Everything you need to know about growing cannabis in a greenhouse

Everything you need to know about growing cannabis in a greenhouse

Published on: 31/05/2023


Greenhouse cannabis seed cultivation is an ideal option for growers who want to control the plant’s growing environment for higher quality yields.

So let’s delve into this world and find out everything you need to know about cannabis cultivation in a greenhouse, from choosing a suitable location to care for and maintain seedlings to increase their productivity and harvest quality.

Why do growers choose greenhouse cannabis cultivation?

There are many professionals who choose to grow cannabis in a greenhouse.

Do you know why indoor cultivation is considered more advantageous?

First of all, because of the possibility of growing throughout the year, without the problems related to seasonality, extreme weather events (hailstorms, heavy rains or dry periods) and, in general, all those temperature changes that are difficult to control and could lead to a deterioration in the quality of the harvested product.

In addition, therefore, to effective protection against all external events, the greenhouse allows growers to control different environmental parameters with great precision. Lighting, microclimate, ventilation, irrigation systems, the most innovative greenhouses are very complex systems that leave nothing to chance.

It really means being able to keep the cannabis seedlings within a range of ideal values, designed and obtained just for that particular cultivated variety, without sudden changes and without nasty surprises. So let’s look at the individual aspects that experts go into when setting up their greenhouse cannabis cultivation.

The greenhouse cannabis cultivation



Choosing the right place

Let’s start right from the basic points.

Choosing the right place to build the greenhouse is also critical to the success of cannabis cultivation. The greenhouse should be placed in a sunny location, away from sources of pollution and possible intrusions. Growers must, in addition, consider accessibility to water and electricity.

Areas that are too windy are also discouraged if the greenhouse is made of plastic, to avoid problems in the roofing sheets and make it easier to manage the plant.

It’s not that simple, is it?

And we’re just getting started. Read on to find out more interesting details.

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Types of cannabis greenhouses

There are many options available for cannabis greenhouses, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The most common greenhouses are made of glass or plastic, but steel and aluminum greenhouses are also popular.

Glass greenhouses are the most expensive, they offer maximum transparency and retain heat very well. Plastic greenhouses are cheaper and lighter, but less durable and transparent.

Once the right greenhouse has been chosen, the preparation phase begins for the grower. He must, in fact, set it up to accommodate the cannabis plants. He will have to install the various equipment such as lights, fans, heaters and irrigation systems. He will have to check the values in the different points of the room, to make sure that the greenhouse is sealed and avoid water infiltration and heat loss, but also the dreaded air blasts, which could bring temperature swings that are difficult to control.

Choosing the right cannabis strain

Choosing the right cannabis plants is important for achieving a successful harvest. Growers can choose between feminized or auto flower cannabis seeds.

Feminized seeds are the most popular choices because they produce only female plants, which are the ones that produce the THC-rich flowers.

Auto flower seeds plants are an easier option because they do not require a change in photoperiod to start flowering. They also have a shorter life cycle and are more resistant to diseases and pests.

Care and maintenance of cannabis plants in the greenhouse

Once the plants are housed in the greenhouse, a good grower’s work has just begun.

His or her commitment is to take care of each seedling, to ensure healthy and robust growth and to secure harvests rich in flavor and aroma. What should a cannabis expert who wants to grow these plants in a greenhouse never forget?


Irrigation is a crucial factor in the care of cannabis plants and marijuana seeds. It is necessary to provide the plants with an adequate amount of water, but also to avoid getting them too wet so as not to encourage the appearance of mold and mildew. It may be advisable to use an automatic irrigation system, calibrated to measure different values and adjust the water given to the plants accordingly.

Nutrients and fertilization

Cannabis plants are not very demanding, but they do need a good amount of nutrients to grow strong and healthy. There are cannabis-specific fertilizers on the market that can enhance their properties and characteristics.

Nutrients and fertilization in greenhouse


And how can we not mention the lighting system?

Lights directly influence the growth and cultivation of cannabis in the greenhouse. Providing plants with an adequate amount of light allows growers to ensure healthy growth and a bountiful harvest. You can use LED or HID lamps, but the lamps must have the right light intensity and wavelength to really perform.



Temperature and humidity

Last on our list, but no less important, temperature and humidity are among the values most closely monitored by indoor cannabis growers. Each variety of cannabis has its ideal values, also conditioned by the vegetative state and environmental characteristics. Therefore, it will have to be the care of the grower to inform himself well about the conditions to be provided to his seedlings, which will repay him with rapid and lush growth.

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You now have a clearer understanding of why growing cannabis in a greenhouse can be a very profitable option for growers who want to control the environment where the plant grows. By following their experience and growing lines guide, and paying attention to plant care and growth, growers can achieve high quality cannabis harvests.