How much does a weed seed cost? These are the prices of the best ones! 

What price does a marijuana seed have?

Modified on: 13/05/2022

Are you looking to buy cannabis seeds, but can’t figure out the best prices and products? Here are the ones in our SensorySeeds online shop

Many cannabis enthusiasts are interested in buying marijuana seeds and therefore ask themselves, using a slang expression, how much does a weed seed cost? 

The web can be an absolute jungle of offers in which it is challenging to find your way around. The natural consequence is that buying marijuana seeds online at the right price is anything but easy.

So, what to do?

The best thing to do for such delicate products is to rely on authorized, safe and reliable retailers, such as our online shop Sensory Seeds, where you can find many varieties of seeds and buy them legally.

However, we want to point out that although buying cannabis seeds is legal in the U.K., growing them is not. Therefore, what follows are in no way an invitation to cultivate or engage in other illegal acts concerning the use of cannabis seeds.

We deal with and encourage the purchase of seeds purely for collecting purposes

So let’s see what types of seeds are available on our online site, and for each of them, let’s see what their prices are.

How much does a mary seed cost?

Types of cannabis seeds available on SensorySeeds

Our online weed seeds shop aims to offer customers as wide a variety of products as possible, which translates into prices that vary widely and suit the needs and possibilities of all budgets.

To begin with, we have thought of dividing the types of cannabis seeds into three major macro-categories that reflect their main characteristics.

Feminized cannabis seeds

Feminized seeds are special cannabis seeds that have a 99% chance of producing female plants. It is of great interest to professional cannabis growers (in countries where cultivation is legal), as female plants are the ones that make products with a higher concentration of cannabinoids.

Several procedures are used to ensure the feminization of seeds, such as Rodelization Feminizing, which involves stressing the plant right at the flowering stage by removing light from it. Another technique is to spray the female plants (also in the flowering phase) with a solution of silver and sodium thiosulphate. This solution inhibits ethylene, one of the hormones involved in flowering.

The plants will then start to produce pollen that will produce female seeds in almost 100% of cases (if used to pollinate female plants, of course).

 Products of this type offered by Sensory Seeds include:

  • Mango Juice, from 5.55 euros apiece.
  • Rainbows, from 4.13 euros apiece.
  • Lemon Blossom, from 2.68 euros apiece.

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Fast Flowering cannabis seeds

Fast Flowering seeds are, as the name suggests, fast-flowering seeds

Those offered by SensorySeeds are produced by a company that has made a name for itself in cannabis cultivation, BSF Seeds. This acronym stands for ‘Bigger, Stronger, Faster, ‘underlining the plants’ characteristics that result from growing these seeds.

These varieties can be found in our e-shop:

  • El gaucho, from 5.55 euros a piece.
  • Gorilla Glue, from 5.55 euros apiece.
  • OBG Kush, from 3.42 euros apiece.
  • Green Tiger, from 3.42 euros apiece.
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Autoflowering cannabis seeds

Auto flower seeds are special feminized cannabis seeds that do not need a 12-hour light cycle or photoperiod, consisting of the hours of increasing or decreasing light according to the changing seasons. They have a fast-flowering time of 60 days to 10 weeks which, as the name implies, is autonomous and independent of light.

In our SensorySeeds shop, you can choose from varieties that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

Here are some of those available:

  • Sig Sour XXL, from 5.55 euros apiece.
  • Orange Blossom, from 3.84 euros apiece.
  • Red Critical, from 3.42 euros apiece.

N.B.: the above prices may vary; always check availability and costs directly on the shop.

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To conclude

As we have seen, on the choice of cannabis seeds to buy is truly vast, with types and characteristics to satisfy any enthusiast.

If you have found this guide helpful and have a clear idea of the prices, visit our weed seeds shop. If you buy from us, you will receive your seeds directly to your home in a short time. What’s more, they will be delivered to you in secure packaging where you can store them unchanged for years.

No more excuses! 

Visit our store now. We are waiting for you.

*Please note: the above prices may vary, always check availability and costs of products directly on the e-shop