Critical Auto Seeds: features, characteristics and benefits

Critical Auto Seeds.

Modified on: 27/04/2022

Unique characteristics of critical auto cannabis seeds

Critical Cannabis, and Critical Auto, in particular, is one of the strongest and most productive cannabis strains ever. Unsurprisingly, it is renowned worldwide and used by leading seed banks, such as BSF Seeds, to create new and powerful cannabis seeds.

Unsurprisingly, among the most popular products on our online marijuana seed shop are Red Critical Auto’s seeds, the result of an intelligent cross between the Critical female and the Critical Auto male.

Today, we will first focus on Critical auto-flowering cannabis. Then we’ll introduce you to its prized descendant Red Critical Auto so that you know everything (absolutely everything!) about these marijuana strains.

Characteristics of critical auto seeds.

Critical Auto: one of the most complete cannabis strains ever seen

Critical marijuana brings together the most sought-after characteristics of cannabis plants in a single indica-dominant hybrid variety. Here, below, are the characteristics we are talking about:

  • It is a robust plant.
  • It has an excellent yield.
  • Tasty flavour.
  • Floral aroma, appreciated by almost all fans.
  • Resistance to adverse weather conditions.
  • Fast and easy to grow (be careful, though, as cannabis cultivation is a crime in The UK).
  • Short flowering period.

The Critical auto-flower seeds produce an extremely fast-growing plant from only 7 weeks of flowering. The flowers of Critical cannabis are beautiful light green, tending towards yellow.

They have many orange pistils and a good resin layer, which determines their high cannabinoid content (primarily THC, which usually reaches 18%). The aroma is floral, very sweet.

The effect of Critical is a well-balanced blend of indica and Sativa: at first sight, it gives a powerful, very intense cerebral effect, which fades after several hours in a comfortable sensation of physical and mental relaxation.

Packing in one variety what marijuana fans would like from all the plants was a genuinely winning choice and, unsurprisingly, Critical Auto has a brilliant career: it has won not one, but three Cannabis Cups.

It is also continually being used to make new ganja varieties, including Red Critical Auto.

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The daughter of a significant cannabis strain, Red Critical Auto is one of the best BSF Seeds strains

Red Critical Auto results from a skilful cross between the Critical female and the Critical male, giving her the name and the characteristic reddish-violet hues.

Red Critical Auto auto-flower seeds BSF can produce a strong, fast-growing plant with a 99% chance of being born female. Indeed, BSF auto-flowering seeds are always feminised, to guarantee growers little stress and maximum yield.

But beware, because here in the UK, it is not possible to grow marijuana: whoever does so is committing a criminal or administrative offence as the case may be. Therefore, BSF cannabis seeds must be considered exclusively as collectable products.

Let’s go back to our Red Critical Auto, a very fast, resistant and productive variety, and see the plant’s characteristics and the flowers.

Flowers of Red Critical Auto seeds.

Characteristics of the prestigious Red Critical Auto

Critical’s auto-flowering plant has a medium to large size, is extremely pest and weather-resistant and offers a generous flowering.

It can produce very large, heavy and resin-rich buds; growers (in countries where it is possible to start a cannabis plantation) should be cautious of mould, as the high density of flowers can give rise to these fungi that are unhealthy for plants and humans.

Red Critical flowers have a fascinating appearance: they have intense shades of red which, combined with the crystalline resin, give life to pink colour. During the flowering phase, the plant takes on the appearance of a cotton candy cone.

The buds’ aroma is also delightful: the scent and flavour are reminiscent from afar of the Critical parents’ floral notes, sweet but not disgusting. Red Critical’s effect is a powerful cerebral effect that, as you can imagine, is followed by a progressive and pleasant sensation of relaxation.

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In conclusion

Red Critical Auto is a high-quality strain produced by BSF Seeds seed bank, which we are proud to offer you on our online cannabis seed shop, SensorySeeds.

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