Indoor cannabis seeds: strengths and weaknesses of these seeds

Indoor cannabis seeds: strengths and weaknesses of these seeds

Modified on: 27/04/2022


Indoor cannabis seeds are marijuana seeds that are perfectly suited for indoor growing and prefer this mode to outdoor and greenhouse growing.

Today we are going to talk to you about these seeds, what it means to grow them indoors and the advantages and disadvantages of this process, but we also remind you that it is illegal to plant cannabis seeds.

What you will read will, therefore only be for information purposes (unless you live in a country where marijuana can be grown for medical and/or recreational purposes).

Are you ready to learn all about feminized seeds, auto-flower and fast-flowering indoor seeds?

What are indoor marijuana seeds?

Indoor cannabis seeds are perfect seeds for indoor cultivation. It is precisely what it means when it comes to growing a plant.

In contrast to outdoor methods (in the field or pots) and greenhouse cultivation (and in the case of the so-called glass greenhouse), only artificial light and small greenhouses are used for indoor cultivation.

As you can imagine, small-greenhouses can also be made by hand. The important thing is that they are the right size to fit into a house or at least into a building.

Not all hemp seeds can be defined as perfect for the indoor method. Growing indoors requires specific characteristics that do not belong to all seeds. Find out which ones in the next paragraph!

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Indoor cannabis seeds properties

For a seed to be grown indoors (in countries where cultivation is permitted), it must be able to produce plants with exceptional characteristics:

  • Autoflowering
  • Feminised
  • High yield
  • Dwarf plants

Products that reflect these characteristics are seeds that produce auto-flowering dwarf plants, such as BSF Seeds auto-flowering cannabis seeds.

Now let’s look at these characteristics and list the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds: Perfect for indoor growing, but what are the pros and cons?

Auto-flowering seeds are products that can automatically produce flowering plants. It means that, unlike typical cannabis plants, auto-flower seeds plants do not have seasonal flowers, but flower without depending on the photoperiod.

It is a big plus for growers, especially as, regardless of the season, they flower much faster than regular plants. It is a characteristic inherited from the Ruderalis cannabis strain. Auto-flowering plants are usually a cross between Indica / Sativa and Ruderalis.

The main disadvantage of auto-flowering cannabis plants is that farmers have to follow certain acceptable practices for the plants to yield well. These include providing the plant with 18 to 24 hours of daylight.

It is a significant disadvantage for indoor cultivation, as it requires a lot of electricity!

As we have already told you, the auto-flowering seed of BSF Seeds is also feminised.

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What are feminised auto-flowering seeds? Advantages and disadvantages of these indoor seeds

Seeds that are feminised auto-flowering are seeds that can automatically produce flowering plants with over 99% probability that they are female.

The advantage of a grower is that he doesn’t experience ‘male cannabis panic’! Male hemp plants produce pockets of pollen which then fertilise the flowers of the female plants. Fertilisation interrupts the flowering process with the (devastating) consequence of crop loss.

The best-feminised seeds for indoors (but also for outdoors and in greenhouses) eliminate this possibility almost 100%, so they are really in demand by hemp growers.

The disadvantages of these seeds, as we have already told you, are that they flower by themselves and grow indoors, their plants need a big push to produce a lot of flowers. For this reason, the best indoor seeds are productive.

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High yield feminised auto-flowering seeds for indoor use

These seeds, of which we can mention the varieties Gelato XXL, Sig Sour XXL, Double Cookies and many others, produce plants with very abundant flowering, even if the grower does not expose them to cycles of hours of light.

The main advantage is precisely to obtain a good yield while saving on electricity costs.

The disadvantages? There are none!

And now we come to the last characteristic, perfect for farmers who prefer the indoor method: the low height of the plants.

The dwarf auto-flowering seeds are therefore perfect for indoor cultivation

The seeds produced by dwarf auto-flowering are perfect for those who can devote themselves to indoor cultivation, precisely because the plants produced are small and are therefore suitable for cultivation in small greenhouses. In general, a plant that does not grow taller than a metre or a metre and a half is called “dwarf auto-flowering”.

Remember that regular hemp plants can quickly reach a height of 3 or 4 metres!

That is why a plant that grows to less than half its regular height is considered ‘dwarf’.

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Final remarks

The best indoor cannabis seeds are feminised and produce flowering plants with lots of buds while remaining dwarfed. Some of the most frequently mentioned in SensorySeeds include the following:

  • Icerock XXL seeds
  • Seeds of Sig Sour XXL
  • Double Cookie Seeds
  • Gorilla Glue # 4
  • Lebron Haze
  • Godzilla Glue

And many more. Remember that in the UK, it is illegal to grow marijuana seeds, but it is allowed to collect them (without making them germinate).

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