Where can you find marijuana seeds to collect? 5 reasons to choose SensorySeeds!


Modified on: 10/02/2021

Why choose SensorySeeds to collect cannabis seeds?

Cannabis seeds are an increasingly sought-after product both in France, where they can be used as a collector’s item, and worldwide, as their cultivation is permitted in many countries. There are very few physical stores for these products, whereas you can easily buy weed seeds online and receive them at home within 24/48 hours of ordering.

Didn’t know that and wondering where to find collectable pot seeds? You can buy them directly from our online store, SensorySeeds.com, and we give you 5 good reasons to choose them today!

1) The best marijuana seeds from BSF? You can find them on SensorySeeds!

where to find cannabis seeds online

We work with one of the largest American seed banks, BSF Seeds, known worldwide for its quality and care. Cannabis seeds BSF have the right degree of maturity, are vacuum packed to preserve all their qualities and prevent them from being spoiled in any way.

If the seeds are exposed to dust, moisture and other external agents, they can germinate (and then die quickly), or develop mould and rot. Only vacuum-sealed capsules guarantee maximum protection of the individual products, which is why BSF has chosen it as its packaging method.

There is more: BSF’s auto-flowering, feminised and fast growing weed seeds are the results of careful selection and cross-breeding of the best cannabis varieties. Those who can grow them, give life to plants with a very high THC content, all of them feminised and therefore producing cannabis flowers, and therefore ideal for all growing methods.

Feminized seeds, for example, are ideal for seasonal outdoor cultivation. In contrast, auto flower seeds and fast growing weed seeds are best when grown indoors (moreover, the seedlings are dwarfed or small, so perfect even in small spaces).

For our part, we offer you the possibility to buy the best seeds from the BSF selection in the comfort of your sofa, without having to move from home!

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2) On SensorySeeds, you can place your order from the comfort of your own home.

The advantages of buying cannabis seeds online are mainly :

  • You can order in a few simple clicks when you have free time during the day. You don’t have to queue in the shops or waste time looking for a parking lot: log in to our platform from your mobile phone, and you’re done.
  • You can order where and when you want, at the time that suits you.
  • What’s more, nobody will see you leave a cannabis seed shop or suspect anything, not least because our package is anonymous!

3) Anonymous packages are delivered quickly and easily.

Buying marijuana seeds can raise suspicion, especially if the authorities notice your purchases. That’s why we avoid any indication of the contents of our package: the packaging of our products is entirely anonymous.

Even the courier won’t be able to imagine what you bought online, so don’t worry. Your purchases are protected, and our deliveries are made with the utmost respect for privacy.

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4) No credit or debit card? With SensorySeeds, you can also pay on delivery!

You may not be able to use a credit or debit card at the time of your purchase, but if you buy weed seeds on Sensory Seeds, it won’t be a problem: you will be able to place your order securely and pay on delivery.

Pay on delivery allows you to order from time to time, and pay directly to the carrier, in cash, when you receive the package (i.e. 24 or 48 hours after departure).

It is a method that we have designed to make it easier for our customers who do not have cards currently available but still want to buy online and receive the cannabis seeds in a short time. It will be like buying in a store, with the difference that you will be able to choose the seeds and order them with your smartphone or PC, very quickly.

whete to buy weed seeds online

5) On Sensory Seeds, you can also buy cannabis seed kits.

Marijuana seed kits allow you to save money while receiving an excellent selection of products, classified according to their common characteristics. Here are a few examples:

The kits are perfect as a gift idea, but also as a contribution to your seed collection.

What are you waiting for? Get your collectable cannabis seeds from SensorySeeds – top quality at unbeatable prices!