The best cannabis seeds in 2023: discover the top strains

The best cannabis seeds in 2023: discover the top strains

Published on: 23/10/2023


Are you an avid collector looking for unique pieces to add to your collection?

If so, then you absolutely must discover the fascinating world of cannabis seeds. These items are not only of great historical and cultural value, but they also represent the essence of the genetic diversity of marijuana strains, especially if you know how to recognize the best strains to add to your collection.

In this article, we will explore the crème de la crème of cannabis seeds for collecting as of 2023, starting with an introduction to the various types that can be legally purchased on the Italian market.

Feminized cannabis seeds for easy and safe cultivation

Feminized cannabis seeds are seeds that produce only female plants, i.e. those that give life to inflorescences rich in cannabinoids. They are the result of a genetic selection which eliminates the possibility of having male plants, which instead produce only pollen and do not arouse particular interest for the consumers of this plant.

The characteristics of feminized cannabis seeds are different depending on the variety of specimen from which they derive. In fact, there are different types of cannabis, such as indicas, sativas and hybrids, which have different characteristics in terms of size, shape, color, aroma and effects. In general, however, feminized cannabis seeds have the advantage of guaranteeing simpler and safer cultivation, as the risk of having male plants that pollinate females and compromise the quality and quantity of flowers is avoided.

These particular items can be purchased online or in specialized shops, and, in countries where the cultivation of the plant has been legalized for personal use, they can also be produced at home with some natural or chemical methods. The principle is to stress a female specimen so that it produces male flowers that contain only female chromosomes. These flowers can then be used to pollinate another female and thus obtain feminized seeds. However, this process requires a lot of attention and experience, as it can compromise the health and stability of the plants.

Feminized cannabis seeds are therefore an ideal choice for growing cannabis easily and safely, obtaining high-quality flowers and with the desired effects. However, it must be remembered that the cultivation and consumption of cannabis are subject to legal regulations which vary according to the country and which must always be respected. In the UK, in particular, such practices are still strictly prohibited.

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Autoflowering cannabis seeds: the freedom to grow all year round

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are a type of seeds that do not depend on the photoperiod for their maturation. This means that they can flower at any time of the year, regardless of the hours of light and dark, a feature that makes them very suitable for growing in environments with variable climates or short seasons.

Autoflowering cannabis plants have a very fast life cycle, ranging from 60 to 90 days from germination to flowering. This makes them ideal for growers who want to obtain frequent and seasonal independent harvests, without having to wait months like with traditional plants. Furthermore, they are usually smaller and more compact, making them easy to manage and discreet compared to photoperiod specimens.

Autoflowering cannabis plants derive from a strain called Cannabis ruderalis, which is native to cold, northern parts of Europe and Asia. This has developed the ability to flower based on age and not on the photoperiod, precisely to adapt to adverse climatic conditions. Based on this characteristic, growers have crossed Cannabis ruderalis with other indica and sativa strains to create autoflowering plants with different and desirable characteristics. In general, for breeders these products have advantages and disadvantages compared to traditional seeds.

Best autoflowering cannabis seeds


the possibility of growing all year round, without having to change the photoperiod;

the speed of the life cycle, which allows to obtain more crops in less time;

the ease of cultivation, which requires less attention and care;

discretion, given by the small size and the lower production of odors.


the lower yield, which depends on genetics and environmental conditions;

the lower potency, which may be lower than that of traditional plants;

the lower variability, which limits the choice between the different varieties available;

the lower flexibility, which prevents the life cycle from being modified according to the grower’s needs.

However, these disadvantages have been almost totally canceled out by the development of ever more productive and potent strains thanks to the efforts of growers around the world.

Fast flowering cannabis seeds: fast flowering for immediate results

Fast flowering cannabis seeds, i.e. fast flowering, are a type characterized, precisely, by a high speed of maturation.

These are products that derive from the cross between autoflowering varieties and photoperiodic varieties and which maintain the best qualities of both. They have the advantage of being able to be harvested in a short time, without sacrificing the quality and quantity of the flowers and, what’s more, they are resistant and adaptable to different environmental conditions, ideal for beginner growers or for those who want to obtain multiple harvests in one season.

The characteristics of fast flowering seeds depend on the genetics of the varieties they come from, but in general some common traits can be distinguished:

flowering time: they have a shorter flowering time than photoperiod strains, which can take up to 12 weeks. On average, they ripen in 6-8 weeks, depending on the variety and growing conditions;

yield: they offer a high yield, comparable to that of photoperiod strains. This means that abundant and quality flowers can be obtained in less time than with traditional seeds;

quality: they preserve the organoleptic and therapeutic properties of the varieties from which they derive, guaranteeing an aromatic and powerful final product. In this case it is important to keep in mind that fast flowering cannabis seeds can have different levels of THC and CBD, depending on the genetics of the parent strains;

cultivation: they are easy to cultivate, as they do not require particular care or attention. They are well suited to both indoor and outdoor cultivation, and are resistant to environmental stress and disease. Thanks to their distinctive characteristics, they can be grown at any time of the year, as long as the temperatures are not too low or too high.

Fast flowering seeds are an ideal solution for growers who want fast and satisfying results, without having to wait too long or invest a lot of money.

The best feminized cannabis seeds in 2023

With marijuana flowers being the primary focus of growers, most of them seek only feminized seeds. For this reason, in most cases cannabis seedbanks tend to produce items that are both autoflowering or fast flowering as well as feminised.

Therefore, the best feminized products necessarily fall into the other two categories as well and we will deal with them in two solutions (i.e. autoflowering and fast flowering). However, before starting, here is a ‘gem’ belonging exclusively to the feminized world.

Darth Haze

One of the best qualities of BSF feminized seeds is Darth Haze, a 50% hybrid of sativa and indica hemp seeds, which can give life to flowers that can reach THC levels of 18-22%. These cannabis seeds come from the union of two homemade varieties from BSF Seeds:

the Bubba Kush clone, cultivated since 1998;

Lebron Haze.

Flowering times are around 8-9 weeks and the production of this variety of seeds can be very abundant, as you can see below:

Indoors: 500-600 gr/m²;

GreenHouse: 700-1000 g/plant.

The aroma of the flowers born from Darth Haze seeds is very earthy, with notes of cedar, lemon and a very marked incense scent: it is a very fine quality of feminized hemp seeds that cannot be missing from your collection.

The best autoflowering cannabis seeds in 2023

Gorilla Glue

At the top of the list of the best seeds with a high THC rate (of the flowers they will produce) we undoubtedly find the seeds of Gorilla Glue, one of the best known marijuana varieties in the world.

The hemp plant born from these BSF cannabis seeds produces an immoderate amount of resin, which is why the inflorescences can reach THC peaks of 30%!

You read right, it is a disproportionate figure and this is one of the elements that makes Gorilla Glue one of the most loved hemp plants by growers. This cascade of resin causes the plant to release intoxicating scents and is well protected from parasites, as well as giving the inflorescences very particular aromas, such as earth and chocolate.

Gorilla Glue BSF is available on the market in two versions:

feminized seeds;

auto flower seeds.

Flowering times are around 9-10 weeks for the feminized version and 65 days for the autoflowering version. The production is very abundant especially in the FEM version, as you can read below:

Indoor Fem: 500-600 gr/m²;

GreenHouse Fem: 1000-1200 gr/plant;

Indoor AUTO: 350-500 gr/m²;

GreenHouse AUTO: 50-300 g/plant.

Sig Sour XXL

Another variety of quality autoflowering cannabis seeds, very popular for its production of flowers with a high THC content, is the Sig Sour XXL AUTO by BSF Seeds. The plant has a very vigorous growth and allows growers to obtain a production of inflorescences that can reach THC levels of 25-30%!

Sig Sour cannabis seeds are autoflowering and feminized cannabis seeds, therefore they have a 99% probability of giving life to a female plant that produces flowers automatically. The difference with non-autoflowering feminized seeds lies in the fact that the plant reaches the flowering stage based on its age and not on the photoperiod (hours of light received).

The buds of Sig Sour have a typical diesel smell, characteristic of the family to which this hemp plant belongs, and a very citric taste. Flowering begins about 70 days after germination of the seeds and gives a rather abundant harvest for the autoflowering category, as you can see below:

Indoor Auto: 400-500 gr/m²;

GreenHouse Auto: 50-180 g/plant.

The best autoflowering cannabis seeds in 2023

Godzilla Glue

Last, but not least, we find the cannabis seeds Godzilla Glue, born from the crossing of Gorilla Glue #4 by BSF Seeds and their Girl Scout Cookies. The result is a strong plant with a Christmas tree structure and a thick apical cola filled with flowers with a THC content of 25-30%!.

The inflorescences produced by the Godzilla Glue plant are covered in a white coat of resin, a characteristic inherited from the genetic mother, and give off an impressive scent. The taste has many facets and ranges from wood to lemon and mint, with an ever-present earthy undertone.

Godzilla Glue BSF seeds are produced in two versions:

feminized seeds: flowering after 7-8 weeks;

autoflowering seeds: flowering after 8-9 weeks.

The yield of the plants naturally varies a lot between the two types of marijuana seeds, as you can read below:

Indoor Fem: 700-1200 gr/m²;

GreenHouse Fem: 450-600 g/plant;

Indoor AUTO: 450 g/m²;

GreenHouse AUTO: 50-350 g/plant.

The best fast flowering cannabis seeds in 2023

Green Tiger

At the top of the podium we find the Green Tiger marijuana seeds, a typology that fully deserves to enter the Hall of Fame of fast flowering cannabis. It is a variety of hemp dedicated to the rapper Original Juan, highly appreciated in the Spanish scene.

In collaboration with him, BSF Seeds created Green Tiger, a cross between their own elite Early Skunk x Skunk P90 clone and one of the house’s fastest-flowering (FF) strains. The result is a FF strain that flowers in around 40 days!

Green Tiger’s high yielding indoor feminized seeds are capable of producing a whopping 600g/m² of flowers in just six weeks, which is a huge amount! The typical aromas of Green Tiger are sweet and fruity, reminiscent of a summer punch with seasonal fruit.

It is said that due to its properties it is suitable for the treatment of eating problems, insomnia, muscle pain, migraine and vomiting. All in all, you can well see why Green Tiger cannabis seeds deserve the best quality fast flowering cannabis seeds banner.

OBG Kush

Another pearl of the SensorySeeds catalog are the fast flowering seeds of OBG Kush, deriving from 80% Indica and 20% Sativa genetics. The OBG Kush plant comes from the collaboration of the seed bank BSF Seeds with the Venezuelan rapper Akapellah and his parents remain secret to keep some commercial mysticism.

The flowers born from OBG Kush plants can reach up to 22% THC and are characterized by a strongly earthy and sweetish aroma with slightly spicy and peppery undertones. OBG Kush Quick Seeds are fast growing quick seeds and once germinated they will take the cannabis plant to the flowering stage in as little as 40 days.

The yield generated by one OBG Kush plant is quite large for a fast flowering cannabis, as you can read below:

Indoors: 400-500 gr/m²;

GreenHouse: 350 g/plant.

El Gaucho

Another of the best performing fast flowering plants in the catalog is undoubtedly the El Gaucho cannabis seed variety, with 70% indica genetics and 30% sativa. The flowers born from these marijuana seeds reach THC values of 18-22%, thanks to the DNA deriving from two very valuable species:

Sierra Madre;

Blue Mountain.

These quick marijuana seeds can give life to a plant that would flower in just 6 weeks from germination, a very short time frame to obtain such an abundant harvest:

Indoors: 500/600 gr/m²;

Greenhouse: 350-800 g/plant.

The flavor of the buds of the plant born from El Gaucho hemp seeds is very fruity and tending to sweetish, which makes it highly sought after by fast seed collectors.

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In conclusion

Now that you know what the best qualities of indoor autoflowering cannabis are, all you have to do is add the seeds of these varieties to your collection.

On Sensoryseeds you will find these and many other qualities of marijuana seeds. What are you waiting for then? Buy the best quality cannabis seeds now!


Feminized cannabis seeds are an ideal choice for collectors, as they only produce female plants that give rise to cannabinoid-rich inflorescences. These seeds guarantee easier and safer cultivation, avoiding the risk of male plants which could compromise the quality and quantity of the flowers.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are perfect for growers who want to grow all year round, regardless of the hours of light and darkness. These seeds are not dependent on the photoperiod for flowering and have a rapid life cycle, allowing for frequent harvests and adapting to variable climates or short seasons.

Fast flowering cannabis seeds offer fast flowering, allowing for instant results. These seeds are the result of crossing autoflowering strains and photoperiod strains, maintaining the best qualities of both. They have a shorter flowering time than traditional varieties and offer a high yield while retaining the organoleptic and therapeutic properties of the original varieties.

The “Darth Haze” feminized seed variety is a valuable option to consider for your collection. It is a 50% cannabis sativa and indica hybrid, with buds that can contain THC levels of 18-22%. These seeds ensure a heavy yield and are characterized by an earthy aroma with notes of cedar, lemon and incense.

The “Gorilla Glue” autoflowering seed variety is one of the best known in the world and offers flowers with a high THC content. The buds can reach peaks of 30% THC and the plant is covered in a large amount of resin, imparting an intoxicating aroma. Gorilla Glue seeds are available in both feminized and autoflowering varieties.

The fast flowering seed variety ‘Green Tiger’ is one of the best options for fast flowering. These marijuana seeds allow you to obtain abundant flowers in just six weeks, with a yield of 600 g/m². Green Tiger has a sweet and fruity aroma, reminiscent of a seasonal summer fruit punch.


What are the benefits of feminized cannabis seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds offer an easier and safer cultivation, as they only produce female plants that produce cannabinoid-rich inflorescences. This eliminates the risk of male plants producing only pollen, ensuring the desired quality and quantity of flowers.

What are Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are a type of seed that flowers independently of the photoperiod, allowing for cultivation at any time of the year. This feature makes them suitable for variable climates or short seasons. Autoflowering plants have a rapid life cycle, ranging from 60 to 90 days from germination to flowering.

What are fast flowering cannabis seeds?

Answer: Fast flowering cannabis seeds are characterized by fast maturation. They are obtained from the cross between autoflowering varieties and photoperiodic varieties, retaining the best qualities of both. These seeds allow for quick harvests without compromising the quality and quantity of flowers. They are especially suited to growers who want instant results or multiple harvests in one season.