Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds: A Beginner’s Guide


Modified on: 10/02/2021

Characteristics, information and specificities about autoflowering marijuana seeds.

Autoflowering marijuana seeds are cannabis seeds that have unique characteristics. They are the result of extensive research and experiments on marijuana plants.

They are also among the most demanded on the market because those who germinate them in countries where it is allowed (attention: not in the UK) find them very simple to cultivate and to follow in all their phases. Auto flower seeds are thus the most appreciated, along with feminized seeds. The reasons reside in their particularities.

Let’s see together what are the characteristics of autoflowering weed seeds, how they were born and what are the advantages and disadvantages of these products.

Auto flower seeds: the unique characteristics of these seeds.

Auto flower seeds online

Marijuana seeds bring a whole lot of unique characteristics. These are plants that flower according to the photoperiod. On the other hand, ordinary cannabis plants begin to flower when they are given 12 hours of darkness and 12 hours of light, which is towards the end of summer.

Besides, regular seeds (neither auto-flowering nor feminized) have a 50/50 chance of producing female or male seedlings.

It can be a big problem for cannabis growers who have to wait for their plants to flower seasonally for a long time. They also have to select plants by eliminating the male plants, which pollinate the flowering females.

To overcome these problems, seed banks (including BSF Seeds) have succeeded in creating weed seeds that can generate plants with the following characteristics:

  • automatic flowering independent of season and photoperiod;
  • high-speed growth, with a jump from the vegetative phase before flowering;
  • small size, so that they can also be grown in small greenhouses.

Besides, feminized auto-flowering seeds, such as auto flower seeds BSF, have a more than 90% chance of producing female plants. As a result, growers can relax, without fear of having to uproot half the plantation because it is composed of male plants.

But how did the seed banks make auto-flowering plants?

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How are auto-flowering marijuana seeds created?

Autoflowering seeds are a cross between a Ruderalis cannabis strain and an Indica or Sativa. They are usually feminized seeds = hormonally modified, and the seeds can produce 90% of female plants).

But it’s not as simple as you might think: seed banks make continuous crosses between different varieties to bring the best cannabis varieties on the market, based mainly on yield, taste and effects.

The feminised, auto-flowering plants inherit many characteristics from both Ruderalis and the Indica or Sativa. It is precisely from these characteristics that the advantages and disadvantages of auto-flowering seeds derive.

Advantages and disadvantages of auto-flowering seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are in high demand by those with special needs. For example, those who have small spaces to grow, prefer indoor or greenhouse cultivation, need several flowers and in rapid succession, clearly prefer these seeds rather than regular or only feminized seeds.

Unsurprisingly, the advantages of auto-flowering cannabis seeds and related plants are as follows:

  • speedy growth, thanks to a virtually non-existent vegetative phase;
  • very fast flowering: 8 to 10 or 11 weeks maximum;
  • no connection with the photoperiod: the plants are not linked to the passing of the seasons but produce flowers indiscriminately from the hours of darkness and light, thanks to autoflowering;
  • small plants (maximum 1 meter): this is an advantage for those who can only grow at home, in small spaces, or have a little greenhouse;
  • resistance to sudden changes in temperature, weather and mould;
  • with auto-flowering feminized seeds, more than 90% of the chance of giving life to female plants.
outdoor feminized auto flower seeds

All these characteristics, except the last one, are the result of Ruderalis genetics. The taste, flavour and high concentration of cannabinoids, primarily THC, come from Indica or Sativa (or both).

Autoflowering varieties have some disadvantages:

  • Autoflowering cannabis plants grow so fast that they do not tolerate repotting because they do not have time to recover. It is therefore essential to plant the autoflowering seeds in their final location (for example, in pots or in the ground);
  • The yield of autoflowering seeds is not as high as that of regular cannabis, due to the small size of the plants;
  • The high cost of electricity, as to maximize the yield of auto-flowering plants, it is recommended that they are subjected to 24-hour light cycles or 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness;
  • THC levels are generally lower than that of regular plants of the same variety.

Let’s say that autoflowering seeds are not ideal for those who need large quantities of cannabis flowers or for those who wish to grow outdoors without using artificial light. In this case, growers prefer feminized seeds.

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In conclusion

Now you know everything about our auto flower seeds BSF. Before you purchase, we remind you that our high THC marijuana seeds are exclusively collectable, as in the UK, it is still forbidden to grow cannabis.

If, on the other hand, if you no longer live in the UK but have moved to a country where it is permitted to plant THC seeds for recreational or therapeutic purposes, then you will be able to grow your plants according to local regulations.

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