Indica cannabis seeds: here’s what you need to know

indica hemp seeds

Modified on: 27/04/2022

What are indica cannabis seeds and where do they come from?

These cannabis seeds are in demand in our marijuana seeds online shop . These are indica cannabis seeds, which differ from sativa seeds both in appearance and, of course, in the type of plant they are capable of generating.

As you probably know, cannabis plants are distinguished into Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis. The term “Indian hemp” refers to cannabis originating from areas such as India, Nepal and other nearby regions where summers are short and fresh, and where winters are cold.

Cannabis sativa, on the other hand, was born in hot and tropical countries such as Thailand, Mexico and Colombia, and therefore has very different characteristics than the indica.

indica cannabis seeds

Today we will talk about the difference between indica cannabis seeds and sativa cannabis seeds. We will also focus on the different characteristics of plants and their effects.

Remember: in The UK the possession of Indica or Sativa cannabis seeds is only allowed for collection! It means that it is forbidden by law to grow marijuana seeds. Everything you will read in this article refers to the potential of the seeds, which you should not plant and germinate in the UK.

Differences between Indica cannabis seeds and sativa cannabis seeds

The primary difference between indica and sativa marijuana seeds is that most indica seeds are quite large, oval and have brown or black streaks on their surface.

The sativa seeds are smaller, roundish and the streaks are almost absent.

Most of the hemp seeds on the market have mixed genetics, which however tends more towards one of the two varieties. Indica-dominant seeds are more likely to be similar to Indian cannabis seeds and, conversely, sativa-dominant seeds usually have characteristics similar to 100% sativa.

Anyway, the seeds do not always respect these characteristics. The only way to know if you have seeds with an indica or sativa predominance in hands is to rely on the label of the package, and the manufacturer’s instructions!

As we explained, not only the seeds but also the indica and sativa cannabis plants have very different characteristics. Continue to the following paragraph to find out which ones.

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Indica cannabis plant and sativa cannabis plant: all the differences

Cannabis plants born from Indica marijuana seeds often exhibit slower growth than Sativa. However, they flourish faster.

Distinguishing indica plants from sativa plants at a glance is very simple, as their appearance is entirely different.

The indica variety grows less than the sativa variety, and the stem, branches and leaves, develop in a manner very similar to a Christmas tree. The branches of the indica are robust and very close together. They also have numerous sections and small leaves.

indica marijuana seeds

The stems of cannabis sativa grow very high and have a candelabrum structure (remember: indica = Christmas tree, and sativa = candelabrum). The branches are long and flexible and develop large, tapered leaves.

During the various growth stages, sativa plants will usually double their height but can even, sometimes, quadruple it.

Taking all these characteristics into consideration, we can easily say that cannabis sativa is perfect for outdoor cultivation, while indica is perfect for grown indoors.

Besides, you should notice the physical peculiarities! The indica and sativa plants also differ in the flavour of the flowers and their effect. Let’s see how!

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Indica Cannabis flowers VS Sativa Cannabis flowers: taste and effects

As you may know, if you are a cannabis enthusiast, all marijuana varieties (regardless of whether they are Indica or Sativa) differ from each other in terms of their organoleptic profile. However, indica and sativa flowers have evident characteristics regarding taste and effects:

  • Taste and effects of Indica cannabis inflorescences: Indica hemp flowers tend to have an earthy, sweet and often fruity taste. The indica varieties are incredibly relaxing, often sought after by those seeking relief from stress, insomnia, lack of appetite and even muscle pain. The effects of cannabis indica are mostly physical.
  • Taste and effects of Sativa cannabis flowers: In general, the flowers of these varieties have a spicy flavour, similar to incense, with a strong woody and sometimes metallic nuances. Cannabis indica generally causes euphoria and stimulates creativity. Its flowers are said to help fight anxiety, apathy and depression.
  • The sativa and indica hybrids generate some fascinating varieties. The effects remain those of the type that predominates in the mix. However, the flavours and aromas are combined in variations capable of stimulating the senses incredibly. There are many combinations, and for those who love to experiment, know that the fusion between Indica hemp and Sativa generates unique tastes and flavours.

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