Hybrid marijuana? Here’s what you need to know

What you need to know about the hybrid marijuana

Modified on: 27/04/2022

What is a hybrid marijuana strain and what is the difference between sativa, indica and hybrid

Were you thinking of buying cannabis seeds online? When you looked up the different varieties’ genetics, did you come across the term Sativa-dominant or indica-dominant hybrid marijuana?

Reading this term probably caused some confusion in your mind, as you don’t know what it means and the differences between hybrid cannabis, Sativa and indica.

Today we want to clear up any doubts by explaining what hybrid varieties are and the characteristics of these plants (and their seeds).

Let’s get started!

What is an hybrid strain of marijuana?

What are cannabis hybrids?

Marijuana hybrids result from crossing a Sativa and an Indica cannabis plant, which are the two main cannabis species. Specifically, growers cross a male plant from one strain and a female plant from the other strain to make a cannabis hybrid.

This new born strain inherited both strains’ characteristics, either equally or with the dominant characteristics of the indica or Sativa strain. It is why you can read “Sativa/indica dominant hybrid” almost everywhere with the accompanying percentages relating to genetics, e.g. 60% indica 40% Sativa.

A variety is hybrid even when it comes from 2 hybrid and not pure strains.

For example, the Lemon Blossom seeds produced by BSF Seeds come from a cross between Lemon Thai (father) and San Fernando Valley OG Kush (mother), two predominantly Sativa hybrids. SFV OG Kush, after pollination by Lemon Thai, produces marijuana seeds of a new species, nicknamed Lemon Blossom by the seed bank.

The Lemon Blossom is, precisely, a cross between two hybrids and embodies the characteristics of both.

It is the most common scenario. At present, so many crosses have been made to obtain better varieties that it is practically impossible to find a 100% indica or 100% Sativa cannabis variety.

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Cannabis Sativa: special effects and characteristics of the plant

Cannabis sativa is a hemp plant of Asian origin (later widespread in America and Europe) with the following morphological characteristics:

  • Stem: tall and slender, it thrives in height (it can even reach 7 metres).
  • Leaves: thin and narrow, probably a sign of rapid vegetative growth.
  • Buds: The flowers of Cannabis sativa are large and airy; they develop along entire branches.

The effects of Sativa are intensely cerebral due to the high THC concentrations, which exceed the CBD. The so-called “Head High” provides euphoric and energising effects. Usually, Sativa cannabis strains (even Sativa-dominant hybrids) stimulate creativity, happy thoughts and high concentration.

Sativa cannabis is considered to be the opposite extreme of indica cannabis.

Cannabis Indica: the unique characteristics of this species

As its name suggests, indica cannabis originated in India but is currently widely distributed in countries such as Pakistan, Tibet, Lebanon, Morocco and Afghanistan.

The morphological characteristics of the indica plant are very different from those of the Sativa :

  • Stem: low and thick, almost bushy. Unlike Sativa cannabis, it does not reach great heights.
  • Leaves: wider and less lanceolate than Sativa.
  • Flowers: they tend to grow in clusters in correspondence with the many knots present in the stem and branches. They are not very large, but once dried they are heavier than Sativa flowers, as they are denser and more compact.

The high percentages of CBD strongly influence the effects of indica cannabis. Cannabidiol excellently attenuates the effects of THC (even collateral effects) and determines the calming, analgesic and relaxing effects on the mental and bodily level.

The sedative and drowsy effect, which is enormously appreciated by those who have problems in  relaxing and falling asleep, is called “Stoned” and is the exact opposite of the typical “High” of cannabis Sativa.

Hybrid marijuana: characteristics.

Difference between Sativa, indica and hybrid

Cannabis sativa and indica have entirely different characteristics and morphological effects.

As you may have read, Sativa hemp has a tall, slender stem, narrow leaves and large, airy flowers. Its effect is called “high” because of the extreme euphoria caused by its consumption.

Indica hemp has a medium-low, compact stem, large leaves and not very large, but compact flowers. Those who take it feel an effect called Stoned, which is highly relaxing and sedative.

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What about hybrid marijuana? What does it look like and what effect does it have?

That depends … Autoflower seeds, feminized seeds and fast flowering hybrid cannabis seeds dominate the market, as the effects of these varieties are more balanced and the aromas tend to be unusual and highly appreciated. Seed banks such as BSF Seeds have been crossing indica and Sativa marijuana varieties for generations to produce spectacular products.

That said, Sativa-dominant marijuana hybrids generally have predominantly Sativa characteristics (including the High effect, which dominates the Stoned), but indica marijuana plants are not entirely hidden. Once the euphoria is over, the relaxing effect comes.

Indica-dominant strains, on the other hand, have the characteristic Stoned effect, relaxing and sedative, but the High is also felt with increased attention and creativity.

There are also hybrid varieties with 50% indica and 50% Sativa: in this case, the plant characteristics and effects are perfectly balanced.

Now that you know everything, absolutely everything, about cannabis hybrids, their production and characteristics, would you like to buy some collectable cannabis seeds from the cross between indica and Sativa?

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