  • Excessive or insufficient watering
  • The pot is too small (preventing the roots from expanding)
  • Excessive intake of nutrients
  • Poor, or too much draining soil
  • Incorrect pH
  • Too high or too low temperature
  • Excessive or insufficient light (in the first case, the leaves seem burnt, in the second, they grow anaemic and white)

These problems prevent the seedlings from developing correctly, so growers must be cautious. The growing environment is in the perfect condition to favour the excellent growth of the seedlings.

In any case, if there is a slowdown in development and therefore the seedling does not grow, it is sufficient to check that temperature, water, pH and other factors are ideal for this phase of growth and, if anomalies are found, take decisive measures.

By doing so, the cannabis seedlings prepare themselves for the next stage (the vegetative phase) flawlessly.

When does the cannabis seedling go from the seedling stage to the vegetative stage?

The seedling stage usually lasts for about 2 to 3 weeks, but some signs let farmers know that cannabis has finally reached the vegetative stage.

During the second or third week, the cotyledons begin to develop a serrated tip, and the seedling gives birth to other leaves.

When the serrated tips of the leaves become 5 or 7, and the number of leaves multiplies rapidly, here comes the vegetative phase.

The transition from seedling to the vegetative phase

This particular stage represents the period of maximum development of cannabis, which develops many leaves rapidly. It shows the first sexual characteristics, even if still immature (the pistils, in the case of the female plant, or the pockets of pollen, in the male plant).

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In conclusion

The cannabis seedling, or the seedling with the first immature leaves, is a crucial growth phase of marijuana for its proper development.

The grower is taking great care to create a perfect environment for this period (by adjusting humidity, temperature, pH and more) and verifies that the seedling growth is going well.

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