Auto flower seeds germination: here is what you need to know.


Modified on: 10/02/2021

The perfect method to germinate auto flower seeds: tips and tricks.

The germination of auto flower seeds is a delicate process. If you don’t choose the right method, you risk losing your precious seeds, so it is essential to know how to do it.

But before going into details, we would like to warn you that the germination of cannabis seeds is an administrative offence in the UK. In this article, we give you advice on how to germinate weed seeds, but if you live in a country that does not allow you to grow cannabis, please take it for information only!

If you are currently living in Spain or another country where growing for personal and/or therapeutic purposes is allowed. Then you will be able to put into practice what you have read safely.

Are you ready? Then let’s get started right away.

Essential tips on germination of auto flower seeds

tips on germination of auto flower seeds

Even before planting auto flower marijuana seeds, it is necessary to know the particularities of seeds and autoflowering plants, to be taken into account during the germination phase :

  • Auto flower seeds are very delicate (but so are feminized seeds and fast flowering seeds). It is necessary to hold them sheltered from bad weather during the germination phase, and thus to let them germinate inside if you do not want to lose your product.
  • Auto flowering plants grow very quickly, so they usually start flowering about a month after germination. It is why they do not tolerate transplanting: they would not have time to recover after transplanting, which is a trauma for all plants.
  • The roots of cannabis plants need space and oxygen. You prefer large pots from the start, remembering that an auto-flowering plant usually does not survive being transferred in new containers. If it does survive, it produces very few flowers.

Three essential tips on germination of auto flower seeds stem from these particularities :

  • The germination phase should take place indoors.
  • It is necessary to plant the auto flower seeds in their final destination.
  • The pots in which the auto flower seeds are planted should be substantial. We recommend a capacity of 11 to 18 litres.

After these basic premises for good germination, let’s get to the heart of the article: what is the best way to germinate auto flower seeds?

How to best germinate auto flower seeds.

For marijuana seeds to germinate, they need high humidity, good soil and adequate temperatures. The most commonly used method to help seeds germinate as much as possible is :

  • Soak the weed seeds in a glass or container filled with sterilized water at a temperature of about 20-25ºC.
  • Push the cannabis seeds below the surface of the water; they should sink after a few hours at most 4.
  • In a maximum of 24 or 48 hours, the seeds develop a white root. It is a good time to transfer them to a cotton wool pad (make-up removers are perfect because they are not very porous) or to a cube or rock wool pad, which is ideal for germinating cannabis.
  • After a few days, the rootlet reaches a length of 2 or 3 cm, and you can transfer the seed or the rockwool cube with the seed in the soil. The root should always point downwards, and the soil should be consistently moist (relative humidity should be around 90%), with a constant temperature of 20-25ºC.
  • Soon afterwards, you start to see the cannabis bud coming out of the soil. It is the very delicate seedling, which needs to be cared for and taken care of. The plant then needs temperatures between 22-25ºC and relative humidity of 70-90%.

As we explained it, the ground is also essential for good germination. Let us see all the details.

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Rockwool and choosing the proper ground for the auto flower marijuana seeds germination

germination soil auto flower seeds

Rockwool is the ideal substrate to germinate auto flower seeds (but also other types of marijuana seeds). The reason is straightforward: this material retains and distributes water and nutrients evenly, but we do not recommend its use during germination.

Another advantage is that growers can transfer the rockwool cubes or discs directly into the soil without traumatizing the initial small rootlet.

Now let’s move on to the soil theme. Here are the characteristics of the perfect soil for auto flower seeds BSF:

  • Organic and rich. A soil mixture suitable for seeding will do very well.
  • Drainage and light (no stagnation!).
  • Contains essential elements for good plant growth, such as :
  • Perlite
  • Vermiculite
  • Coconut fibre

During the vegetative phase, natural organic fertilizers such as “worm-compost” – a compost made from earthworms – should be added.

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In conclusion

The germination of the auto flower seeds is a very delicate phase, but if you follow our advice, you should have no problem.

Also, remember that the marijuana seeds must be very ripe and ready to grow, just like the cannabis seeds from BSF Seeds: buy them now on Sensory Seeds and receive them at home, with an anonymous parcel, within 24-48 hours of your order!